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When the night fell, the supply town lit up in various colours, one wouldn’t think the whole town is dim at all, it looked like the town is in a festive mood actually.

Every household, every  inn would light up their magic lanterns, the people on the street didn’t decrease, in fact it increased a lot more, inside the shops and stalls were customers the volume of which were more astounding than those during the day.

No matter how grand or beautiful this town is, it is still in nature a supply town and during the day including those with special circumstances, warriors and magicians would go train and/or hunt inside the giant beast forest.

Also during the day those inside the town are mostly those who can’t use dou qi or magic, during the night those close to town would return to rest, those who would camp many days out in the woods would restock and depart next morning.

Basically, there’s more people during the night than during the day.

Leading Mikoto, Hinagiku, and Lirin out of the inn, when the girls saw the street filled with myriad of colours, pika they went as their eyes had stars inside them, Lirin’s jumping excitedly at the sight of the beautiful street and the sheer amount of traffic.

“Pretty! So pretty! It’s so much more shinier than the ones back home!”

Like a horse unleashed, she can’t wait to squirm into the masses. Wu Yan who knew exactly what the little girl is thinking dragged her back with one hand.

“Big brother! Why are you holding onto Lirin, let Lirin go and play!”

She pouted while squirming as she tried to escape his hand. We all know it’s futile, level 50, if he didn’t want to let her go she ain’t going anywhere.

(Tl: what’s going on in my mind as I translate the next paragraph, seitokai yakuindomo, think you’re perverted and can’t do anything but fantasize about pervy stuff? You’re wrong and this author can prove it to you through his work,, I learned so many… things.)

Feeling the fury of the weak claws going poka poka on him he bitterly laughed at her and feeling very helpless at the same time.

“I say Little Lirin, there’s so many people here, if you were to charge into the crowd and get yourself lost what would we do?”

She stopped pounding him after she heard him. Dissatisfied she puffed her cheeks at him.

“Hmph, bad brother, not letting Lirin play, meanie!”

He would cry if he had tears right now, this little loli, why does he feel like she’s harder to please than a queen, she had the ability to turn right and wrong, black and white on themselves, this level of ability could very well rival that of Hinagiku and Mikoto’s tsundere.

“Now now…”

Hinagiku grabbed Lirin from Wu Yan’s hand while she tried coaxing her.

“Be a good little girl, we still have the auction to go to you know?”

“Yes, auction auction!…”

Her eyes brightened again as she celebrated by herself at the side there.

“Let’s go then!”

Mikoto took the lead, at a loss of what to say about her, Hinagiku already went ahead of him while chatting and giggling with Lirin.

Watching the three immersed in their own world, he feels soothed by the scene.

It has only been a few days since he saw them smiling but it feels like it has been a while since he saw them laugh.

Since summoning Mikoto, it wasn’t long before Hinagiku and Mikoto followed him into the monster cave expedition.

In there, they slew monsters after monsters, to the girls who has never seen spilled blood, it’s a miracle they haven’t broke down.

Hinagiku’s a high school student who at the very most is only a bit familiar with kendo, a bit tomboyish, she’s 15 year old in the end.

Mikoto while boasting a tremendous power is a resident in Academy City which had its share of chaos and extraordinary, relative to the other lv5 she might just be the only one of the seven who still lives a rather normal lifestyle and a normal personality. Ignoring her powers, she’s just a 14 year old girl.

In those days, they lived a live that could be said to be ‘cruel’…

He still cannot bury the memory where the two were pale and a bit vacant staring at the corpses of monster on the floor.

After they entered Silvaria, they were again dragged into a mission that required killing.

His biggest concern, one that he’s considering almost every chance he gets, is whether or not the girl will be able to retain their kind nature, will they distort and warp into something he won’t recognize if this kind of thing happen all the time?

Is it really a correct decision to bring them by his side?…

Now that he’s seen them laughing and having fun strolling the street like normal girls, he can finally lay to rest this question.

What should he say, the girls were his biggest crush for a good reason, how can something ‘small’ like this break them? Where’s the faith he had in them?

He placed his arm behind his back as he silently chuckled inside and followed the three girls who were different in size but were all pretty nonetheless, he felt really really happy inside.

Glancing over at Hinagiku who’s holding Mikoto by the hand and Lirin in another while chatting with them intermittently. His smile widened uncontrollably at the sight of her giggling and chatting.

That reminds him, since the ‘lovely’ kiss he shared with her, her conquest progress seems to have stalled…

Now that the two were inseparable, their relationship stopped there for some reason..

Since 2nd base has already been reached, it’s about time for 3rd base is it not? And then it’s that legendary base….

However, railgun over here needs a bit of stimulation to grow that relationship…

Kaichou-sama had intimate contact with him already, but railgun stayed at ‘bff’ level…

Well it can’t exactly be limited to BFF, they were better than that, they had their life merged and he has seen her birthday suit a few times already…

Better than friends but not yet lovers.

Something like that…

Is he going to let this slide?

Fuck no.

Then isn’t it about time to start making moves on railgun? But if he made moves on her what about Hinagiku?

He has to make sure their relationship don’t deteriorate even if he it could not be moved up at the moment.

Should he make move on railgun wouldn’t that lower Hinagiku’s?

Suppose their relationship won’t be effected, won’t Kaichou-sama still be a significant cockblock on his conquest of railgun?! Crap, there’s this kind of possibility as well!

Simultaneous moves?

Having a brilliant idea, he dismissed the thought with by shaking his head.

It sounds too good to be true, seems to good to be true (Tl: raw says yy again, sexual fantasy esque, unrealistic). But it’s just to that extent, simultaneous conquest is a joke, moi’s only a normal otaku, not some god of conquest incarnate… (Tl: 现人神级别的攻略之神, not sure if reference to katsuragi keima…)

It’s all dandy to two time but he’s pretty sure he would absolutely die a fabulous death.

Thinking up to this point he sighed at the tragedy, one could just read it from his face.

Why not… push both of them down right away!

He’s surprised at himself for thinking something like this.

Jumping straight to fourth base without proper foreplay preparations? He might just die without a body to bury…

He wept.

He didn’t know that at the time, Hinagiku, Mikoto and Lirin were staring at him. The guy shook his head a bit, then looked tragic, and then sudden jumping in shock and then suddenly looking worse than crying. The trio shivered at the same instance.

Lirin tried squirming her petite body into the crevice between Hinagiku and Mikoto, she pulled at their hands while feebly mewling.

“Sister Hinagiku, Sister Mikoto, is brother broken….?”

Mikoto and Hinagiku exchanged eyesight and made a tacit agreement, they walked straight ahead and away from him while bringing Lirin with them.

The most appropriate measure for this kind of situation is to pretend they don’t know him….

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