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It’s all fun and games to say ‘depart’ but this place is a butthole out in the wilderness, a lot of ‘shit hostiles’ be living here.

On their way out, Wu Yan, Mikoto, Hinagiku and the super curious Lirin who wouldn’t stop asking what’s that and what’s this were met with a lot of annoyance, although the monster encounters were low leveled, they gave the four a substantial amount of income.

These small fries aren’t even worth his consideration to sell them up to the system. He turned these poor fucks into the most primitive of materials by cutting out their materials and stripping them down by the skin and muscles. They are going to be sold for gold.

Money isn’t everything, but without it there’s a lot of things one can’t do. Yeah he earned a ton while doing mercenary mission but when it came to money could one really complain they have too much of it?

Don’t forget the 20x magic crystal from sharp fang hound, if he were to sell them all off, travelling expenses would be the least of his concern.

What about their body? Well, anyone who likes them can go pick it up…

They are just roaming around the outskirts of the giant beast forest and they’re within his active area when he was a mercenary, so even if he’s a bit poor in sense of direction, these 2 months of mercenary life has at least taught him how to traverse this part of the area.

In just 4 or 5 hours, the four managed to make it out and came to the supply town.

Suppose there was a person who knew Wu Yan in this small town. From his perspective, Wu Yan would seem to have only left for 3 or 4 days but the hypothetical person wouldn’t know that he hasn’t came here for a month now, he’s not even in this world during the elapsed time.

A street where there’s actual traffic, it made a clear disparity between here and that ‘hellhole’, there’s a lot of liveliness in this place. It’s soothing to say the least, since one could see that the three girls had been giggling all the while in this town.

It’s an  and a world that has dou qi, magic and the likes. But Silvaria’s casual attire differs not much from 21st century fashion. There’s short sleeved shirt, T-shirt, skirts, coat, the details differ but it’s not to the extent that the original world’s clothes won’t fit in here. It’s the reason why even though the four were wearing their usual cloth they don’t seem out of place. (Tl: 四人仍然穿着自己原来的衣服 possible minor error in raw here, Lirin is not a transportee and raw said original clothing which meant the possibility of Wu Yan buying clothes for her is nil.)

That said, there’s still people who would head turn at the sight of them, though they are indeed looking at them, it’s more apt to say they’re looking at the 3 girls (Tl:wait I thought Lirin’s 10!), the three pretty little creatures are bound to catch some eyes sooner or later.

What he does succeed in attracting though, is numerous admiring jelly hateful glare…

The three doesn’t seem to mind being the center of attention, they went about doing their own thing and walking at their own pace.

But of course, this is the case!

One of them is the famous Hakuo Academy’s student council president, another one is a lv5 numbering only 7 in the entire Academy City with population 2.3million. This much attention is normal in their everyday life, they got used to it ages ago.

The little Loli Lirin on the other hand didn’t even notice anything going on, as if everyone around her are nothing but cabbages…

The only one feeling off would be him. He is following behind the trio but if one were to examine a wee bit closer they would notice his eyebrows jerking from time to time tipping off others how disconcerted he is.

It’s unquestionable that he has a face thicker than the great wall of China but against the pedestrians that look  like quite frankly, he’s scared. He fits the bill what with him enjoying an experience only a winner in life could enjoy: 1 man with 3 ladies… (Tl: down here is the lovely gentlemen in action.)

Under this kind of gaze, the four made it inside a larger than norm commercial shop, they came here to sell the monster loots of course.

The stuff here are all adequate, they weapons, magic crystals, and herbs. Almost anything could be found here, limited to low tiers that is. Everything below level 20 could be found here, level 30 stuff is a bit rarer and naturally they aren’t any armaments here.

“Hmm, it’s my first time seeing such a weird shop.”

Mikoto is currently looking over the various monster part inside a glass display. She said so after looking around a bit more.

“This is weird?”

Lirin is nibbling on her finger while hodling hand with Hinagiku, she can’t understand why Mikoto said that.

A shop that deals with demonic beast material and magic crystal could be said to be the most numerous on this world, every city would have them. The little loli Lirin herself has visited this kind of shop many a times before, how are they weird? She couldn’t possibly figure out the answer with that young mind of hers.

Mikoto smiled at her without saying anything, what should she say? Buying clothes and jewellery? Isn’t that even more odd?

Hinagiku understood Mikoto’s intention, she didn’t say anything as well because her thoughts were exactly the same as her, very intrigued by the exotic surrounding.

“Maa, the theme around here is martial, everything is battle or combat related!”

He walked over to the counter as he continued.

“Demonic beast materials could be used to make equipments and armaments, herbs could be made into various potions and drugs, magic crystal has even wider application so this kind of shop would exist without doubt!”

“Sister Mikoto, is this your first time here?”

Lirin pulled at her skirt while saying so.


She’s not feeling imposed or anything, her eyes were still darting around the whole place.

“I never had the chance you see…”

Lirin brightened up with a thought as she beamed at her.

“Let me take you sightseeing Sister Mikoto!”

She pulled Mikoto along while running to the other side.

“Ho-Hold up!”

Hinagiku ran after the two soon after throwing a few peek at Wu Yan.

It seems shopping is really a girl’s thing…

He felt helpless looking at the three girls running around, he reached the counter and there was a sharp looking man standing there.

“What can I do for you?”

The man gave him a business smile. He nodded to him.

“I want to sell some magic crystal and demonic material.”

It’s routine transaction tohave clients like these coming in to sell their stuff, the sharply dressed man didn’t look like it’s his first timed dealing with this either, he quickly responded to him.

“Well, would you please display the goods you wish to sell so we can take a look at them.”


He looked around while raising his brows, it’s not that he’s afraid of being seen or anything, it’s just that the counter is too small and he can’t fit all the materials on here. He has among his inventory, parts which would take up a lot of place.

The man assumed the former as he assured him with a laugh.

“It’s my fault, please follow me to a room.”

Nodding he turned to Hinagiku and Mikoto.

“You girls wait here, I will go deal with the matter regarding disposal of magic crystal and demonic beast materials.”

“I understand.”

“Go go!”

“Come back soon kay, brother!”

“Let’s go…”

The man led him inside a room after telling another attendant that walked past to take his place.

Gesturing for Wu Yan to sit down on the chair, the man then asked to see the merchandise.

“Dear customer, may I see the items?”

Knocking on the table to test for its integrity he glanced around the room while nodding in satisfaction.

“Maa, if it’s here i should be able to take it out.”

While the man is still trying to figure out what he meant by that, he waved his hand and a big pile of material fell out from midair literally littering the room with its content.

“Thi… this…”

Looking at the whole floor of material the sharply dressed man can’t help dropping his jaw as Wu Yan awed him. He shouted in a broken tone.

“Spatial item!”

He’s awed not by the sheer amount of material, the quantity is great but the quality isn’t that high, he has seen better quality goods than this.

Rather, he’s surprised by his spatial item, an item that could take out or store away items, this is a very special item.

Flabbergasted at him, Wu Yan savored his reaction. Living on this world for 3 months, he knew just how rare spatial items is. The rarity is relative to normal humans though.

As rare as they are, spatial items items can still be made, as long as they are a master craftsmen they could do something of this level no problem.

The reason behind their rarity is not the method of production, it’s the material or more specifically spatial stone!

The condition for their existence is very severe, hence the rarity.

The spatial stone form in a place completely devoid of any life, as long as a lifeform appear in the area where spatial stone form, even if it’s only a small grass, there will never be a second stone to form in this place.

In other words, once a place has spatial stones and is subsequently cultivated by humans then that place will never see a spatial stone form again.

In Silvaria, is there a lot of place where there’s no life at all? And how many of them would have spatial stone?

And that concludes the story of why spatial items are expensive as hell.

As long as they’re a big shot from a big family they would normally have spatial items, take Lulu as an example, she has a spatial bracelet, Fei Fei also has one.

There’s other people who like them are big shots with big background, other than that there’s tier 7 warriors and magician who might have spatial items, might in the sense that they might not as well. The bigger the space inside the bigger the spatial stone has to be…

Wu Yan don’t look like a tier 7 warrior or magician, so he can only be a disciple of some 1% family.

The man lowered his waist subconsciously until he was just a little shorter than him, he turned into a kiss ass.

“Could you please set a price for this lowly me to evaluate?”

“Do as you wish!”

He retrieved a bag from his spatial ring and passed it over to him.

“This is a bag of magic crystal, I would like to dispose of them together!”

“It shall be done, please wait a moment!”

He received the sack and bowed to him before doing his thing.

He looked poise sitting there sipping tea like a sir.

It’s not because he liked posing, he understood what the man was thinking and could predict this change in behaviour should he flash his spatial item. He had a hidden motive for this.

At least he wouldn’t be scammed, and who knows, he might even get a bit more than the usual going bid price.

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