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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 274: The scary destruction of The Eye

Surely, nobody had experienced their body getting obliterated right?…

Well, Wu Yan got a front row view.

When Flandre-chan squeezed her palm, he didn't even have the chance to react, he just felt like he got blown away and the next thing he knew, his body started scattering to the winds.

In reality, Wu Yan noticed that his head fell down first, granting him the aforementioned front row seat to the scene of his body scattering to the winds. He literally watched her disintegrate his body.

Flandre-chan relaxed her hand and she adorned a grin, relishing the sight of the gory scene she had created with his body as the material. Her grin, however, stopped pretty soon.

She pouted a bit and continued in a slightly dejected manner.

"Aww, Onii-chan broke. Even Onii-chan broke when Flan played with him, how boring…"

Wu Yan who had been utterly destroyed probably heard what she said. In front of Flandre-chan's shocked face, the bloody mist in the air became fixed in place.

The next instant, the disintegrated remains of his body congealed into a ball of blood in a rapid fashion at the spot where he got obliterated.

When all the plasma were gathered, the ball of blood started distorting in shape until it slowly formed a humanoid shape. Bones, organs, muscles and finally, skin formed.

Everything that should have been there were regenerated in mere seconds. Wu Yan appeared in the flesh in front of Flan.

He lifted his head and looked at Flan, a bit intimidated by her.

Oh my god, that was scary! That power, it is out of this world, absolutely terrifying!

Just mere seconds ago, he was recovering from exerting too much computational power, the next thing he knew, he died.

The reason of death: Flandre-chan squeezed her palm.

Wu Yan had chills recalling the scene of his body disintegrating. He would prefer not to go through that again, the whole thing was too weird for him.

He thanked his past self for buying True Ancestor, if not for that, he would have been sent along to meet King Enma.

On the opposite side, Flandre-chan who had seen Wu Yan coming back to life started getting giddy at instead of being surprised. She jumped around in the air to express her joy.

"Oh goody! Onii-chan came back! Onii-chan won't break, yeah!"

Wu Yan's expression sunk when he heard how elated she is. He wanted to flip so many tables due to the sheer absurdity he is going through.

Flandre-chan is one of his summon but every move she pulled on him whether it be the salvo of light bullets or the destruction of the Eye is enough to kill him, if not several times over.

Flandre-chan should have been informed by System regarding the lifeforce sharing, especially the part about the fact that if he died, she would have died as well.

If she succeeded in breaking him, she would have broken herself as well.

Flandre-chan definitely got System's message, given that she interpreted System's message regarding summoning as him rescuing her.

The most likely case is that Flandre-chan forgot about it all, knowing her, that might just be the case.

Wu Yan had a hunch that even if he repeated that right now, it wouldn't work and would probably only worsen the situation. If she heard about it, she would probably go nuts even more.

Sighing, Wu Yan looked at Flandre-chan, in his eyes, a bit of anger. Anyone would get angry when they just got murdered. If the opponent wasn't Flandre-chan, he would probably have spammed Meteor Storm at the other side.

"Flandre-chan, can we stop now?"

Flandre-chan shook her head without hesitating.

"No way! Why do we need to stop now? The fun's just beginning…"

Beginning, huh?

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. Flandre-chan is a tier 9 and he is a tier 7, maybe the attacks they exchanged were mere appetizers before the main course.

"Stop playing and listen, please, Flandre-chan."

He wanted to get down on his knees to beg her to stop. Even if he could fight on equal grounds with her, he probably couldn't bring himself to do so.

But if he didn't fight, was begging her to stop ever a realistic solution given her refusal to stop since the beginning of this fight?…

It's so hard to be a human right now…

Flan turned her smile upside down when she heard him. She continued in an upset manner.

"Listen, listen, Onii-chan is really the same as Onee-chan, always telling me to listen. I had been doing just that, I tried being a good girl. All I wanted was to play with Onii-chan, that's all…"

Your definition of play is really different with mine though, all the limbs in the world won't be enough for you to play with.

Wu Yan wanted to break down and cry right there and then. Brats will be brats, a bit like fighting with one's girlfriend. Things get really scary when they don't want to talk based on reason and logic.

Besides laughing bitterly, Wu Yan can only bitterly laugh some more…

His wry expression irked Flandre-chan.

"Anyway, Onii-chan don't want to play with Flan! But Flan doesn't care, I want to play with you and that's that!"

Done with her tyrannical statement. She unleashed her aura, this time, on another magnitude altogether from before.

His field of vision was replaced with a wall made of light bullets.

Cursing silently, he retreated with haste. Against that dense salvo, there wasn't really any room to dodge in the first place.


He mustered up lightning and clad his body with it, the lightning crackled around him making mini thunder.

Against her bullet hell, he could only reactively defend against it on the fly. He would have more options if she weren't his summon.

Like the giant iron sand wave from before, except this time he formed a massive lightning net and sent it against the barrage of light bullets.

A thunderous boom ensued the attacks that could destroy the whole beach several times over.

Negating each other like their previous exchange, the measly beach had somehow survived unscathed with minor damage due to the wind and dust storm caused by the attacks.

Wu Yan didn't have the time to think about whether or not anyone's going to miss this beach. His survival had more priority at the moment.

Surviving yet another wave of attack, Wu Yan panted heavily while enduring the searing headache. He grinned bitterly at Flandre-chan.

"Flandre-chan, please listen to me this time?"

Flandre-chan had a cold expression, not one of distance but one of being peeved. She snorted and turned her head the other way while stretching a hand out.

His heart shook and when he thought about what's going to happen, it happened. He got torn apart, again.

This power, is too OP…

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