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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 273: Play? Wreck? Break? Toyed to the death?

Flan stared down at Wu Yan who is on the ground with her shining red eyes. She had a bloodthirsty and cruel sneer as her prismatic wings made clinking noise in the sky.

Ding… ding… ding…

The skies dimmed down as if the bloody aura around her scared the light away.

Red color dyed the skies and the ground in different shades of red. The blue ocean behind her had been dyed red as if it's her absolute territory of blood.

Flan's clean attire turned red as if stained by this bloody space. He could even faintly see blood slowly dripping down from Flan's body and dying the ocean red.

It's not real blood, it's something of a hallucination caused by her exerting her power on her surrounding.

She stopped floating and she felt her unbridled power, the scarlet red around her, she became intoxicated with the color that stimulated her soul, her tiny frame and she started shaking.

It's as though there's a tiny voice inside that's telling her to destroy, destroy everything.

Blow the world into pieces, destroy… everything!

Manic, Flandre-chan lowered her head and grinned at Wu Yan.

"Sa… Onii-chan, let's have a lovely match…"

When she said that, the ground shook much to Wu Yan's surprise. Lightning crackled and he called forth iron sand to wrap around his limbs and pulling him up into the sky.


He had just left the ground and his current distance from it was a mere 10 centimeters when the ground exploded with a plethora of light bullet coming out of it. The countless light bullets took on the shape of a whip and came for Wu Yan.

Taboo: Cranberry Trap!

One of Flandre-chan's cards.

He was like a lost wanderer in a forest of light bullets, homing in on him. feeling a chill, he moved his body and the ground trembled once more. What came out of the ground weren't the light bullets, it's iron sand.

He quickly fashioned the sand into a gigantic sword and slammed it against the creeping vines of light bullets.

Boom boom boom boom…

The light bullets exploded against the blade. Like loud fireworks, the light bullets kept coming.

"Flan, stahp!"

Wu Yan shouted at Flandre-chan.


Flan defiantly refused. Instead, she pulled another Cranberry Trap on him, the creeping vines came assaulting Wu Yan once more.

Gnashing his teeth, he spread his palm and fashioned another blade of sand to fight against the rain of light bullets.

Maybe Flandre-chan is holding back because there is no way an attack from a tier 9 could be negated by a mere tier 7. Yet, there it was, clear as day, Wu Yan negating her attacks.

Jumping up, he confronted her and advised her.

"If you don't stop now, I am going to get angry!"

Flandre-chan trembled and yelled back in a sore temper.

"No no no! I don't wanna!"

"It's always Flan by herself, nobody talks with Flan, nobody wants to play with Flan!"

Flan kept venting her frustration.

"Why do you guys want to lock me up! Flan didn't do anything wrong! Flan just wanted to play with Onii-chan!"


Wu Yan felt bad for Flan.

He's left with few options, if he doesn't do this, Flan would cause major destruction to her surrounding. Wu Yan subconsciously didn't want to see such a cute little girl with such mental immaturity doing cruel things aided by her superpower. He has to lock her power away.

Wu Yan sighed.

"First of all, Flandre-chan, calm down and listen to me okay? I don't have any intention to lock you up!"

"Onii-chan is an egghead, Flan hates Onii-chan the most!"

Flan clearly shut him out, it would seem she's still in a bad mood. She started going ballistic and bombarding everything around her.

Ripples of 495 years!

This card's interesting name belied its terrifying power.

To put it simply, it was a literal bullet hell with light bullets everywhere. The light bullets could probably cover up the sky with its sheer number.

Compared to [Ripples of 495 years], Accelerator's rampage seemed like a piss stream compared to a fire hydrant's output.

"Onii-chan, come play bullet hell with Flan!"

Wu Yan adopted a serious expression when faced with that oppressive scene of a ton of light bullets obstructing his field of vision.

He snapped his fingers and he broke down his iron sand sword into waves of iron sand which then sent towards the sky.

Still woefully inadequate compared to Flan's card, he clenched his teeth and called forth another great wave of iron sand to fortify his attacks.

His veins popping on his temples, he groaned in pain as he mustered everything he had to stop her card. With his normal capacity, he just couldn't achieve this magnitude.

He's basically making his brain go into overdrive while letting his regenerative powers repair the damage, allowing him to exceed 100% of his abilities.

The gigantic ocean of iron sand slowly spread apart to cover the falling light bullets. Like an oversized palm, it slowly closed and grabbed the light bullets.

With a deafening boom, the iron sand and light bullets collided in a large explosion, negating each other.

After the fireworks, Wu Yan could be seen with his expression pale like a corpse. His eyes were bloodshot, making his red eyes even redder. He kept sweating like crazy as he endured the pounding headache assaulting him.

Flan isn't disappointed that her card didn't work, quite the contrary, she got even more fired up. Her elation even more visible when she saw how anguished Wu Yan looked.

Licking the corner of her lips, she laughed.

"Hahaha, this is so fun! Onii-chan is so good! But, Flan is even better, let's continue the game! Onii-chan!"

Holding his head, he gasped for air as his bloodshot eyes returned to normal in a rapid fashion, his headache also lessened drastically. Clearly, his ridiculous vitality and regeneration characteristic of a True Ancestor is at work, regenerating his brain that almost fried out.

He held his head with one hand covering one of his eyes, using the other eye, he looked at Flan who is in the air, what he saw made his pupils contract.

Flan sneered at him from up in the sky. Her smile had boundless joy in them. That smile resembled the one she had when she first met him, pure and cute.

Except, she reached out and opened her palm as if to grab something. Her action made him freeze up, he would rather take his chances with the Bullet Hell than Flandre-chan make that gesture.

As Wu Yan wactched on in horror, Flandre-chan squeezed.


And just like that, Wu Yan got obliterated with his blood splattering all over the place.

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