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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 275: Are you done playing?…

Within the span of a second, he had once again been reduced to a bloody mess.

Her power terrified him very much, she could decide the fate of a person in one second. Flandre-chan is really too strong…

Understandable, even Yakumo Yukari had a headache trying to deal with Flandre-chan. She could probably beat the majority of those who live in Gensokyo where you can hit a tier 7 just by throwing a rock and tier 8 power is the norm using only her power.

The person herself didn't seem to mind the fact that she just killed someone who had his lifeforce merged with hers. She waited there with a giddy attitude, hoping that her Onii-chan would "get better soon" so she can play with him again.

Just like that, Wu Yan returned from disintegration. Of course, he is not happy even if he is back. That would make his second death, had he not been in possession of True Ancestor.

The feeling of getting torn from limb to limb disintegrated from muscle down to the bones. Suffice to say, that is not a jolly sensation, luckily for him the pain didn't last long before he completely disintegrated. Even in that brief span of time, Wu Yan felt torture worthy of the eighth circle of hell.

Beaming up, she clapped vigorously as if this is some kind of funny show to her.

"Ahaha! Onii-chan came back!"

The red half of the sealing bracelet remained in his hand, even though he got done in twice by Flandre-chan's ability, the ring never had its integrity compromised, it's truly indestructible.

Now that he thinks about it, the sealing bracelet and bio-containment unit were just simplistic gadgets, what kind of feature would they have that made them indestructible?…

I guess, as expected of System?…

He shook his head and sighed, what is he think while fighting a formidable foe like her?…

One couldn't blame him for spacing out, Flandre-chan isn't going to listen to him, he had no way of successfully stopping that Level 82 overpowered Loli.

He really wasn't too sure how to deal with her.

Even when fighting against Accelerator who was a tier above him, or when he fought against Aiwass who he can't seem to accurately gauge the strength of, he never felt as hopeless as he did at this moment.

He looked at Flandre-chan who is still jumping around in joy in the sky and he continued in a low tone.

"You really aren't going to put it on?…"

He grabbed the sealing bracelet so hard his hand started turning blue, a testament to his strong feelings at the moment.

Wu Yan felt really crestfallen, Flandre-chan just wouldn't put the sealing bracelet on. He's feeling really upset over the chance of getting along with Flandre-chan.

He had only summoned her for no more than 30 minutes, even though he had a good first impression on her, Flandre-chan still slaughtered him two times. If he let her go around without any restraint, then…

Can he really bring Flandre-chan who is in this state back to Academy City, to his home, with Hinagiku, Mikoto and the others?…

Wu Yan felt like he is going insane, trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Flandre-chan stopped jumping around and she calmed down her agitation. She felt a bit bad after hearing Wu Yan's crestfallen tone.

In the end, he's the one who brought her out of that hateful basement. A hero in her eyes, he also had the same smell as her. Flandre-chan might say she hates him but she didn't really mean it.

Even after 495 years, she is still very much a child at heart and in mind. She might be 10 years old mentally, if not 6 or 7. Just by helping her out a bit and being similar to her was enough to increase her favorability with him by a high margin.

But, because she lived in Gensokyo where common sense is a rare gem and because she wasn't mentally stable. "Not hurting those close to her" is a new concept to her. Everything she had done up to this point is in her definition, only the act of playing.

When she saw Wu Yan's sealing bracelet, Flandre-chan felt pouty again. She couldn't empathize with Wu Yan much like she couldn't do the same with her sister's train of thought.

She would remember what people did, whether it be good or bad. Her sister locked her in that annoying room, it's a bad thing and so she remembered it as such.

Wu Yan wanted to seal her power, in a way, sealing her up. Flandre-chan perceived this as a bad act.

That's why she resisted, she didn't care to find out whether or not she had such powers, she just plain didn't like the act.

In other words, she's throwing a tantrum.

A tantrum that killed Wu Yan twice for that matter.

Angered, her eyes shone bright red and without saying anything she formed a curtain of light bullets that rained down on Wu Yan with trajectories that defied physics.

"Forbidden Barrage: Starbow Break!!!"

The attack came much to his horror, he kept all the unnecessary thoughts away. Starbow Break may look charming and illusory but he didn't think the effects would be the same as it looked.

He stepped in the air as if there were steps there. Carried by his iron sand, he began dodging the bullet hell that made diffusion aided Meltdowner look terrible.

He was sweating furiously, this bullet hell card is on another level, its coverage is just too damn wide. He dodged left and right just to avoid getting hit and he looked very haggard.

Flandre-chan decided it wasn't enough and she unleashed another wave of light bullets.

The light bullets filled up the sky and from where he gazed up, it looked like a scene straight out from an apocalypse film, he seemed so small in front of this major display of power.

Before he knew it, the light bullets descended upon him, his pupils rapidly shrunk.

His figure got snuffed out by the radiant bombardment of light bullets. For just a second, one could see a flash of lightning.

As explosions rained continuously upon the land, Flandre-chan cheered in elation.

Dust had covered the center of the event. Even Flandre-chan couldn't see beyond the dust. She pursed her lips while looking at the explosions that hadn't stop even after now.

At last, the explosions stopped and copious amount of dust shielded the inner scenery from outside observation. A bit annoyed with it all, Flandre-chan yelled at the dense cloud of dust.

"Onii-chan! Come out!"

Nobody answered her. Ticked off, she waved her hand and a strong gale swept the area clear of its dust.

Flandre-chan had a wide smile when she saw the person she's looking for.

When she saw Wu Yan, Flandre-chan froze up.

His head lowered, bangs covering his eyes, judging by the way his chest moved in and out, he seemed to be gasping for fresh air, eagerly sucking in air through his nostrils and mouth. Blood streamed down his shoulder, where there was supposed to be an arm.

Wu Yan sucked in another breath of air before lifting his head slowly. He looked back at Flandre-chan with cold eyes…

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