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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 249: To show someone to the door, to waste or not to waste?

Mugino Shizuri v Kakine Teitoku, it happened in the original work as well. At that time, Mugino Shizuri fought against Kakine Teitoku as well as his black operations team. It culminated in a direct confrontation between Mugino Shizuri and Kakine Teitoku.

The result, however, is a one-sided lost for Mugino Shizuri. Kakine Teitoku's Dark Matter is like a natural counter to Mugino Shizuri's Meltdowner, the nature of Dark Matter allows for the creation of totally new elements which resulted in Mugino Shizuri not being able to put a scratch on Kakine Teitoku.

In other words, Mugino Shizuri can only expect to get her ass served up to her if she fights Kakine Teitoku right now.

How potent is Dark Matter? Accelerator fell into a disadvantage because he wasn't careful enough. It is also potent enough that Mikoto who is a tier 8 super needs to up the juice of her railgun to attack him because pure electricity alone wasn't enough to bring Kakine Teitoku any harm.

Mugino Shizuri's Meltdowner is related to Mikoto's ability. If Mugino Shizuri went up against Kakine Teitoku with her level, it is going to be a repeat of what happened in the original work.

"Oh jeez, fucking Mugino, what is wrong with her brain?! Why would she go and challenge Kakine Teitoku?!"

Wu Yan let go of Kinuhata Saiai as he massaged his aching temple.

Kinuhata Saiai adjusted her slightly messy clothes after being released. She heard what Wu Yan said and she didn't like it. Going by his words and tone, it is clear that he expects Mugino Shizuri to lose terribly against Kakine Teitoku.

"Don't you super-underestimate Mugino, she is still the No.4, even if Kakine Teitoku is higher up on the ranking that doesn't say anything about the difference between them!"

"That's because you don't know Kakine Teitoku!"

Wu Yan frowned as he continued explaining it to Kinuhata Saiai with a grave tone.

"Without a doubt and with an unqualified statement I say that of all the known Lv5 in Academy City, only Accelerator and Mikoto stand a chance, anyone else would only get buried six feet under if they seek out a match with Kakine Teitoku!"

Kinuhata Saiai wanted to retort but Wu Yan's grim expression made her hesitate. She continued in a similarly grave expression as well.

"Is-is he that strong?"

Wu Yan helplessly nodded.

"Fine, let's put it this way. You know Accelerator right? According to the , Accelerator can kill Mikoto before she got strong on the 185th move!"

"That's impossible!"

Kinuhata Saiai jumped.

"That super Railgun was no.3, how can there be such enormous difference in power?!"

"It's not that Mikoto is weak, but that Accelerator is way too strong!"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed and shook his head.

"Of course, this data is now obsolete, Mikoto had already grown stronger, at this point, even if she can't beat Accelerator, she won't lose that as well."

Kinuhata Saiai stared at Wu Yan dumbfounded by what she heard. After a brief pause, she asked him.

"What's super Accelerator got to do with Dark Matter?"

"Here's the kicker."

Wu Yan sighed and then continued.

"Kakine Teitoku will inevitably get defeated if he fought Accelerator."

Kinuhata Saiai released a sigh of relief but Wu Yan's next sentence made her jumpy again.

"But, just by Dark Matter's unique characteristic, he can put Accelerator at a disadvantage at the start of the fight, even if he is going to get whooped later on in the fight."

"You're trying to say that Mugino Shizuri can beat Kakine Teitoku like this? If so, perhaps I should let her be my mentor."

Kinuhata Saiai stayed silent, she then lifted her head and it is clear that she is now very worried.

"Isn't it very dangerous for Mugino to go fight him now?"

"Maybe she would stand a chance if she immediately used her strongest attacks right off the bat against Kakine Teitoku…"

Wu Yan silently praised Kinuhata Saiai when he saw how worried she is for her teammate. Even if she had seen her fair amount of sins in the dark side of the academy where throats are literally cut every day, she would still value her teammate, although the mentioned teammate probably doesn't think too highly of her.

"High power output…"

Kinuhata Saiai fell into silence again. Wu Yan shrugged with a bitter smile. He knows just why is she so bumped out.

Mugino Shizuri's Meltdowner is very strong. It manipulates the two state of electrons, that of being a particle and that of being in a waveform, by taking the ambiguous state between these two states, the electrons themselves become solid enough that when they are fired they are neither particles nor wave but something in between that is fired out as a destructive beam of high-speed electrons.

The result of this pseudo-wall of electrons hitting an object is not going to be pretty. Her ability can turn electrons with infinitesimally small mass into a destructive mass of electrons.

It is as powerful as it is unstable so many adjustments need to be made to optimize its performance adjusting for balance and negative feedback. Normally, Mugino Shizuri would control the output of Meltdowner so that it doesn't exceed what she can handle, such is what is referred to as her Lo-powered mode.

A bunch of researchers once posited that if Mugino Shizuri ignored her subconscious survival instinct that restraints her output, she could theoretically go all out and enter her Hi-power mode. In such a state, her electronic beams could instkill the former no.3, Mikoto.

In truth, if she did do something like that then she would probably be blown away by the feedback of such an attack as well.

So, if Mugino Shizuri fought against Kakine Teitoku with her usual restraints, it would result in defeat, if she used her full ability, she would die as a result. Even then, it is not guaranteed that she would win.

"And this is why I am baffled as to why she would go ahead and challenge Kakine Teitoku?"

Wu Yan couldn't stop facepalm-ing.

Kinuhata Saiai replied.

"Mugino hates Railgun because she thinks that she outranked her because of her railgun which had more super utilities. And, Railgun is a middle school student, she probably can't take the fact that a middle-school student super outranked her."

"Kakine Teitoku got beaten by Railgun and the guys over at the research facilities deemed that as an extension of this incident, the ability gap between the former no.3 and no.4 was in fact erroneously huge, it must follow that Mugino is far weaker than Railgun!"

Kinuhata Saiai bitterly laughed.

"That's the reason why Mugino is not pleased with Dark Matter ranking above her. She wanted to prove it to the schticks at the research firms that she can beat Dark Matter, that she isn't any weaker than Railgun."

Wu Yan frowned, he wanted to cuss but instead, he just sagged his shoulders. He knew that Mugino is on very bad terms with Mikoto, he didn't know it was to such an extent.

And those bastard wankers over at the research firms, maybe they should eat some of the drugs they engineer. What the hell do they gain from making Mugino Shizuri butthurt, isn't she just going to dig her own grave at this rate?…

"What do we super do now?"

Kinuhata Saiai clenched her fists.

"Tell Mugino not to go? But with her personality, she is going to think that I think super little of her, she would probably dispatch me with a round of super Meltdowner."

"I say, are you that worried about her?"

"It's not super because of Mugino!"

Kinuhata Saiai shook her head.

"Frenda and Takitsubou will be in serious peril…'

Wu Yan felt helpless. Mugino Shizuri is really forcing his hands by dragging these 3 girls who he had set his eyes on.

Wu Yan sighed and then he said something that made Kinuhata Saiai's jaw drop.

"I guess it's high time Kakine Teitoku gets wasted…"

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