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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 248: When will Mugino Shizuri learn?

Kinuhata Saiai felt a sudden sense of dread as if a wolf had set his eyes on her. She looked back and began examining the whole place to find out the root cause but she will never know that the wolf is none other than the wolf in front of her.

Of course, Wu Yan wouldn't say something blunt like "I am here for ya ass.", since he can't find an excuse, he can do nothing more than shrug.

"Well, are you going to spit it out or not…"

Kinuhata Saiai narrowed her eyes as she raised her guard.

"You're not here to obtain intelligence are you?!"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"Don't you think it comes first that there exists a scant of information before it can be obtained?"

Kinuhata Saiai gave him a cold hmph. She stood arms akimbo and retorted back at him.

"As part of the super black ops, it is only super natural that people would come after me every super day to get information."

Wu Yan pursed his lips and put her back in her place.

"Think about it, if I really am after information, why don't I just head on over to where Mugino Shizuri is and whoop her ass until she gives me some?"

Wu Yan rubbed the smug expression off Kinuhata Saiai pretty damn quick. Also, it brought back memories of the time he handed their perky little butts to them on a shiny plate after tasing Mugino Shizuri. If they didn't know what it's like being a real doll, they certainly knew after that time.

Kinuhata Saiai continued in an aggrieved manner.

"Don't underestimate Mugino, Mugino is super strong…"

"Yes yes yes…"

Listening to Kinuhata Saiai putting a brave front made him dismiss her attempts with a plain reply much to Kinuhata Saiai's unamusement as given by her action of clenching her fists.

Seeing that Kinuhata Saiai is fuming, he rubbed his cheek and replied in an annoyed tone.

"I say, if you're really not up to something then perhaps you want to go look around with me?…"

Kinuhata Saiai finally got it, the guy isn't after what she is going to do, he's going after herself!

When this thought occurred, she panicked and ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

Wu Yan was stunned, the girl just turned and ran, this cheeky girl.

Why is she running? Could it be that she really has some top secret assignment she needs to carry out?

Completely oblivious to the fact that he had been seen through, he shrugged and looked at Kinuhata Saiai who is still making her escape. It is like he is looking at an obsolete car with terrible horsepower, he put a bit of strength into his legs and easily appeared behind Kinuhata Saiai again.

"I say, little brat. Why did you run? Are you that scared of me knowing where you are going?"

"You're the super little brat! Stop super chasing me!"

Kinuhata Saiai didn't turn back at all as she screamed that line. She used all her energy to run. With the way her expression looked, full of panic and dread, it is like she's a loli being stalked by some pedobear.

"Hey, if you stop I will stop as well…"

"Get the super heck away from me! You super pervert!"

"You little brat, it seems you really want me to chase you down…"

"I said not to call me super little brat!"

"You gonna stop running?"

"Super never!"

"No? Oh, so you want me to capture you? Alright, I can play that game, I will make sure to catch you real gud!"

"Oh fudge! Help! There's a super pervert here!"

Before she can yell for help again, she found that a certain individual with deep red eyes was right next to her. She almost had a heart attack and she began putting more strength into her legs.

It is at this point that she realized Wu Yan's eyes had changed into a deep red.

She's a bit curious why this super pervert suddenly had very charming eyes but that isn't a big enough reason for her to stop. If she stopped now she would be licked all over for sure and she would reek of that dirty wolf's saliva.

"I say, why are you running!"

"Because a super pervert like you is chasing me!"

"I won't chase if you don't run!"

"Then you stop super chasing me!"

"Hey, what's with the hard rejections, I was just going to invite you out to see a movie…"

"Nobody wants to watch a super movie with you!"

"It's a movie, more specifically, B-rated movie…"

When Kinuhata Saiai heard "B-rated movie", she stopped for a moment before resuming her escape…

B-rated films might be enticing but going with him to a B-rated film cinema is way too dangerous.

Wu Yan curled his lips when he saw her running even more vigorously. He jumped and landed in front of Kinuhata Saiai.

The next instant, Kinuhata Saiai fell into someone's embrace. That someone hugged her and from the sensation of that hug, she knew who it was without even looking.

Kinuhata Saiai wailed as she yelled out in a despaired manner.

"Uuu, Mugino, Takitsubou, Frenda, today, I, Kinuhata is going to get super messed up, my exquisite body, you're finally going to fall into this super pervert's hands! Uuu…"

Wu Yan felt a bit awkward, he looked at Kinuhata Saiai who gave up resisting, shut her eyes, with a tense expression and yelling about whatnot. He went ahead and slapped her right on the booty.

"Ah! He's super going to do it! It's super starting! He's pulling the super moves!"

Kinuhata Saiai started panicking even more as she frantically screamed. Wu Yan's expression slowly begun turning into 囧.

"Little brat, I don't know what you're imagining but could you stop for just a moment…?"

Kinuhata Saiai didn't want to give in but her strength certainly started decreasing. She opened one eye and she mewled as she looked up into Wu Yan's wine-red eyes.

"Yo-you're not going to super eat me?"

Wu Yan's twitched the corner of his lip. She got a part of the question right but now is not the time nor place for such a series of action.

"Little brat, you want me to eat you up that bad?"

Wu Yan looked down at her and pulled her petite frame closer into his embrace.

"If that's the case, I don't mind…"

"No no! Super no!"

Kinuhata Saiai screamed and frankly, it hurt Wu Yan's heart. It seems the hate-o-meter on this girl is filled to the brim.

Wu Yan never once stopped to think about what he did to someone he had for the first time. If the girl's normal, any girl would reject him without any thought, what's more, to say about the notion of sticking his lightsaber in her sheath.

"Well then, Miss Kinuhata, let's go watch some movies…"

Wu Yan laughed as he tightened his embrace, he is implying that if she doesn't agree he's not letting go.

What a shameless guy.

"No no, super no!"

Kinuhata Saiai shook her head in protest. It's odd enough that a girl would like to go to a B-rated film cinema, and it's even weirder still for a boy and a girl to go there. It's just downright dangerous to go with Wu Yan.

Kinuhata Saiai struggled but she could not free herself. Seeing as Wu Yan is not going to relent, she surrendered and mewled.

"Let go of me, please. I have somewhere i need to be."


Wu Yan said in an amused manner.

"Why don't you share it with me? Hmm…?"

Kinuhata Saiai hesitated for a moment before continuing in a helpless manner.

"Mugino ordered for all members to assemble!"

Wu Yan frowned.

"Mugino gave the orders huh? What is she up to?"

"Mugino is going to challenge No.2, no wait, No.3, Dark Matter to a duel!"


Wu Yan couldn't believe his ears.

"Mugino Shizuri wants to take on Kakine Teitoku?"

Kinuhata Saiai nodded and Wu Yan couldn't stop jolting his eyebrow.

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