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Mugino Shizuri, Takitsubou Rikou, Frenda waited for Kinuhata Saiai’s arrival. They had already been waiting for quite some time now…

Mugino Shizuri’s irritation is veritably written on her face, her eyes even had hints of anger. At one point, she snapped and asked Frenda.

“Frenda, where the hell is Kinuhata?”

“Oh jeez oh my, that’s odd…”

Frenda kept spamming calls but Kinuhata Saiai didn’t pick up at all.

“In the end, what’s going on? Kinuhata Saiai isn’t the type to be late. Mugino already issued an order, I don’t think Kinuhata would disobey direct orders…”

“Could it be that she’s in some kind of trouble?”

Takitsubou Rikou endured her fatigue and lifted her head to voice her opinion.

In a way, she’s correct, at this point in time, Kinuhata Saiai is busy running away from a certain wolf.

Mugino Shizuri knew through countless missions with Kinuhata Saiai that she wouldn’t be late without a legitimate reason.

“Basically, do we need to go and get her?”

Frenda lifted her phone to show Mugino Shizuri. The four of them had GPS equipment with them, a few clicks of a button and they can easily track each other down.

Mugino Shizuri clicked her tongue and continued in an annoyed manner.

“Screw it. With her ability, she can get out of almost any situation by relying on her nitrogen armor. We will not wait for her, let’s go!”

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou exchanged glances and they helplessly acquiesced since Mugino said it, this means this is what they are going to do.



“You’re going to super fight against Dark Matter right?”

Kinuhata Saiai heard Wu Yan say that he’s going to waste the guy and this is how she responded. She can’t help continuing after seeing Wu Yan nod.

“You’re going super crazy right? Didn’t you super say that Dark Matter is super strong?”

“Yes, he’s strong…”

His eyes turned from deep red into a radiant golden color. It was only for a brief moment and as a result, Kinuhata Saiai didn’t notice the rapid change in eye color.

Wu Yan laughed.

“But, I am stronger!”

Wu Yan said that with due confidence. If it were before, Wu Yan wouldn’t dare to state something like that in consideration of Kakine Teitoku’s Dark Matter. In fact, he would be at risk of losing for the most part.

However, now that he has got a new bloodline and new equipment, fighting with an archangel is arguably more terrifying than going up against Kakine Teitoku.

Against Kakine Teitoku, Wu Yan thinks that he can kill Kakine Teitoku no problemo.

Kinuhata Saiai was surprised by Wu Yan’s confident speech but she soon frowned.

“You did defeat Mugino so you should be a lv5 as well if you work together with Mugino maybe we can bring Kakine Teitoku down!”

Wu Yan smiled and he didn’t say anything in response. He silently snickered, he hopes that Kinuhata Saiai can keep her jaw from dropping to the floor when the time comes.


Kinuhata Saiai changed her tone as she looked at Wu Yan.

“Why are you super helping us?”

“Hmm… I wonder why?…”

Wu Yan put on a façade as he rubbed his chin in consternation. He grinned when he saw Kinuhata Saiai had a serious expression on.

“I can’t help it, Kakine Teitoku wants to hurt my girls and if I don’t do anything that just won’t do..”

“Your girls?!”

Kinuhata Saiai flinched and her eyes went wide staring at him. She pointed her finger at him and yelled.

“Who are you calling your girls! You super pervert! As expected, you’re a super pervert that is planning on capturing the four of us!”

“Hey hey hey, don’t get it wrong!”

Wu Yan stopped her by shaking his head, he then continued.

“It’s not the four of you, it’s three of you, I don’t want anything to do with that Obasan Mugino who seems to be hitting a menopause or something!”


Kinuhata Saiai’s finger shook. The guy just blatantly made it clear that he is gunning for the 3 girls and one of them is her. Kinuhata Saiai started screaming hysterically.

“I am not your super girl! You super pervert, stop super imagining weird stuff!”

“Aiya, Kinuhatchan, you don’t need to be so shy. We have already done this and that, becoming my girl is only a matter of time no?”

“Don’t put it in such a sickly romantic way! I just got super screwed over by you!”

Kinuhata Saiai didn’t take note of the words coming out of her mouth. She kept ranting on.

“There was never any super us, it’s you, you did all of that! I did not super consent to it!”

“Well well, it’s, all the same, ain’t it…”

“It’s so super not!”

Kinuhata Saiai felt her throat starting to heat up. She is so riled up that she started heaving.

He looked at Kinuhata Saiai who is slightly panting and he grabbed her. When she flinched, he lifted her chin and aimed for a close encounter of the lips.

“Y-you what are you super doing?!…”

His mesmerizing red eyes stopped her face from making any movements even though she averted her eyes. She also found herself paralyzed, she wanted to remove Wu Yan’s hands from her but his next sentence stopped her.

“Kinuhatchan, don’t tell me you want to stay in the dark side of the academy every day staring at the darkness?”

Kinuhata Saiai fell silent, she didn’t know how to answer him. She wants to say that she didn’t want to continue living like this but she is already used to the life of squirming and running around in the dark side of the academy. Even if she says she wants to continue her present lifestyle, somewhere deep down, she knows that this isn’t true.

Kinuhata Saiai could only stay silent.

Her silence made Wu Yan sigh. Since she kept her mouth shut, Wu Yan docked lips with her.

Kinuhata Saiai who is still thinking about stuff was stunned by this sudden action. When she registered what had happened, a thick and hot tongue had found its way into her mouth, subjugating her little tongue and making it dance in tune with his.

Kinuhata Saiai widened her eyes, she stared at his face, now closer than ever before and she panicked. She uttered muffled sounds while placing her hands against his chest in a poor attempt to separate herself from him.

Wu Yan hugged her and french kissed the shit out of her. Her futile attempts at slapping his chest soon became apparent to her as her strength dwindled with time. At this point, her strength isn’t even enough to kill a mosquito.

She slowly closed her eyes, in her diminishing point of view, her hands had already found themselves linked around Wu Yan’s neck. She seriously embraced her first kiss.

Their tongues slapped and coiled around each other, exchanging saliva all the while. Her first kiss had become something so intimate, her heart kept throbbing and pretty soon her body heated up as well.

She felt a bit suffocated but the sensation brought her a faint feeling of bliss. Going along with the flow and the sensation of bliss that she felt, she lost any sense of control.

Finally, their lips parted.

Wu Yan smiled at Kinuhata Saiai who is heaving.

“Kinuhatchan, you’re still going to reject me after this?”


Kinuhata Saiai is still heaving, apparently, she hasn’t recovered enough to answer him. Wu Yan seized the opportunity to declare something.

“You’re mine, just like Takitsubou Rikou, Frenda, I am not planning on letting even one of you escape…”

Wu Yan licked the corner of her lips before giving her a few light pecks on the cheek.

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me if you don’t know how to answer, you still have plenty of time to come up with one answer after I locate Takitsubou Rikou and Frenda…”


Every day we stray further away from god…

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