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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 219: A love rival's appearance? The talk within the alley…

Lost for words, Joou-sama didn't wait for Wu Yan to reply, she elegantly made her exit. Who would have thought that the queen of Tokiwadai would come personally to ask someone out on a date?

Wu Yan is also not sure what he is feeling at the moment. He is kinda happy that Shokuhou Misaki invited him out but he's just not sure why Joou-sama is so focused on a date with him.

Maybe it's to annoy Mikoto? That should be part of the reason but not the whole. Wu Yan didn't know that he is the reason Joou-sama is so intrigued, all the fascinating things he had shown her.

He stayed there half day-dreaming and half conscious. He didn't notice that a petite figure had appeared outside the door, peering in through the slit in the door with hateful eyes.

It's Shiroi Kuruko and she saw Shokuhou Misaki who is currently walking away. She glanced at Wu Yan who is lying on the bed day-dreaming like a fool. She bit down on her lips as her twin pigtails started moving without the assistance of any wind. Dark aura clouded her and her appearance was befitting her name. (Tl:黑子, black child or black girl)

"Abominable scum! How dare he take my Onee-sama from me and cheat on her! Moreover, with Shokuhou Misaki for that matter!"

Just thinking about her Onee-sama being in the hands of that scum, or rather, one of the members of his crystal palace harem brings forth endless fury. She is that close to ripping the clothes on her body to shreds from the thought of it all.

"This time, I will stuff that trash into the trash can where he belongs!"

Kuroko hardened her resolve as she did many times in the past, sniggering at the sight of Wu Yan in a stupor. She recognized that this is an opportunity she cannot miss. The next instant, she disappeared.

A sudden sense of danger pulled Wu Yan out from his daydream. He came back to reality a moment too late though…

A pink-haired twin-tailed pigtail lifeform appeared on his bed with her hand on his chest, she cackled as Wu Yan knew today's the day he's going to get it.

"Scum! Go rethink your life in the trash can!"

Kuroko said that and Wu Yan disappeared from the room leaving Kuroko alone laughing heartily as her petty plan finally came to fruition.

♦ ♦ ♦

In a small alley, above a big pile of garbage, a figure appeared and dropped into the heaps of trash head first.

"Fucking hell!!!"

Being planted into the nasty smelling heaps of trash, Wu Yan cursed. He unleashed his full potential to avoid dropping into the heaps of trash nearing his face, He grabbed the side of the trash can with his hands as he did a handstand.

The stink that crept up to high heaven entered his nose causing him to almost lose his grip and fall into the trash can. He tilted his body and fell to the side, he would rather kiss the ground than trash.

Well, he got his wish, his slightly handsome face with the wine red eyes had an intimate contact with the ground making him howl in pain. If not because of his True Ancestor status, his pretty face would need a few days to recover.

Getting up from the ground, he held his face and grudgingly mumbled.

"Shiroi Kuroko, damn you, Yuri girl, this humiliation will not go unpunished!"

Yuri is love and Kuroko is a lovely petite girl but this has gone too far out of what a yuri girl should do. This is in the realm of being a pervert. He's pretty sure he has the heart to fulfill this revenge against that pervert…

"Oh Mikoto, why are you so liked…?"

He didn't know that his mumbling would attract the attention of an eavesdropper.

"Hello, I believe you said Mikoto just now, is it Misaka Mikoto?"

The sudden voice made him flinch, he was surprised by the identity of the figure.

"Yes, hello, I believe you said Mikoto just now, is it Misaka Mikoto you're talking about?"

The guy thought that the incredulous expression on Wu Yan is a sign that he didn't quite hear him so he repeated his question with a friendly tone.

Wu Yan is pretty sure that this guy is a shady character who can't be called a bad guy but isn't exactly a good guy either.

, Mikoto's secret admirer, he later betrayed his organization to join Academy City's dark side, the Aztec magician disguised as the grandson of Tokiwadai director, Unabara Mitsuki.

In other words, this guy is something of a love rival for Wu Yan.

Why is he here?

Wu Yan frowned at Etzali, or as he is more commonly known, Unabara Mitsuki.

"Oh? You know Mikoto?"

Etzali examined Wu Yan before answering with the same amiable attitude he had.

"Nice to meet you, I am Unabara Mitsuki, a friend of Mikoto so to speak…"

Wu Yan nodded but he silently scoffed at the guy. In the original work, he wouldn't leave Mikoto alone and totally annoyed Mikoto to no end.

This prick is seriously considering himself a friend of Mikoto?

It's admirable for him to go over to the dark side to protect Mikoto but Wu Yan is not amused by the fact that the object of his supposed protection is his wife.

Before Wu Yan can speak, Etzali interrupted.

"If I remember correctly, you're the guy who appeared during Tokiwadai midsummer festival claiming to be Misaksan's boyfriend yes?"


Wu Yan is slightly confused by Etzali.

"Well, i take it you know me then?"

"Of course I do."

The smile on Etzali's face is gone, he looked a bit anguished as he continued.

"The target of Misaksan's affection, I would be hard-pressed not to know about you…"

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"You like Mikoto huh?"

Etzali hesitatingly nodded. He continued with a bitter smile.

"I am not afraid of your laughter, I admire Misaksan very much!"


Wu Yan continued in a plain tone.

"You're here to declare yourself as the love rival?"

"No! No, it's just…"

Etzali shook his head.

"I am satisfied as long as Misaksan is happy!"

"Then what are you doing here?"

Wu Yan frowned.

"Surely you're not here to confirm my relationship with Mikoto?"

"Not exactly…"

He turned a cold expression on Wu Yan, the anguished or warm expression from before disappeared completely from his face.

"This lowly one is very impressed that you obtained Misaksan's heart, I want to congratulate Misaksan personally but according to my intel, you appear to be affiliated with other girls…"


Wu Yan smiled.

"In other words, you're here to advocate for Mikoto's interest."

"In a way, yes…"

Etzali stared at him in a sinister way as if he had entered alter mode like a certain servant fight anime. His appearance right now is like a complete reverse of the warm Onii-san image he had just a few moments ago.

"I wish for nothing more than the happiness of Misaksan, I wouldn't want to see Misaksan being hurt. If you can promise me that you will stop having intimate contact with the other girls, I will take my leave right now."

Wu Yan quietly waited for Etzali to finish his piece before replying.

"Are you done?"

Wu Yan focused his wine red eyes on Etzali and Etzali instantaneously felt a deep sense of pressure enveloping him.

"You'll definitely be disappointed by what I have to say next…"

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