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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 218: The queen is here to collect her due…

insert Wu Yan status

What nostalgic figures…

True Ancestorcost him 200k Ability points, the white fruit of purity cost him 1 mil Item points, Blood indulgence cost him 6mil Item points and Meteor Shower cost him 150k Equipment points so he spent 200k Ability points, 7mil Item points, 150k Equipment points in total.

He took a big hit to his massive Item points reserve and pretty much all his other types of points. He is now left with 400k Item points, 21,000 Equipment points, and 1,000 Ability points which might as well be 0 because that’s the amount of ability he can buy with such a meager amount.

Wu Yan’s Summoning points are the only consolation to him as it stands at 220k…

But every penny spent is one well spent for even though he remains at level 66, his repertoire had expanded significantly.

First, because of True Ancestor, he can’t die, he also has Meteor Shower as his ace. If he were to go up against Accelerator again, he wouldn’t even flinch.

Glancing at the pitiful reserves he had left, he closed the System interface. Lifting Meteor Shower, he examined it.

Its body jet black as ink yet translucent at the same time like black crystal, it draws attention to it as if to show off its magnificence. If one were to examine the bow, one would find mini-stars glowing in the bow as if someone painted the night sky into the bow.

Elegant, exquisite…

Even Wu Yan can’t help being entranced by Meteor Shower, ignoring its Grade B ranking, one would take it as a work of art in and of itself.

But, anyone who thinks this bow is just pretty will most surely die a gruesome death, in terms of capabilities it is on par with Ikaros’ Apollon, an equipment infinitesimally close to grade A. It differs from Apollon in that it packs more punch than her Apollon. The bow also comes with homing features, this meant that he need not bother with aiming, he only needs to lock onto a target and fire. The target can run to the world’s end and the arrow will surely follow.

He slid his fingers down the longbow before nodding in satisfaction. Without seeing it first hand, he really has no idea just how destructive this bow is even if he knows that this bow has a bigger output than Apollon.

Granted, he isn’t dumb enough to shoot one here. He didn’t know how powerful this bow is but he knows just what kind of havoc an arrow of Apollon can wreak.

Objectively speaking, a shot of Apollon can level Academy City.

This thing is stronger than Apollon so if he actually fired one, Aleister would probably duel him to the death if it’s the last thing he does. Plus, he didn’t have the Aegis that Ikaros has to mitigate the aftermath of firing Meteor Shower.

“What a pretty bow…”

Immersed in the beauty and power of Meteor Shower, a tender voice came from his side causing him to almost throw the Meteor Shower away in panic.

Patting his chest, Wu Yan made sure to hold onto Meteor Shower. It probably could take a full powered attack from Ikaros and wouldn’t be scratched but Wu Yan didn’t care to test it out.

Confirming the identity of the guest, Wu Yan rolled his eyes and told her off.

“Joou-sama, can you please stop surprising people?”

Shokuhou Misaki made no response, instead, she reached out and caressed the bow in his hands while mumbling.

“What a pretty bow you have here, I wonder where did you steal it from…”

Wu Yan almost choked.

“What do you mean by steal?! This is something I got from legitimate means!”

“Is that so?”

Shokuhou Misaki doubtfully looked at him before she was stumped for words.

Her starry eyes shone and she stared at him in pure astonishment.

“What happened to your eyes? Why are they red?”

“Red eyes?”

Wu Yan is surprised by her comment as well. He couldn’t check out his eyes without some kind of external help.

Shokuhou Misaki didn’t say anything, she took out a mirror and showed him his deep red eyes reminiscent of red wine. His eyes added more charm to his otherwise average face.

“Shit, you’re right…”

Checking out his eyes, he knew this had to be True Ancestor’s side effect.

“I like what I’m seeing…”

Wu Yan didn’t answer Shokuhou Misaki. Shokuhou Misaki is already very curious about him, might as well add some more mysteries for her to figure out.

If the girl is curious, it is only a function of time until she falls… at least, that’s what he had heard before. He’s not too sure how much of that statement is true but he would like it to be true because Mission 3 is still waiting for him to complete.

Hmm, perhaps the first target should be Joou-sama…

Shokuhou Misaki’s starry eyes are still beaming with intrigue but it appears she will not get the answer to the question of how did Wu Yan’s eyes turn red.

She stood up and just when Wu Yan thought she is going to throw a hissy fit and exit his residence, Shokuhou Misaki retrieved her controller and aimed it at him before pressing.


A spark appeared between Wu Yan and her.

“Joou-sama, tell me you didn’t just tried to control me…”

“You bet your cute ass I did!”

She stared into his wine-red eyes while replying.

“If at all possible, I want to use Mental Out on you and filter through all your secrets!”

Wu Yan rolled his vampiric eyes.

“Oh haven’t you heard? A guy with secrets is a guy with multiple suitors.”

“Bull, that applies to women, I thought byronic guys are the ones drowning in tails!”

“Well, let’s not sweat the details!”

He stored away Meteor Shower, making it look like it had disappeared into thin air. Shokuhou Misaki lifted a brow by said nothing because she is sure he’s not going to tell her anything.

Instead, she grinned and continued.

“Too bad, I would have liked to try tugging that beautiful bow!”

Wu Yan smiled in an amused manner.

“Joou-sama, you have no idea do you. That ‘pretty bow’ can destroy Academy City with a tug of the string!”

Shokuhou Misaki flinched and laughed.

“Ara, you’re kidding with me…”

“Well, it’s up to you to believe what you want to believe…”

He snidely smiled. Joou-sama didn’t laugh now, she’s pretty sure he meant every word he said.

With a hand to her mouth she replied.

“If that is so, it only makes the bow even more desirable…”

Wu Yan shrugged and sighed.

“Let’s get down to brass tacks, why are you here, surely you aren’t just visiting?”

“Ara, am I not welcomed here?”

“No, you’re welcomed…”

Shokuhou Misaki giggled and drew her face really close to Wu Yan’s.

“Our agreement, does that ring a bell?”

Wu Yan’s expression collapsed.

“Surely you’re not suggesting I go on a date with you right now?”

“Oh, why would I…”

Shokuhou Misaki said that and walked out of the room, leaving him only one more sentence.

“Tomorrow, 7am, I will see you at Tokiwadai’s dormitory…”

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