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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 220: A tussle in the small alley.

In the vacant small alley, cold sweat started flowing down from Etzali's head as he kept Wu Yan who emanated dangerous vibes in his sights. He didn't have the spare thought to notice Wu Yan's you-'re-gonnbe-disappointed line.

His back wet with sweat, Etzali endured the urge to kneel down as he gnashed his teeth. He is silently screaming inside.

What the fuck?!!! Isn't he just an lv0 chum?!! What's with this pressure?! Who the fuck is this guy?!!!

Etzali didn't know that he wouldn't have this kind of response if he met him just an hour earlier. Just one hour ago, Wu Yan couldn't emit such a regal aura, at least, Etzali, a decent magician in his own rights, wouldn't have the urge to kneel.

If he was just one hour earlier, perhaps he would have struck the moment Wu Yan said "You're going to be disappointed".

One hour ago, when he didn't have True Ancestor.

He might be a True Ancestor in status but in terms of level, he isn't any stronger than he was hours ago.

A True Ancestor is a special bloodsucker, they have immense potential, they are destined for the apex of existence. Their power isn't something they had from the moment they came into existence.

A True Ancestor is like the apex predator of a food chain. Their True Ancestor is just something to cower the other bloodsucker into submission, it isn't a direct proof of power. They are all destined to become the ones standing above all others, but, Wu Yan is still far from that stage.

Compared to the other True Ancestor, Wu Yan is severely lacking in power. He might as well be the weakest True Ancestor but a True Ancestor nonetheless.

The terror and pressure that a True Ancestor can exert is something that he has now.

In essence, Etzali came at a really bad time.

His wine-red eyes gave off an insidious impression, Wu Yan looked at Etzali who is still sweating fountain before continuing.

"I will make Mikoto happy, this is something you don't have to worry about. I will do the same for the other girls, I won't give up the other girls because you said so. You sound like you're deliberately trying to find something to do!"

"How dare you suggest I am doing this because I am bored!"

Etzali's eyes became bloodshot. He shook off the terror gripping him and shouted at Wu Yan.

"Me wanting Misaksan to be happy is not some trivial matter!"


Wu Yan didn't care that Etzali had a distorted expression he casually told him off.

"You think you can make Mikoto happy by doing whatever you think is right, but you never considered it from her perspective. Let me ask you this when I am with the other girls, did you ever see Mikoto being sad? Did you see her being unhappy?"

Etzali choked. He frustratedly shouted at Wu Yan.

"You are that sure she is happy? You're just a playboy, how can Misaka find happiness with something like that!"

Wu Yan lightly shook his head.

"That's right, I am a playboy, my heart is divided up and given to the other girls. But, each of my heart they possess is true down to its very core!"

"You liar!"

Etzali glared at Wu Yan.

"How do you explain your relationship with No.5? You are treating her like a girlfriend are you not?! Why involve yourself with her when it's clear that Misaksan hates her!"

"That's why I am saying you're just picking bones out of an omelet."

Etzali's expression turned grim. He heaved and stood up straight, his anger towards Wu Yan motivated him to overcome the terror of facing a True Ancestor.

"I can't acknowledge you, you are clearly inadequate at making Misaksan happy!"

Wu Yan laughed, there was a hint of coldness in his laugh. He looked at Etzali and called him out.


That was the last straw for Etzali. He is now officially triggered.

Sensing something coming his way, Wu Yan lightly adjusted his body and the trash can behind him got blown to bits with trash scattering everywhere.

Frowning, he stared at Etzali and found that he is armed with a weird knife, the knife is black in color and is reflecting light, the knife appears to be the tip of a spear, it spotted a cold and dull color.

Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli!

No, it is just a replica of the real thing. Said to be able to reflect the light of venus and disassemble the target hit by its reflected light.

He used the replica of the spear ofTlahuizcalpantecuhtli on  his obsidian knife to attack Wu Yan with the full intent of killing him.

"Finally on the move? Magician."

He wanted to execute him on the spot but Wu Yan's words made him stop and ask.

"You… how did you know?!"

Wu Yan grinned and shrugged. Would he believe him if he said he saw Etzali on a TV screen?

"Why you say? I don't know…"

Etzali's expression turned frosty again. He brought the knife to chest level and he kept adjusting it as if looking for an opportunity to strike. While doing so, he continued chatting.

"You are a very mysterious man!"

Black mist clouded his expression like he had been blackened.

"According to the intel, you're supposed to be a good-for-nothing chump with no powers. Just your average punk on the streets. Yet, it appears you can exert a terrifying influence on individuals. You can also apparently dodge an attack from the Spear ofTlahuizcalpantecuhtli with ease. It's a replica but no lv0 can dodge this, what's more important is that…"

His already dark expression took a deeper shade of black.

"A person of your background somehow got close to No.3, in such a short span of time, you managed to acquire intimate contact with Misaka Mikoto. Interestingly, you had no record of ever coming into contact with Misaka Mikoto before."

"You, just who are you?"


Wu Yan shook his head and laughed.

"You're the one who did the detective work though, why don't you tell me who I am? Talk about a joke…"

"Wu Yan!"

Etzali waved the obsidian knife around in an uncannily deft manner.

"Your existence is something that has exceeded our known understanding of Academy City and to prevent unforeseen circumstances, I will have to neutralize you!"

Rays of light came at him with incredible speed the moment Etzali was done talking.

His wine-red eyes saw the light coming and he dodged all of them while adjusting his body. He dodged all the rays without moving a step, the way he dodged was so casual and elegant that Etzali got even more furious. He waved his obsidian knife around and countless light assaulted Wu Yan with no room to dodge.

Against the bullet rain, Wu Yan stomped and electricity crackled between his feet before waves of iron sand erupted from his feet as if answering his call.

"Iron sand!"

Etzali cried out. It's not because he is amazed by his skill in manipulating the iron sand, it's because the ability is all too familiar to him.

That's Mikoto's ability!

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