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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 208: Accelerator. The incoming battle…

Night time.

On a road without any pedestrians, two women and a man is currently running with all their might towards one direction. One of the girls got a piggyback ride because she didn't have the stamina to keep up with the group.

Misaka sister closed her eyes and would open them from time to time to give Wu Yan and Astrea the directions. They hoped that they would make it before the experiment started.

Bio-containment unit cannot be seen equipped on his hand as he had passed it to Mikoto earlier. With Ikaros, Mikoto and Hinagiku there, he's not afraid of anything happening to them. He just needs to focus on his own side for now.

They kept running at top speed for a sustained period, if not for their strong constitution they would have run out of gas a long time ago.

Misaka sister burst out during a certain point.

"Here! Says Misaka in a confident tone."

Wu Yan didn't speed up, instead, he stopped. Astrea who was running right behind him crashed into him with her jugs. Those buns hit him square in the back and bounced him forward in a big fuck you to physics.

Wu Yan almost fell to the ground as a result of the collision between him and those huge cans on Astrea. He's not so sure how he should feel at the moment. Glad that he put down Misaka sister first? Or perhaps he had hoped that Astrea would bump him with Misaka sister still on him thereby absorbing the shock.

If this is the time to screw around, he would probably be celebrating.


Astrea, confused by Wu Yan's behavior asked him as if nothing had happened. She didn't know why he would stop in the middle of the road, Mikoto sister also wondered the same thing.

Seeing as she is genuinely confused, Wu Yan let out a sigh. He had just told her what they were going to do and now it looks like she had forgotten all about it. What should he say at this point…

Wu Yan didn't bother explaining, he took out a capsule. Astrea realized what he meant the moment he took the pill out. She took out a capsule as well.

Shapeshifting pill: Upon consumption, the user will be able to change their appearance and body shape to their desires. To return to normal, the accompanying pill should be consumed or it will be impossible to return to the original form. Item points 2000.

The same pills Ikaros and Astrea consumed the last time they had a run in with the Hound Dogs and ITEM. If possible, Wu Yan wants to stay in the dark as it is easier to move around and accomplish things.

The moment they took their pill, Wu Yan and Astrea's physical appearances changed so drastically that even anyone familiar with them would not be able to recognize them.

He ignored Misaka sister's nonchalant comment: "The freak and his partner transformed says Misaka in utter shock."

He ran ahead and the two girls followed in turn.

They quickly found a wide stony place in front of them. The mansory area seemed wide enough. They also found the sister participating in the experiment standing in the most conspicuous spot of the area as if she's trying to say here-i-am.

Where' Accelerator? He's not here yet?

Wu Yan's not surprised that the sister apparently knew about him coming here and had already accepted his help. The sisters are connected via a network known as the MISAKA network. The sister clone would easily know what had been communicated to the sister clone with Wu Yan.

Sister clone and Wu Yan both nodded at each other. He examined the two girls who looked identical before he asked.

"Which clone are you girls?"

"Misaka is a military clone with the serial number 00001, says Misaka earnestly, a bit peeved at the weirdo for not knowing her serial number."

Reported the clone who guided him. Such luck, he actually got 00001 just by randomly picking a sister.

"Misaka is a military clone with the serial number 10023, Misaka introduces herself with all due formality."

Said the clone about to enter into the experiment. Wu Yan is surprised by the revelation of her serial number.

10032? The same sister Touma saved in the original work? To think she would get picked the moment the project restarted.

Comparing the sisters, he really couldn't find any distinguishing feature between the two. She was originally saved in the work but she got saved by him now.

She is really identitical to the other sisters. Wait, of course she is, what the hell am I asking?

"Alright, you two sisters…"

Wu Yan didn't want to refer to them by their serial number if at all possible.

"I think it's best if you girls leave now. You girls will be in grave danger if the battle starts and you're still here."

Wu Yan could bring the sisters away from here and just be done with it. However, due to his second mission, he didn't really want to run without putting up a fight. With Astrea by his side, there is a possibility that they might be able to pull it off.

Misaka 00001 nodded while 10032 said excitedly.

"Are we going to Onee-sama's place? asks Misaka in an ecstatically."


He handed a return to town scroll into her hand and smiled at her.

"Go find your Onee-sama, she's waiting for you girls."

Misaka 10032 nodded and she received the scroll from him, a slight glimmer in her eyes didn't escape his observation.

A stream of data flowed accross Astrea's deep red eyes. She looked towards a certain direction and called out to Wu Yan.


"He's here huh…"

Wu Yan slowly turned around and looked at the direction Astrea is pointing at. He saw a figure slowly making his way out of the shadows.

White hair, red eyes, a shirt with motives like a prisonar's uniform. The guy is so lanky that if there were a big enough breeze, he looked like someone who would be blown away. The only thing that is menancing about him is his glare. Without those, it would be hard for anyone to believe that they are in the presence of the strongest esper in Academy City, Accelerator himself.

Accelerator: Lv70

Wu Yan's pupil narrowed.

I see, so he's a tier 8 as expected.

Noticing the two clones and strangers. Accelerator flinched before asking in an irritated tone.

"What's going on here? Who the hell are you two? Are you going to tell me there have been some changes to the plan? Am I going to have to massacre these two girls? Not that I mind."

Wu Yan was infuriated. His eyes instantly turned hostile. He's not going to let him get away with what he just said, screw the mission, this brat needs a good hiding or two.

He lowered his head and asked the two sisters to leave while ignoring Accelerator.

"You girls should go now…"

The sisters looked at Wu Yan and then at Accelerator before promptly nodding and making their exit by tearing the scroll.

"Spatial teleportation?"

Accelerator is shocked as he took a serious look at the place where the sisters just disappeared, he continued in a flabbergasted tone.

"What the fuck is going on here? How can those dolls use spatial teleportation?"

"Dolls… you say…"

He closed his eyes in an attempt to organize his feelings. He looked back up at Accelerator with a calm expression, but that calmness could do little to hide the raging fury within him.

Just when Accelerator is about to say something, his phone suddenly rang. Frowning, he picked up the phone and asnwered.


The one on the other side seemed to be saying something to him and that something dissipated his look of irritation. When he hanged up, Accelerator became expressionless. He turned back around to face Wu Yan and Astrea with a malevolent grin.

"I see, so you're here to stop me from achieving a peerless state huh? Well, I hope you planned your funeral!"

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