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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 209: Fight, the fight against Accelerator

"Beep, Mission complete. 10,000 of Equipment points, Ability points, Summoning points, Item points obtained."

When the Misaka clones got away, the mission accomplished notification came but Wu Yan didn't have the time focus on it.

"Master! Look out!"

Maybe Astrea thought Accelerator posed a real threat, she immediately shielded Wu Yan without hesitation. She looked very serious, to be honest, she looked pretty cool in her combat mode.

Accelerator laughed maniacally with his head slightly back and tilted at a slight angle. He is as condescending as he is smug. He snickered.

"You're going to join in? Maa, it doesn't matter, I will just end every single mofo standing in my way!"


Wu Yan lifted his head and stared at Accelerator.

"I didn't plan on fighting with you in the first place."

Accelerator threw him a sardonic grin.

"I thought it would be someone who didn't know his place that would dare challenge me. It appears that I was wrong, you're even worse, you're just another coward!"

Accelerator continued without giving him any chance to reply.

"Well, this is only to be expected, I am after all, Ippou Tsukkou!"

Accelerator boasted with a bit of sadness hidden behind that boas. He laughed like a patient who escaped from the mental institution.

Wu Yan glanced at Accelerator who haven't stopped laughing like a tool. He didn't bother retorting, the guy must be assuming that he is afraid of him.

Wu Yan said that because Accelerator would make a heel-face turn in the future. This is also the reason why he didn't rescue Last Order.

The situation has changed.

Despite knowing that Accelerator will soften out but he is treating the sisters like rubbish to be thrown around and murdered as he pleases. This warrants a beat down.

Accelerator's laughter grew smaller and smaller as he saw that the male and female group weren't showing any signs of responding to his performance. He curled his lips at the lack of amusement before grinning.

"Before I hunt down those dolls, I guess there is time for some warm-up exercises."

Accelerator lifted his leg and stomped lightly.

A strong tremor radiated outwards from Accelerator, the immediate area of 5-meter radius around Accelerator immediately shattered.

The tremor caused Wu Yan and Astrea to lose balance. They regained their balance by drawing a distance away.

What destructive abilities…

The rubble floated up from the ground, stopped in the air for a bit before the pebbles flew at Wu Yan and Astrea. The pebbles emitted sonic booms and judging from the speed, these pebbles can penetrate his body quite easily.

With a wave of his hand, black sand surged forth from the ground and entwined him, forming a giant iron wall to block the rocks.

Astrea's eye flashed red and a round buckler with blue and white mixed into its motive appeared affixed to her wrist as she lifted it.

A barrier of data extended from the buckler and the rocks were blocked quite easily, turning to dust just as they hit the barrier.

Aegies L shield, Astrea's strongest defense.

"Yosh, I am going to begin!"

Accelerator's attack stopped and Astrea immediately drew Chrysaor, her super vibrating photon blade. She got into a stance and as she raised her spirit with a battle cry.

"Astrea! Attacking now!"

With a leap, Astrea drew close to Accelerator at an unimaginably fast speed. Accelerator was stunned by how fast she was.

She slashed Accelerator but a strong reaction force made her flew away faster than she approached him.

Wu Yan facepalmed. He had already told her she can't attack him just like that. She needs to reverse at the last moment but just look at her flying away like a rocket for slashing Accelerator in the usual manner. This girl really needs a tune-up in the intelligence department.

Astrea seemed to have recalled what Wu Yan told her, she blushed and lowered her head. She flew up and landed beside Wu Yan, she puffed her cheeks at Accelerator as if it's his fault.

Astrea should have felt the same attack she used on Accelerator, and she hit pretty hard but it appears she's not hurt in the slightest, a very surprising feat that shocked Accelerator.

"You have speed and defense…"

Accelerator wiped that smug grin off his face and took Astrea a bit more seriously, at least he tried to before he grinned again.

"Your attacks, however, are useless!"

He spread his arms and the air around him shook, manipulating the air around him, he formed a large tornado twirling around him.

"Play with me for a while and try not to die too fast…"

Accelerator said to Wu Yan and Astrea before hurling the tornado at Wu Yan.

"Why me?"

Nobody answered him, of course. He answered the tornado with a similar one, except this one is black in color and it's not a tornado. It's just a black sand wave that looks like a swirling tornado.

The collision between the two attacks caused massive wind.

It ended with neither side gaining any advantage as the attacks dissipated.

The ground trembled once more and rocks stormed down on Wu Yan.

A golden figure appeared in front of Wu Yan. With her buckler raised, the barrier emitted from it blocked all the rocks.

Seeing as she blocked the attack for him, he formed an Iron sand sword in his palm and dashed out from Astrea's side. He appeared in front of Accelerator in the span of a breath.

Accelerator flinched at the fact that he came before him in such rapid fashion. How does the two individuals move so fast?

Accelerator revealed a grin as if sniggering at his futile attack, completely ignoring  the attack aimed at him.

With Reflect in place, who can harm him?

The attack stopped just short of hitting his chest. The sword shattered from the reflected force.

Accelerator was startled when he looked at Wu Yan's hand.

That attack should have been reflected so hard his hand should be in tatters. How is he fine?…

He quickly dismissed the idea as the attack still got blocked…

"It's useless…"

Accelerator laughed at Wu Yan who was inches away. His grin is ugly as shit, he lifted his leg and their area was immediately shrouded by dust.

Wu Yan leaped back and looked at the hand holding the iron sand sword. His hand started bleeding and trembling from the reaction force.

He squeezed his palm and ignored the blood seeping out. He gnashed his teeth as he adopted an expression of being annoyed at this prickling problem.

As expected, to change his direction right before his attack is redirected is not going to be easy…


He smiled at Accelerator who was not far away from him. He shook away the blood on his palm and he formed another iron sand sword.

It's not a complete failure, his intact hand is the proof that he is on the right track.

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