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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 207: For your Onee-sama.

When he told Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea about his reason for choosing to pick a fight with Accelerator the four girls fell silent. Indeed, they didn't know much about Accelerator's power nor do they know his face.

On the other hand, Wu Yan is very familiar with Accelerator. He knows how he ticks, his abilities and his characteristics. They had no reason to stop him.

"But, you're no match for Accelerator. You can't do anything against him even if you go…"

Hinagiku got worried despite Wu Yan looking very relaxed. The other 3 girls also expressed their concerns, they were worried that he would be seriously hurt.

Wu Yan laughed and assured her.

"You girls can relax. I've got more return to town scrolls. Besides, if things go south, I will just have to teleport the sisters away wouldn't I?…"

"Then what will you do about Mission 2? Aren't you required to beat Accelerator?"

Hinagiku knew what Wu Yan was thinking just by taking a glance at his face.

"With your personality, I bet you wouldn't run without exhausting your options…"

Wu Yan didn't say anything. Kaichou-sama figured him out. That's right, he wasn't going to run without at least throwing a few punches his way.

Mikoto suddenly burst out.

"Yan, let me go with you!"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Mikoto, I know what you're feeling but you need to think about it. If we go together, who is going to detect the sisters? Only the two of us can gauge where the sisters are within this group!"


Unconvinced, Mikoto dimmed down. She didn't want him to run into danger by himself but she has to think about the sisters as well. She's between a rock and a hard place in deciding what to do.

"No buts…"

Wu Yan clapped his hands on Mikoto's shoulder before telling her.

"Leave that sister to me, you worry about the rest of the sisters. Promise me you will do that!"

Mikoto lowered her head when she saw that Wu Yan is not going to back down on this. She acquiesced but that didn't mean the other girls share the same thought.

He felt his shirt being tugged at the back so he turned around.

Ikaros looked intently into his eyes, she's practically begging for him not to go.


She uttered that line but everyone could hear what she is trying to say.

"Ikaros, you can't go as well."

Wu Yan rubbed Ikaros' head.

"You're the strongest among us, I only have to worry about Accelerator but if you girls were found out, your enemy is the whole facility!"

Wu Yan glanced around at the girls before turning back to Ikaros.

"When the time comes, you who hold an absolute advantage in group fights will serve an essential role."

"But, master…"

Concern and sadness started floating up Ikaros' face. It hurts to see her like this.

"Relax, everything will turn out okay…"

Wu Yan consoled her.

"I will run if I can't do it so please don't worry, okay?"

Her eyes rippled with emotions as she is conflicted by her internal wishes. She saw his warm look and she nodded, earning a smile from Wu Yan.

Astrea stood in front of Wu Yan and declared loudly.

"Well, master, let Astrea accompany you then!"

Astrea swung her arm around as if she's trying to impress upon him the image of being strong.

"That Acce-loli-whatnot better check it or Astrea's gonna whoop his ass!"

Wu Yan didn't deny her help straightaway. In terms of strength, he is going to have the toughest uphill fight of his life against Accelerator. If he weren't so familiar with the source material, he wouldn't even think about fighting Accelerator, he would have just thrown the towel in the ring instantly.

Accelerator's power is too terrifying.

[], He can manipulate anything that touches him be it kinetic, heat or electrical energy. He can redirect anything that has magnitude and direction. Theoretically, even a nuclear explosion will not harm him in the slightest.

Apparently, he could stop the earth's rotation temporary with his ability.

With just him, even if he knew Accelerator's weaknesses, he couldn't confidently state that he can defeat him. However, with Astrea added into the equation, the result might be different.

As a close quarter combat specialized angeloid, her abilities at close range are deadly, even more so than Ikaros.

In concept, Astrea who can only swing her sword around is also poorly matched against Accelerator who can redirect physicalblows like nothing. But, with her mastery over close range fights, beating him isn't hard.

If Astrea can unleash an attack that exceeds Accelerator's computational power then not even Accelerator can fight against her.

With two Rare Armaments that borders on the Gold Armament's range. Wu Yan believes that Astrea can beat Accelerator.

He really didn't need to think about it.

"Alrighty then, Astrea, you're with me!"

Astrea beamed up.

"Yes! Master!"

Hinagiku didn't say anything about his decision. It's not because she couldn't care less about him, she's weakest of them all so even if she went with him she couldn't do anything.

Hinagiku helplessly continued.

"And, how are you guys going to locate Accelerator?"

Wu Yan lowered his head and thought for a bit before fiddling with the bio-containment unit.

"It seems we have to rely on the sisters this time."

"You're thinking of…"

Wu Yan nodded and touched the bracelet before an individual, identical in almost every manner to Mikoto appeared in front of them.

She looked around with a blank expression. When she saw Wu Yan, she focused her gaze.

"Misaka found the weirdo, says a surprised Misaka…"

Wu Yan's expression twitched.

"Why am I the weirdo…"

"You're the thief that stole all the other sisters. Yet, you cured the other sisters. At the same time, you're also the pervert that stored the sisters in a dark place to sleep. Hence, you're a weirdo. Misaka attempts to explain to the weirdo in front of him why he was deemed a weirdo…"

Even if they're kinda in a hurry, he can't help but be shocked by the sister's impression of him. The sister lost interest in him and looked around before she noticed Mikoto.

"Onee-sama! Misaka excitedly called out, happy at the prospect of meeting Onee-sama…"

Mikoto's heart was charmed for a brief moment and then her resolve to save all the sisters was solidified.

"It's my pleasure to meet you as well but I have something important I need your help on.  Please, you got to help me!"

When Mikoto finished explaining everything the sister remained silent for a while before speaking up.

"Why are you guys so hellbent on saving us sisters? Misaka clones are merely products with borrowed forms, fake hearts. We only cost 180,000 Yen to make. A push of a button and we can be created…"

The girls felt their heart tightening up at the sister's statement. Mikoto bit down on her lips so hard she almost caused a wound on her lip. Wu Yan clenched his fist and hugged the sister, much to the sister's surprise.

"The one who told you your body was borrowed can go to hell! The ones who told you your heart is fake can also go to hell!"

Wu Yan roared.

"You girls are products derived from Mikoto's body and heart. You girls are a result of Mikoto's DNA! You girls belong with Mikoto, not with those bastard researchers in this facility!"

"Don't you every deprecate yourself like this ya hear…"

The Misaka clone wasn't sure how to react. Its blank expression showed some form of expression of being touched. The sister mumbled.

"We are Onee-sama's…."


Wu Yan looked warmly into Misaka sister's eyes.

"That's why you've gotta help your Onee-sama out. Please, Misaka sister, you need to help us…"

"For Onee-sama…"

Misaka sister looked at Mikoto and saw the passion as well as the guilt on her face before she replied with an affirmative.

"Yes! For Onee-sama!"

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