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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 152: Kuroko’s suspicion and the blonde haired girl…

It’s almost night time now, and this is the dormitory of the Tokiwadai middle school in the seventh district of Academy City.

The door to one of the rooms slowly opened. A tea colored head revealed itself through the opening and she looked around for a bit to check for people, she then sighed in relief when there appeared to be no one around.

With a tense expression, Mikoto entered the room in lightning speed. She quickly closed the door and leaned her back against it, in her hands, the clothes she bought. Of course, the other two pieces of clothes aren’t on her hands.

She raised her head and as if recalling something, she blushed and upon feeling the windy feeling coming from under her skirt, Mikoto quickly threw the clothes she got onto the bed in a huff. She hugged her pillow and pounded it!

“You jerk! Meanie! Big bully! How dare you bully me like that! Damn! Watch me beat you to hell! Suck on this….”

She dished out the punishment while cursing him. Be that as it is, she is still blushing deep red. The person herself doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that her current behaviour looked much more cuter than compared to her usual self.

Can’t blame her though, if Wu Yan was here, he would probably be trying escape accusation by putting it on her being too attractive…

After she was done hitting the pillow, she started beating on the blanket. She blushed as she recalled the memories from before, she cursed and beat. She lashed out even harder with more intense feelings of bashfulness when she remembered how Wu Yan stripped her of her biking short and panties before storing them away.

“Huff… huff…”

Lying on the bed, Mikoto kept thinking about the intense coitus they did in the cinema. With an “Uu” yelp, she used her hands to cover her face as if to bury herself between them.

She recovered after a while and she walked towards the bathroom. It’s still a bit sticky down there you see…

When the door to the bathroom closed, a small figure appeared in the room. Her pinkish twin tails danced in the air, when she saw the bag on the bed and the sound coming from the bathroom, a nasty grin appeared on her face.

“Onee-sama, are you there?”

Mikoto almost yelled out in surprise when she heard Kuroko’s voice. She’s feeling fortunate that she returned before Kuroko, otherwise the moment she glomped her and found out how she’s missing certain an underwear, that would be so bad…

“Kuroko, what’s up?”

“Onee-sama is taking an awfully early bath today…”

Kuroko tilted her head in bewilderment.

“Er, I feel particularly sticky today so here I am in the bath.”

She was just freewheeling it but a part of the truth slipped out as can be testified by her blushing.


Nodding to that, her eyes quickly shifted focus and she nabbed the beg laid there on the bed. She put on a foolish laugh plus a few sliver of drool before quickly taking out the clothes within.

Hugging the clothes which contained collector value for her, she examined the clothes and her obsessed expression turn into one of confusion.

“Why does this seem like a different kind of style for Onee-sama?”

She fumbled with the clothes only to add more bewilderment to her currently confused state.

Mikoto’s taste would be childish if one were to try and describe it. She doesn’t just like Gekota, she would take interest in those items marketed for kids, including clothing, she leaned more towards the childish side.

These clothes aren’t mature but they are not for kids, they are kinda cute and ignoring her perverted tastes, even Kuroko could not pick out anything wrong with these clothes.

If one were to say Mikoto’s taste suddenly changed, Kuroko would not believe it even if hell froze over. To change Mikoto’s taste, she had done all she could for a year with no result pointing towards a positive change to her perspective.

Could it be.. someone else bought them for her?….

Kuroko’s heart shivered when she thought about a certain figure. She lowered her head and the twin tails behind her started fluttering without the assitance of wind as visible amount of miasma started pouring out of her.

With a cracked smile, she asked Mikoto who was still bathing in the bathroom.

“Onee-sama, you did not perchance go out with that human scum did you?”

Mikoto who’s showering with a shower cap on her flinched and almost threw the shower head away. She uttered a few dry laughs to cover the guilty feeling within her.

“N-No…. I would never go out with that human scum…”

She gnashed her teeth at the latter part of her sentence. This is the first time where she felt Kuroko’s assessment of Wu Yan could not be more correct!


Still a bit suspicious, she still managed to recognize the tooth gnashing part of her statement so she put down some of her doubts and started giggling.

Listening to the sound of water hitting the floor, a perverted grin started spreading on Kuroko’s face. With a light jump, Kuroko used her teleport ability and disappeared from her position.


An enraged roar came from within the bathroom.

“Onee-sama, this modest chest of yours, how very alluring…”

“Unhand me!”

“Ma, there you go again acting all tsundere. Hmm? What’s with this increase in size?”


Biri Biri!

“Ooohhhh Onee-samaa…. whips of love…”

♦ ♦ ♦

At the same time, in another dorm room at Tokiwadai…

A female student of Tokiwadai came here with hastened footsteps. She knocked on the door and an expression of deep admiration began spreading acrosss her face.

“Come in!”

A voice that was pleasant on the ears rang. When the female student heard it, she hurriedly grabbed the door handle with both hands and entered with elegant steps.

The moment the door opened, a blonde girl wearing Tokiwadai uniform who had ridiculous levels in her breast appeared within her sight.

The female student became mystified with this beautiful blonde figure before her. She placed her hansd on top of her chest as she approached. She looked like she had fallen into a deep love with this blonde girl before her.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”

Her heavenly voice awakened the girl from her stupor. She checked her appearance and recalled her objective before continuing.

“It’s something about Misaka Mikoto!”

“Misaka Mikoto?”

The blonde girl seemed a bit intrigued, clearly interested with Mikoto’s affair.

“And what would that be?”

The girl thought for a bit before mincing her words.

“Your humble subordinate saw Misaka Mikoto heading out with a male today.”

“A male?”

The blonde was surprised at this revelation about Misaka Mikoto walking together with another male. A look of interest appeared on her face.

“Yes, your humble subordinate personally saw Misaka Mikoto walking together with another male. They looked like they were very close with each other. What’s more surprising is the fact that the two held hands when they walked together, I do believe that male is Misaka Mikoto’s boyfriend!”

“Misaka Mikoto’s boyfriend!”

This time the blonde girl seemed really amazed.

“Who would have thought that Misaka Mikoto who had no girl power at all would be able to catch herself a boyfriend…”

The girl kept her mouth zipped. Although she belongs to the blonde girl’s faction, she didn’t have the right to talk about the trump cards of Tokiwadai.

The blonde girl kept mum for a bit. This delicate action had a disproportionately large attractive power. This and the fact that the girl had figure one wouldn’t believe belong to a middle school like Tokiwadai made her look very sexy.

“Do you know who that guy is?”

The girl hesitated before answering.

“Your humble subordinate had done some investigations and the male appears to be someone called Wu Yan. Apparently, he’s the lowest scum of a delinquent!”

“A delinquent you say?”

The blonde took on a look of bewilderment at this female student before her, she looked a little bit displeased with her.

“What you’re saying is that, the trump card of Tokiwadai, Misaka Mikoto found herself a delinquent boyfriend?”


From her sound, the girl doesn’t seem like she believed it as well.

“That delinquent would always rob students and he molested quite a few girls. That’s why his identity was so easily confirmed…”

“Is that so…”

The blonde girl thought for a bit before continuing.

“Retrieve information on that delinquent called Wu Yan and hand it to me!”


The young girl exited the room and closed the door leaving the blonde girl as the only one within the room.

The girl threw a bout of evil snicker after a bright idea dawned upon her. Her light sound rang in the dorm with nobody else but her…

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