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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 153: ITEM

“Next place to hit, here it is!”

The night is dark as it is windy. A certain research institute of Academy City found itself visited by the mastermind behind the chaos currently making the other specialized research firm scratch their heads out.

He stored away the mini computer he had in his hand inside his space ring. He stared at the research institute that is markedly bigger than the ones he had hit before. For some reason, he frowned.

Taking a step towards it, he stopped when his gut told him of an imminent danger. He lifted his head again to examine the research institute.

Just from its outwards appearance, it looked like a normal research firm. However, he believes in his intuition although it is only telling him to be on his guard and not really a sense of crisis…

Following that, he shook his head with a bitter smile. Regardless of whether or not a situation would rise, even if there are massive floods or savage beasts waiting inside, he would still have to go in!

It’s not only his hope to save the sisters, it’s also what Mikoto wants. He had already promised Mikoto, he also swore to save the sisters did he not?

After returning to Academy City, Mikoto would always think about the sisters and in all likelihood, if not for their already charted course and her deep trust in himself, she would probably had come here herself.

The date with Mikoto was also to comfort her and make her loosen up a bit. Although she looked like she’s not any different from her usual self, how could Wu Yan not notice how that girl is forcing herself to put on a show given her tendencies to put on a tough front?

Ma, even if the date eventually turned into a hook up session, the end had been achieved and Mikoto looked happy at least.

Next, this heist would lighten her load even more. That’s why even if Accelerator, Aiwass or Aleister might be waiting for him inside, he would still have to go in. The worst that might happen is one defeat, that’s all no biggie.

Touching the bio containment unit on his hand, one wouldn’t think that there’s more than a thousand misaka clones inisde.

But, this is still nowhere close to enough! There are still more sisters, so many more…

The dead sisters should be at least 10 times the number of the clones he had managed to store away.  The ones currently at risk of dying, and in fact some are dying by the day, those currently number almost close to 10 times the number of clones had saved as well. If he doesn’t save all of them and as a result of the upside down guy’s plan to leave some alive, they would still be treated as just another chess piece for that guy….

Mikoto will never allow this, Hinagiku won’t as well and he knows Ikaros and Astrea will not tolerate this either. He himself will absolutely not stand by and see this happen, not over his dead body!

With a flash of resolve, he stepped forward without looking back towards the research institute…

♦ ♦ ♦

With the cloak of invisibility on him, he moved forward while keeping his eyes out for the sisters. It’s a very easy task to locate the sisters given that they have the same esper ability as him in terms of EM manipulation.

Just by being close to the sisters, he can tell where they are and locate them!

However Wu Yan is currently very frustrated. His lv4 abilities at MAX, with EM field dispersed as far as possible returned no response. No positive response at all! There doesn’t seem to be any sisters in this research institute.

The feeling he had before coming here and the apparent disappearance of sister in this institute. Even if he was retarded, he realized by now how something is wrong here. At the same time, he stepped on a soft object, Instantly the alarm inside his head went off like mad. Without a shred of hesitation he retreated with haste from that spot. At almost the same time he pulled away a safe distance, the spot lit up in brilliant flare of light and followed closely by deafening boom. Rapid winds came assaulting him from the explosion site.

A bomb? Don’t tell me…

He recalled the figure and information of a certain person. Soon, he didn’t have the room to worry about those things. The alarm inside him kept ringing, telling him that he is not out of harm’s reach yet. He kept retreating backwards as a result!

Suddenly, a white laser shot out from the side of a wall hitting where he was just standing. The white pillar of laser gave him more certainty as to the identities of his attackers.

Lasers came out of the wall around him, forcing him to keep retreating and jumping around the place.

The lasers all but destroyed the pristine path he was walking in, it looked like a total ruin now. At a certain point, his body stopped moving backwards, that’s because there’s a wall behind him. A white laser came piercing through another wall and shot at him with intense speed. He managed to release lightning from his body at the nick of time and clad himself in it. The white laser came into contact with the raging lightning and exploded prematurely while releasing sparks!

The white laser had a force bigger than his lightning attack that stands only at lv4. Even if he mitigated it somewhat by pitting those 2 forces together, the residue force still hit him! Before the laser could hit him, an invisible dragon shaped armor appeared and covered Wu Yan in it. The white laser dissipated along with the invisible dragon shaped armor, the clash ended with the armor shaking a bit before both disappeared.

Through the hole in the wall created by the white laser, he saw his attackers…

Wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, slender and petite with a height of around 1.5m. She wore a beret, super mini pleated skirt and had pantyhose covering her delicate legs. It is a very cute little girl holding a stuffed doll!

Black shoulder length hair, a pink track suit, the girl looked lethargic. Her twin peaks were so bountiful it looked like they had gravity that would distort one’s sight towards it. It’s an expressionless young girl who looked like she needed more sleep.

Short brown hair in a bobcut, standing almost at the same height as the young blonde girl, she revealed those exquisite and slender legs of hers for all to see. It’s a hoodies wearing teenager who had a unique charm to her.

The last one stood in front of the three other girls. She had a very curvy figure and her breasts are very astounding by itself. She’s a girl that had wavy tea colored hair. She had a ball of white light orb spinning around in her hand, preparing to throw it at any given moment.

4 figures all with different shapes and sizes, he was rendered speechless when he saw them.

Frenda Seivelun: (level 55)

Takitsubou Rikou: (level 51)

Kinuhata Saiai: (level 58)

Mugino Shizuri: (level 67)

ITEM of Academy City’s dark side.

His heart slightly sunk and he can’t help bitterly laughing. He released a sigh of relief when he realized he’s not up against Accelerator or Aiwass, but he didn’t have any intention of relaxing. If it’s just solo fight, he has ample confidence on taking any one of them down! Even if they teamed up, Wu Yan had no reason to be afraid of them. The reason he is bitterly laughing is because this scenario was supposed to happen to Mikoto in the original work where she fought against ITEM in a research firm. Wu Yan almost thought for a second that he entered the plot of the story…

ITEM’s appearance is not a surprise to him. In the original work, the sisters couldn’t escape Aleister no matter what they did, but even then ITEM made their move. What’s more to say of their current status where Mikoto’s DNA are gone rendering further cloning of sisters impossible. The remaining sisters also kept disappearing. Given their critical role in Aleister’s plan to usher in an artificial heaven, he’s already pretty calm by not sending out Aiwass.

Although ITEM’s appearance made him vigilant, Mugino Shizuri’s strength is not that far from him and without his armaments, he would not dare say his chances of beating her. But Wu Yan’s more focused on Takitsubou Rikou who’s standing behind her.

This girl has the power to identify, record and track AIM diffusion field and if she used it on him, he would be fearful of the day he appears in her sights where he wouldn’t be able to hide in the Academy City anymore…

(Tl: potential clash with original setting here in this work. In Toaru, as long as she record someone’s AIM diffusion field, with the use of her ability she could theoretically track someone down even if he left the solar system, so it’s pointless whether or not Wu Yan does appear before her, if she had indeed recorded him, she can find him with ridiculous precision as seen by how Mugino Shizuri no scoped Mikoto in the original fight by relying on her ability to locate Mikoto enough that she can laser her from afar.

TL;DR lethargic big boobies girl can track your cheating ass anywhere you go so don’t go creeping.)

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