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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 151: The intertwining of two bodies within the darkness…

The cinema’s entrance is closed by now, perhaps out of consideration for the viewers watching movies here. Not that it would matter much for the audience here anyway. In fact, they would like the place to be even more obscured in darkness so that they can get busy…

Even so, Mikoto still felt a bit tense, fearful that someone might notice the freak they got going on over here. It doesn’t matter which girl, they would still be nervous when they’re in the same shoe as her. But of course, like a lot of things, there are exceptions to this rule as well….

The plot of the movie they are watching is progressing nicely. By nicely, it meant that the atmosphere in the cinema just got a lot hotter. Wu Yan admits that he’s really turned on and horny this time…

Something like bringing Railgun to watch an X-rated film and then cop some feel is something that he had never considered before… And yet look at where we are now…

While he is amazed at himself for being able to pull off something like this, he felt his arousal growing out of control. Since this is a rare instance where he can unleash the beast within, Wu Yan is not going to let things end as it is…

His hand increased its speed and Mikoto’s face twitched in response. Her breathing increased as well, as a result of that she let out a rather large moan after losing control. She looked around frantically to see if anyone might have heard her.

“Hah…. Hah… Yan… please stop…. stop… touching me there…. I’m begging you…”

Mikoto was already a person who didn’t have much guts for this kind of stuff, not to mention they are currently in public space having something like this being done to her. If not because of the jolts of pleasure that would come from her sex assaulting her and dismissing the shame she’s feeling, she might have already ran off a long time ago.

Being fondled like this, it seems that something had already slipped past her. She forgot that in terms of strength she’s superior to Wu Yan….

Seeing her honest begging, he felt a strange sense of satisfaction. Under normal circumstances, Mikoto is both gallant and badass, to get her to beg him like this would be something of an achievement in itself. It’s only in this particular area that Wu Yan can best Mikoto. It’s only between the sheets that he can see the sight of her moaning and gasping for air in a sexy and coy manner…

However, in every encounter of the sexual kind, it would always end with his victory, this time is no different. Her begging signified that her fighting strength is now in the negatives…

He increased the pace at which he played her, her words that were about to come out begging for him to stop were replaced by the intense feeling she’s currently enraptured in. She reflexively covered her mouth with 1 hand while pressing down on her skirt with another hand. The moisture in her eyes seemed to be getting even more intense.

Noticing this, he moved his other hand which was awaiting orders, towards her chest. He feeled around with light taps. Then, he started massaging her boobs through her shirt.


As Wu Yan got even bolder and bolder, the panic and embarrassment Mikoto’s feeling also maxed out. Her body shuddered and twisted in quick spasms as Wu Yan watched in a surprise seeing his being sprayed wet! Mikoto cummed prematurely!

“Ugh… uh…”

At this point, Mikoto finally got the chance to breathe. She put down the hand covering her mouth and revealed a very enticing glazed over look with her luscious lips parted in the most alluring of ways. She looked like a victim who almost drowned gasping for air, her chest heaved up and down.

He shook his head while grinning. He never thought she would react with such sensitivity in a public place. The movie isn’t even half finished. They still had a long time left…

After pulling out his hand from within Mikoto’s skirt, he could see traces of liquid on his hand reflecting light even in this dark environment. His hand looked like it was dipped in spring water, it had a warm moisture that moved him…

Sneering, he cast his sight on Mikoto who still looked out of it. He showed her his hand and waved it.

“Mikoto, you bad little girl, how can you cum just like that…”

She pain stakingly turned to look at his hand, her face couldn’t get any redder when she saw it. She glared at him because she didn’t know how to even respond in a situation like this, her plan was to act as tough as she could.

Mikoto is very pissed at the moment. She never thought he would bring her out to do something like this, going to an X rated film and then screwing around in public space, this all made her feel so embarrassed.

However, anyone who saw her flushed, wavering and sexy look wouldn’t think she’s throwing a tantrum. They would think she’s super hot, and that’s what Wu Yan thought.

His eyes became as hot as his heart did, he hugged a very shocked Mikoto. Before she can react, he reached around her back and under her armpit to cup his hands on her breasts. He then gave them a might session of fondling….


Her heart raced again, his caress instantly destroyed any strength she managed to recover from the brief moment of rest. She became mellow in his embrace, and so the sound of someone suppressing their moans rang yet again…

“Stop, I beg of you…”

Although she knew the futility of begging, Mikoto can’t stay silent just like that. She squirmed using that body that just won’t listen to her command, trying to get away from Wu Yan’s embrace only to find that her body disobeyed her. This made her feel a sense of self loath.

While continuing what he’s doing with his hands, he rubbed his face against that sweet smelling hair of hers. He then laughed before whispering into her ears.

“Why not, you already had your fill of feel good, I haven’t even had my turn yet…”

She stared at him with jaw dropped in shock.

She then stuttered as she continued.

“Don’t-Don’t tell me you want to do that kind of thing here…”

Sticking out his tongue, he licked his slightly dry lips.

“What’s the big deal, it’s so dark here it’s not like anyone can see it!”

The audience here are mostly here for the movie. Shameless individuals like Wu Yan who would bring a girl here to do this and that isn’t non-existent but they are still very rare. The spectators were busy watching the movie from the start until now. Also, right now is still daytime so they aren’t that much people who watches this movie at this kind of time anyways. The spectators are few and far between and the two of them are seated in an inconspicuous area of the cinema with no one remotely near them. Adding all that together with the fact that the atmosphere inside here is darker to suit the nature of the film they are watching, if people didn’t come close enough they really wouldn’t notice what Wu Yan and Mikoto are doing.

Even so, with Mikoto’s personality, she wouldn’t say yes to this kind of preposterous explanation…

“No! Only this is a big no!” Her heart raced and Mikoto didn’t bother hiding her panic. She pushed back with all her might to get away from Wu Yan.

With a squeeze of his hand, Mikoto lost all his strength while yelping with a “Nn”. He then tried persuading her by saying.

“Good good, just this one time okay? Mikoto.”

One could question just how serious he was with that last statement of his.

“Noo! Mmpphh~~~”

Her refusal was immediately followed by a moan. He stuck his hands inside her shirt and started going to town with her chest.

“Let me go please, Yan…”

Her skin is already taking on a red tinge. She’s so embarrassed she could die, just by thinking about what he’s going to do with her, she felt like taking a big bite out of the guy.

“Come on, do this for me please… Mikoto…”

With an excited expression, he did something that made Mikoto tremble. He used one of his hand to reach into her skirt and slowly stripped her of her panties.


She pressed down on her skirt but one thing is for certain. Her zest is all but gone now. Soon, accompanying a light yelp from Mikoto, two undergarments of hers got stripped away and into Wu Yan’s space ring it went.

He then lifted her like a doll and straddled her on top of himself with her facing him. She shook her head furiously, wishing that the guy would get the hint and spare him from his gun. Alas, Wu Yan had already made up his mind on this and with a thrust, he entered her!

“Ah! Mnnn~~”

Getting hit by electricity, she arched her back backwards with head thrown back like a swan being shot by arrow. She then buried her head on one of his shoulder and she didn’t have the face to lift it to face anyone anymore.

Releasing a light breath, he relished the heavenly feeling and then started a piston motion while holding onto her body.

Waves of muffled cries rang beside his ears like melody…

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