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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 150: Bringing Railgun to see X rated film

On a certain street in Academy City, everyone is currently watching a male and female wrestling for control over a bag in the middle of the street….

“Throw that thing away!”

Mikoto with her face flaring red tugged with all her might as she shouted at Wu Yan to let go. It looks she’s going to have that bag of stuff if it’s the last thing she does.

“Never! This is a very important item, how can you just throw it away just like that!”

Wu Yan tugged at it super hard as well, his face is saying over-my-dead-body. Strangely enough, even when a tier 7 and tier 8 is pulling on it at both sides, the bag didn’t get rip apart, it’s a miracle is what it is…

“Wh-what do you mean by important item… it’s clearly a lewd item!”

Mikoto puckered her lips and she looked both bashful and angry at the same time.

It’s true that maid uniforms and aprons has great attraction power on males including  Wu Yan. Mikoto isn’t against the two articles as well but just the thought of him buying it makes Mikoto wish to dispose of those items.

Mikoto knows full well that he doesn’t have any weird collector’s fetish or anything like that. If he did, he wouldn’t be able to hide it from her who had spent intimate nights with him. And yet, he bought it without a second thought, what she gleaned from this is that this guy is up to something.

And what’s the purpose of clothing? To be worn. And given that Wu Yan have no fetish of cross dressing, what else could it be bought for?

A very sinister idea came to her out of nowhere. The more she thought about it the more she is unsettled by it.

I hope he’s not buying it  to make me wear them…

Mikoto endured the shame inside her and asked him. What she got was a grim silence from Wu Yan. It as at that moment that she knew, her guess was spot on!

And thus, we have this scene before us…

“This thing isn’t obscene, it’s very lovely!”

Wu Yan said in a self justifying manner much to Mikoto’s fury.

“Who cares about your definition of… lovely. Anyway, throw those things away!”

The red color on her face had already spread down to her neck. Her heart raced at the thought of being asked to wear the uniforms at his request in the future.

She pulled with all she got. Meanwhile, Wu Yan embraced the bag to make sure she doesn’t get her hands on it while trying to persuade her.

“Mikoto, calm down. These things really cannot be thrown away just like that, I have big ideas for them…”

“Big- your head is big, aren’t you just going to use it for… for…”

Her temperature sky rocketed and this made her very agitated.

After getting to know him, she would blush from time to time. Even when she got harassed by Kuroko in all sorts of ways, she never blushed more than when is with Wu Yan. He’s truly the bane of her in this sense…

Distracted for just a moment, she felt emptiness within her hands and turns out Wu Yan had already managed to snatch it away and with a quick flip of the hand, he stored them away in his item ring without caring about what the spectators would think. He threw a smug grin at Mikoto.

“You… hand those things over this instant!”

She stomped in fury. How she wish she could make him croak like a frog with her lightning. Too bad though, he’s not afraid of her lightning…

Wu Yan smiled and without replying to her question or handing over the clothing, he said to her in a meaning full manner.

“Don’t worry, Mikoto. I will only use them in the most special of circumstances, and I will be the only viewer who can see it, no other persons can see you wear them so don’t worry too much about it!”

With the cryptic way he put it, why wouldn’t she know what he meant by that. The temperature of her face increased again, so red in fact that it’s almost purple. Looking at his grin, she felt so shy that she buried her head while uttering ‘Awu’, maybe because she didn’t have the face to see anyone now.

Thinking about sexy time under the blankets with Mikoto and Hinagiku in the clothing he bought, flames of passion burned within him. When he saw how bashful Mikoto was, he got even more turned on.

With a quick flash of light passing through his eyes, he sneered in a very sinister and odd way. Railgun saw this and got bewildered.

“Why are you smiling in such a tacky way…”

For some reason, Mikoto felt chills going down her spine. It’s as though something especially bad is going to happen.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.”

Wu Yan hurriedly stopped his sneering and then coxed her.

“Alright, on to the next station!”

Mikoto answered him and conveniently forgot all about the clothing.

“Next stop? Where?”

“It’s a date so of course one can’t do without a trip to the cinema right?”

Wu Yan grinned. Mikoto grew shy yet again and Wu Yan didn’t know what to say. It appears the word “date” is very effective against Mikoto….

There are a lot of cinemas in Academy City. The film they were watching gradually lost its restrain until finally it’s a nasty scene of meat slamming meat wrestling. (Tl:     电影院,很多地方都有,学园都市的 第 153 章 越来越肆无忌惮,到了后面,已经直接演上了肉搏战了。Raws had a disconnect around the start of Academy City where it said “…chapter 153 of Academy City got more and more out of control and finally it’s a close quarter melee .” If anyone got a raw that isn’t broken let me know and I will fix the line as possible, until then it’s a guess translation based on context)


Mikoto’s jaw dropped, she couldn’t recover her senses due to what she’s seeing. With her innocent tolerance, when had she ever experienced anything like this?

The information she is receiving through her eyes couldn’t compare to the shock she is experiencing inside. She just couldn’t believe the day would come when she would watch an X rated film!

Suddenly, a hot hand found its way on top of her thighs, her body flinched, she didn’t even need to think about the owner of this hand, she already knows who it is. It is also at this moment that she realized what Wu Yan was plotting.

She turned to him in anger and embarrassment but before she could give him a piece of her mind. She saw the passionate eyes of the culprit and her heart jumped, the words she had prepared for him turned into ashes…

Caressing her thighs, he would put pressure into it from time to time making her flinch lightly. By the way, her figure isn’t that great, she’s just a girl around 14-15 years old so there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t up to par compared to an adult.

But, he had this strange thing for her thighs. Her skin is smooth and had a very pleasant touch to it, her thighs could be said to be a value adding part on her body. This softcore stuff isn’t going to satisfy him and sure enough his fingers slid into Mikoto’s skirt!

“Uu… You…”

Mikoto pressed down on her skirt to stop the advance of his hand. She was so embarrassed she could die, yet at the same time, she could feel her heart wavering intensely. She never thought there would come a day where she would be getting into intimate interaction with her loved one in public places.

Wu Yan’s series of actions are practically a test to see where her boundaries are. Her embarrassment value is almost through the heavens at this point but it’s too late for regrets now…

His finger moved and ignored Mikoto’s attempt to stop it. Employing unknown means, he managed to bypass her biking shorts, her lovely panties and got in her most private of places….


She lowered her head when the sensation from her lower region registered in her mind, telling her that her vajayjay is being invaded. She pressed down her skirt in a fluster while moaning.

“Mwuh… Yan… pl-please don’t… at least…. at least…. not here…”

Stirred by Wu Yan, her eyes were already moist and she had a very charming glint in her eyes. She moaned in a low tone and she almost allowed herself to fall into the pleasure she’s feeling.

Getting fingered by him in a place like this, Mikoto felt very strange. Her nerves are practically on fire and her body seemed to be even more sensitive than usual. She both liked and is scared of these feelings, she could only beg and hope that he would stop.

But, stop? Is that even possible?

While the people around them are unaware, a series of beautiful tone undulated in the world where only the two of them existed…

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