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Everyone got stuck within this picturesque scene, unable to return to their senses


Wu Yan’s eyeballs almost popped out when he saw [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz] at half power got negated within an instant, this really is…

“It’s [Night Moon Flash]! (Tl:夜月1回闪 nightly moon flash? Moon at night flash?) ”

Outside the battlefield, Lulu screamed out loud like she had seen a ghost or something. It’s as though Fei Fei using this move is out of her predictions.

“Damn! To think the lowly commoner can make senpai use [Night Moon Flash]….”

Hughes glared at Wu Yan while gnashing his teeth so loud it’s audible.

“What a mystical attack…”

Praised Hinagiku since she too wields the blade to fight. Mikoto at her side nodded to her statement.

“Night moon… flash…”

Overhearing Lulu’s alarmed shout and these strange words, Wu Yan mumbled them out loud and then engraved this name inside him.

Fei Fei opened her eyes only to see a stunned Wu Yan, she sighed.

“Yan, you really are amazing, that sword beam of yours was very impressive, I don’t think I could have done anything against it in that situation without using [Night Moon Flash]….”

“[Night Moon Flash], a battle skill?”

Wu Yan asked while still deep in thought, it seems he’s still recalling the attack from before.

Fei Fei nodded.

“[Night Moon Flash], that’s my strongest battle skill, till this day, other than my mentor, nobody could pressure me into using this skill before. Of course, today that person has finally arrived…”

“Well that’s glorious.”

He smiled and then noticing that he’s still yet to recover, adjusted himself and put on his serious face.

“But, that really was an impressive battle skill…”

Wu Yan laughed after he settled his emotions.

“So impressive that I want to crush it!”

Fei Fei flinched. Not just her, everyone else also couldn’t help becoming stupefied. They never thought what he would say after seeing that skill would be those lines!

Hughes quickly recovered and sneered.

“Hmph, cocky little shit, saying those kind of things after having been through one instance of senpai’s [Night Moon Flash]. I’m not sure whether you’ve got balls or just plain arrogant. You think just because you won one round against her you’re some hot shit now?”

It’s reasonable that Hughes would think so. He and senpai’s mentor both had nothing but praises for her mastery over [Night Moon Flash]. It’s not something a lowly commoner can defend against much less crush!

Even Lulu started having doubts as she looked at Wu Yan. To be honest, after listening to Wu Yan’s declaration, Lulu is now looking forward to it.

The eyes Fei Fei used against Wu Yan changed. It looked like she’s praising and acknowledging him yet at the same time, she had some qualms about him. Opening those crimson lips of hers, she spoke.

“You, think you can do it?…”

Wu Yan laughed but he didn’t say anything in response. The air around him shook like they are being torn to shreds, the air turned into violent streams of air around him. Wu Yan lightly raised Nietono no Shana and instantly, like bees swarming to honey, they rushed towards the blade!

“Sa… How are you going to know if you haven’t tried?”

The torrential wind could be felt coming from the small blade. Fei Fei turned serious when she saw this. It’s clear to her after having witnessed the signs preceding his battle skill initiation that Wu Yan is not fucking around!

Noticing this as well, the spectators who watched him do this before firing his attack could tell he’s about to use the same technique only this time the phenomenon it conjured up seemed to be even more vigorous much to their surprise.

Wu Yan wasn’t using his full power during the previous attack!

The tier 6 who were the closest to Wu Yan and Fei Fei in strength lost their words. It’s not because they are ignorant as to the gap between themselves and tier 7 but because the battle in front of them had already exceeded their understanding from previous experiences.

It’s to be expected since the fight between Wu Yan and Fei Fei could be described as a duel between peak existences within tier 7!

As a level 68, Fei Fei who could use that ridiculously strong [Night Moon Flash] is expected to be able to perform at this kind of standards but for Wu Yan who is only level 65, it’s highly questionable if anyone at his level  other than him could have exhibited that kind of prowess!

Under the support of ‘Kendo Master’ and [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz], Wu Yan may very well be the top or second greatest within tier 7!


The surrounding dimmed again and day turned into night. In the dark night devoid of any color, a ray of moonlight descended which then turned into a beautiful milky way galaxy esque instance. But that manifested milky way had a luminous property to it that reminds one of moonlight!

It is currently undulating and revolving around Night Elf in Fei Fei’s hand like a rope giving the silvery surface of Night Elf a moon light glow…

“If that’s a letter of challenge, then I accept!”

Fei Fei raised Night Elf along with the milky way churning around it as she looked at Wu Yan sharply. She herself didn’t even realize that under her serious countenance, there exists a heart that’s jumping in joy.

“This, is the final one!”

Wu Yan lifted Nietono no Shana tinged in red and pointed it towards Fei Fei. The ozone around him streamed into the sheen around it making it even more radiant and strong!

One side is bringing down the glory of the night while the other bears raging wind and fire. Pitted against each other, both side displayed their power!

“Good luck!”

Lulu forgot about her original intention. When she saw them, she couldn’t help cheering for them. She felt pretty proud having friends and family who are so awesome.

Hughes, Tigre and Grey gulped. Although they each had their own internal thought, what they couldn’t deny however is that they are all looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen next.

“Ikaros, Mikoto, if it gets dangerous, immediately assist him!”

Hinagiku said towards the other two without turning around as she kept her eyes on the battlefield.

Ikaros didn’t say anything but her iris had already turned deep red, if she finds Wu Yan in a precarious situation, she will rush there and stop the battle at once. With a fight between tier 7 peaks, only tier 8 Ikaros and Mikoto could put a stop to it.

“That jerk, can’t he rein himself in a little, isn’t he afraid of dying at all?”

Mikoto grumbled while gnashing her teeth.. Her tea colored eyes however stayed fixed on the battlefield.

The two individuals at the field didn’t have the spare margin to mind what is going on outside. In a way, the two had already fired themselves up gradually until they are now at a situation where both will be using full power against each other1

If they can’t fight as they wished, to them and to the others, would indeed be a damn shame…

“Come! Yan!”

Fei Fei shouted fervantly, her battle intention clearly through cloud nine!”

“As you wish!”

Wu Yan roared and stepped forward before initiating a straight rush towards Fei Fei. Along the way, the very air itself trembled and dust settled themselves. Nietono no Shana shining bright red tore the air and brought with it a great gale. When Wu Yan swung it, they surged forth!

Fei Fei lowered her head and she shouted her battle cry before charging at Wu Yan as well. Like the empress of the night, the color of night followed her every movement, so too did the moonlight dance to her every moment. Her Night Elf hummed in excitement.

In an instant that seemed like an ternity the two met reached the centre and looked straight at each other before swinging their blades which are coated with moon light and sword beam at each other!

The whole place fell silent and lost its inherent noise. And then….


Silver and red light filled everyone’s eyesight. Between heaven and earth, only these 2 colors remained. The boom that could rupture eardrums exploded a second after the calm before!


Countless spectators raised their hands in pain to cover their ear in the effort to ease the noise assaulting them. Soon however, even their hands couldn’t shield them!

Raging shock waves in the form of blasts of air came, and with it they carried dust towards the spectators. They wanted to block with their hands but they felt helpless because who’s going to shield their ears from the deafening explosion?!

Shit was mad scary!

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