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What the hell happened?

Such was the thought every spectator had. Fei Fei clearly held the advantage before, how did she get sent flying backwards? It looked like Wu Yan managed to pull a one up on her?

Everyone here are very curious as to what happened just now. Only Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros didn’t look like they had any confusion.

“Sister Fei Fei’s dou qi sword beam, what power…”

Wu Yan can definitely attest to the substance behind that sword beam for this is not the first time he has encountered one. Back in the site where they were tresasure hunting, Wu Yan saw Kalas’ [bloody soul slash] and the subsequent dou qi sword beam.

Fei Fei’s dou qi sword beam couldn’t match up if compared to Kalas’ tier 8 dou qi sword beam but her sword beam could be described as peerless within tier 7.

Maybe she heard Wu Yan mumbling to himself, Fei Fei explained.

“This is my unique technique,  compared to normal sword skills my mastery over my dou qi sword beam is better than my mastery over my dou qi.”

Listening to her, Wu Yan nodded having understood it to be her talent. She could excel amongst tier 7 just by her deft skills in using sword beams.

One could see this just by observing how the sword beam were only made of dou qi to form a dou qi sword beam as opposed to a dou qi sword beam from firing off a battle skill.

Between battle skill and pure dou qi, which one could damage more should obviously be the former of the two!

“Well then, my turn to ask questions…”

Fei Fei looked at Wu Yan with her beautiful eyes as she asked him curiously.

“What did you use to block my dou qi sword beam and push me away?”

That’s right, after Fei Fei fired her dou qi sword beam, Wu Yan seemed to have used an unknown method to instantly dispell her dou qi sword beam and the residue force even sent her flying.

“Oh? Sister Fei Fei didn’t get a good look at it just now?”

Wu Yan asked in bewilderment albeit faked and totally tongue in cheek before smirking.

“Well then, I just have to use it one more time then! Make sure to take a good long look at it!”

Wind blew and everyone could see the air around Wu Yan being distorted into currents of air as they streamed towards Nietono no Shana in his hands.

Fei Fei tensed up and she grabbed her Night Elf and faced Wu Yan. She had a panicking sense brewing, she could feel the sword in his hand becoming even more dangerous as time ticks by.

The currents streamed towards the blade and then twirled around the blade. As more and more currents of air flowed to the blade, there was a brief stop and all the currents got sucked into Nietono no Shana.

With a humming sound, Nietono no Shana shook and began brightening up with a red tinge. Sparks jumped from the blade and then went back inside the blade before a crimson sheen dyed the blade into a radiant blade!

“Dou qi sword beam!”

Fei Fei gasped at the irregular form of the blade. She didn’t think dou qi sword beam was the cause of the cancelling of her own dou qi sword beam.

Shortly after the little surprise, she got excited. She was the one who would suppress the opposition with her masterful use of dou qi sword beam, but surprise surprise, today’s the day where she got curbed by the very same approach she used against others, what a refreshing experience…

“Let me see just how great your dou qi sword beam is then!”

Fei Fei took a stance and willed the dou qi in her to churn into motion. She’s not Wu Yan, she didn’t have the confidence to block a dou qi sword beam with just her bare body in its way. At least she didn’t know….

Seeing that Fei Fei insists on receiving his [Chaotic Return toHorizon Waltz], he felt helpless. How can anyone receive the full brunt of [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz], it’s way stronger than her dou qi sword beam…

Subconsciously, Wu Yan  reduced the power of [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz] by about 50% and he drew the blade. With a wave of his hand, he slashed the air.

In that instant, the red sheen on Nietono no Shana turned into a round crimson arc, it leveled the air and split the ground. The force shattered the debris and it made its way towards Fei Fei in the form of what seems to be a round red light arc!

With [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz] closing in on her, Fei Fei knew she couldn’t block it like Wu Yan did so she clenched her teeth and Night Elf took on a familiar glow.

Dou qi sword beam!

She used her Dou qi sword beam against Wu Yan’s [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz]. Her sword beam flew towards the oncoming red sword beam.


When the two sword beam made contact, a loud boom could be heard, the boom repeated continuously and noticeably as the two sword beams grind against each other.

“A… Amazing!”

Said Lulu amazed by how she’s not of the same flock as the combatants.

Everyone nodded to her sentiment. A battle between tier 7 supers is truly terrifying. Though they stood a good distance away, they could still feel the intensity of the battle between the two.

The stalemate between sword beams didn’t last long as a boom even louder than before rang and a sword beam got shattered.


The sword beam didn’t dim one bit as it bulldozed its way towards Fei Fei who is quite surprised at what she is seeing!

“Oh god!”

Seeing such a terrible attack makingi ts way over to a “helpless” looking Fei Fei, many girls couldn’t hold themselves back from shrieking. Some men couldn’t watch what is going to happen and they closed their eyes like they are afraid of seeing the gory aftermath.

“Victor has been determined…”

Some individuals with passable strength silently muttered to themselves when they saw this.

At this critical point, a light of resolve flashed behind Fei Fei’s eyes like she had made up her mind on something. Under everyone’s eyes, she closed her eyes!

Everyone made a big fuss again. To them, her act of closing her eyes meant that she gave up and only two people got shocked by what they are seeing.


Lulu was stupefied. Her cute mouth turned into a big ‘O’ like she couldn’t believe what is happening. Besides her, Hughes also had the same expression!

“Don’t tell me senpai is going to use that move?”

Hughes had various emotions: surprise, admiration, frustration, disbelief, malice towards Wu Yan and various other complex stuff mixed into his expression when he said that line.

“What is she doing?”

The thought that was going through Wu Yan, Hinagiku and Mikoto.

Against [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz], Fei Fei relaxed her body as if the onocming attack isn’t any more lethal than a slight breeze. She completely dismissed the threat.

She held her blade in one hand and the other drew a circle in the air. She looked like she is dancing as she stood on her toes and swung Night Elf lightly in front of her…

A swing which made heaven and earth silent!

The surrounnding turned dim like it had lost its colors. Everyone felt their vision dimming and eventually complete darkness. Meanwhile, [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz] still made its fiery way towards Fei Fei.

And, a light like the milky way’s brilliance which resembled moonlight even more appeared. Carried by its own beautiful silvery glow, it met up with the round red light arc!

Moonlight and sword beam met oddly without any sound or shockwaves. Like water meeting water, they merged, intertwined and joined together….

It seemed so simple!

[Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz] got dissolved like salt in water until slowly it completely turned into starlight and disappeared along with the moonlight…

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