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Chapter 134
Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 134: Astonishment! They are tier 8 supers?

The sky is no longer blue and the earth lost its cover. At this moment, between heaven and earth there exist only red and silver. The two colors shone brightly.


The wind filled with grit hit everybody, making them tumble around. They yelped in pain whenever debris hit them but they had no way of defending themselves since their hands are still required to cover their ears.

The sound of the collision between[Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz] and [Night Moon Flash] was so loud in intensity that if they didn’t cover their ear, their eardrums would most likely rupture.

The same could not be said of those magicians and warriors who had cultivated either magic power or dou qi. They channeled their respective power to block the aftermath hitting them, namely the wind filled with various types of debris. They could channel all their power and it still can’t reduce the effect on their startled heart!

Nobody kept track of how long before the winds finally died down. The loud boom also stopped tormenting the ears of the spectators as evidenced by the haggard looking spectators who got up slowly…

Some were apparently traumatized as they looked up and around before turning their attention towards the battlefield. At the same time, shock and terror made their way onto their faces.

The individuals that should still be there had disappeared as did the ground that some moments ago was still a battle ground. Countless debris and loose rock laid there in their position. Inside a 5 meter in diameter hole!

The spectators looked at each other. They looked at the person standing closest to them in an odd sense of familiarity. They all looked stupefied….

Lulu, through some unknown method managed to survive through the shock wave in one piece relative to the other spectators. Her attire isn’t blemished in the least. However, she stared blankly at the scene in front of her and she slowly felt a sense of fear climbing up.

“Where are they? Where’s Yan? And sister Fei Fei? Where did they go?”

Lulu looked like a mannequin with her soul lost as she panicked and shouted out loud. She’s afraid that the two who were very significant existences to her would have obliterated each other leaving nothing behind.

Nearby, nobody look like they are going to come and console her.  Perhaps they too, felt that Fei Fei and Wu Yan got killed by that terrible collision of attacks.

Lulu clenched her teeth and scanned the battleground hoping she can catch a glimpse, if any, of the figures. As time passed followed by constant silence, she felt despair within her rising up.

“Don’t worry, they are fine!”

Like a breeze, a soft soung rang beside Lulu’s ear. Her words made Lulu’s eyes brighten up. With a face filled with hope she looked towards the direction of the voice and saw a very pretty pink haired girl who brought along a very cute little blonde girl walking towards her.

“Is that true? Then where are they?”

Lulu said anxiously. The expression she showed was meek but it elicited a sense of cordiality in Hinagiku towards her. She then spoke to her like she’s trying to console a little kid while pointing at a certain direction.

“Look, they are over there!”

Everyone looked towards the direction she’s pointing at but they could only see rocks and more rocks in that direction, no human in sight.

Then they looked at her with suspicion and confusion mixed in…

“Why don’t you guys look closer gosh!”

Hinagiku said with a bit of exasperation and amusement. She felt helpless being looked at like she’s some kind of scammer.

Everyone then got serious and vig

orously looked around and soon someone yelled in surprise.

“Look over there!”

In a very inconspicuous corner of the area, behind a boulder, they could see a black wall and a crystalline wall that seems to be made of translucent blue colored material.

As the people wondered what it is, the black wall started breaking apart slowly and everyone instantly got a better look at those black particles…

The blue crystal wall broke apart the same time the black wall did. And soon, the main instigators that caused all this destruction, Wu Yan and Fei Fei appeared in front of the masses!

“Yan! Sister Fei Fei!”

Lulu shouted as she ran over towards the two. She looked so happy that Hinagiku can’t help smiling. This girl is just too cute…

Lulu still running, abruptly stopped. Her eyes popped out slightly when she saw what was behind Wu Yan and Fei Fei, she then screamed.

Surprised, the spectators running over felt their heart jump. Of course, very soon they too popped their eyes out as if they saw their dead ancestors…

Hinagiku could only smile bitterly…

It’s not because they are freaking out over little things. Although the events that unfolded today may very well have used up all the surprise they had this lifetime. They still can’t help feeling astonishment.

Heavens, is that an angel?…

That’s right, why everyone jaw dropped was because of Ikaros!

The blue wings behind her hovered up and down while she stayed in the air as if suspended by an invisible force. Her pure white halo  made her look that much more holy and beautiful!

Some were stupefied thinking this is god’s way of telling them their good deeds didn’t go unnoticed and so angels were sent to ‘visit’ them. Some went a bit bonkers, they felt like they had no more regrets in this life…

Maybe she didn’t like the attention she’s getting, Ikaros flapped her wings once and they returned to a pink wing while her halo disappeared. Her red eyes became their usual emerald color.  What she didn’t know however is that this appearance resembled an angel even more than when she entered sky queen mode.

“Master, are you alright…”

Within Ikaros’ arms is Wu Yan. At the moment, he’s looking a bit pale as he weakly laid in her arms while bitterly laughing.

“A… I’m fine… just feeling weak is all, don’t worry about it…”

He shook his head while wryly grinning. How can he not? He overdid it this time…

Just the shock wave from the aftermath and he already used up all his strength to defend. If it were not for Ikaros opening her absolute defense barrier to cover him, feeling a bit weak is the least of his worries…

“Serve you right!”

Mikoto put down a similarly pale Fei Fei who leaned onto her before this. She didn’t hold back in her scolding. When she saw Wu Yan didn’t really got hurt, she looked like she heaved a sigh of relief.

“sister Fei Fei!”

Lulu finally recovered from her initial shock and came running to Fei Fei’s side while supporting her. She had tears in her eyes. When Fei Fei saw how she looked, Lulu’s eyes seemed to suggest an image of a cockroach that won’t die even after going through massive battlefields overlapping her. Her original feeling of fatigue worsened.

She then shook her head in a downcast manner as she thanked Mikoto.

“Thank you for rescuing me!”

“Don’t… don’t worry about it…”

Mikoto scratched her cheeks awkwardly. Seeing her shy and stuttering made Fei Fei laughed subconsciously, she felt somewhat closer to Mikoto now.

“And you, why did you fight so damn hard?”

Hinagiku walked up to Wu Yan and said in an upset manner as she casted a glare on Wu Yan. Wu Yan turned his head the other way in discomfort as he tried to dryly laugh it off.

Lulu confirmed that Fei Fei is okay and returned to her bubbly appearance. She then curiously looked at Ikaros and ran to her front before staring at her wings.

“Ne, Miss, are those wings on you? Are you an angel?”

The passionate attitude made Ikaros a loss at what to do. She went to Wu Yan’s side and stayed silent. Seeing this, Wu Yan laughed and interrupted them.

“It seems we can’t tell who is the winner this time!”

“That is true…”

Fei Fei felt regretful and satisfied at the same time as she said.

“But Yan, you are really impressive!”

“The feeling’s mutual…”

Wu Yan smiled as he replied. Fei Fei also smiled before lookingat Ikaros and Mikoto. Her eyes steeled up.

“Well I will be damned, the two misses here are tier 8 supers, I couldn’t tell at first…”

Her sentence instantly caused a stir.

The sense of surprise in the crowd that should have dulled after so many instances erupted once more!

Looking at the beautiful and holy Ikaros, they then looked at the gallant and bossy looking Mikoto. The crowd became rowdy.

They are tier 8 supers?

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