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Leaving Town (1)

"Now, we need to study the details of this mission. This mission might be the most difficult mission of our lives. Get your head in the game, there will be no room for mistakes!!" 

"Yes, Ma'am!!" 

The Coldblood Thirteen Eagles had begun operations, taking advantage of the Coldblood Group's influence to make preparations. 

Without Coldblood Group's name, this mission would have been almost impossible! 

Who would've thought Vermillion Bird Empire's Coldblood Group would assassinate their very own kingdom's Princess Longji?

"Little brat, why aren't you anxious? Have you killed anyone before?" Coldblood Five watched Ye Lang, who was still his carefree self as if nothing happened. 

"Killed anyone? Many. You'll be killed if you don't kill, there is no room for softness and pity out there," said Ye Lang mildly. When he was escaping from the Soaring Sky Empire, especially during the battle near the palace, he had killed many people without mercy. 

And it was at this critical moment, the brat seemed to have completely transformed into a man! 

"Oh, then that's good. Remember to not show mercy, do it quick and clean. Showing mercy to enemies is the same as being cruel to yourself!!" Coldblood Five nodded, reminding him to not show mercy. She liked this part of Ye Lang.

"I know. I will kill Princess Longji, don't worry!" said Ye Lang solemnly. 

"I still don't understand something. Why did you accept this mission? Based on your personality, you should've rejected it!" Although Coldblood Five and Ye Lang hadn't known each other for long, she knew him well enough. 

After looking around, Ye Lang put his lips close to her ears, and breathed, "Let me tell you something, don't tell anyone. This is the last mission I'll ever be in, and the only one. After this, I will leave! I have other things to do!!" 

Hearing Ye Lang's voice, feeling his warm breath made Coldblood Five's ear itch a little. She had a feeling she'd never felt before, something rising deep from her heart. And at that moment, her face turned very red!

However, she still heard Ye Lang, instantly forgetting the feeling. 

"What?! You're leaving? You mean you'll leave right after completing this mission?" based on his personality, she could easily guess his next move. 

If Ye Lang said he wanted to leave, then he wouldn't ever return. He must be using his mission as an opportunity to escape! 

"Mm!" Ye Lang nodded, with no intentions to hide his plans. 

He didn't feel the need to hide from Coldblood Five. He knew she wouldn't tell a soul. Then again, it wouldn't matter if she did because no one could stop him. 

"Where do you want to go?" asked Coldblood Five. 

"I.. I want to go to Sheng City. I wanted to go to the Tiger Tribe Lands, but I was brought here! This time I must have someone to guide me there, or I'll get lost again," Ye Lang was serious. Even he felt that if he got lost again, he would never reach his destination. 

Ye Lang had been thinking about going to visit Tigress first, although it is a little late, or to go to Sheng City first, which will be on the way. 

Now that he was in Vermilion Bird Empire, he had to plan a whole different route. Since Sheng City was in the middle of the Tiger Tribe Lands, he wanted to visit Sheng City first. 

He only wanted to visit Sheng City for a while. He wouldn't be staying to wait for the competition to begin. 

Although Coldblood Five knew how clueless Ye Lang could be, she couldn't imagine how he could make such a mistake. One place was in the North and the other was South! 

"What will you do in Sheng City?" asked Coldblood Five, pretending to not care. From her eyes, you could see just how much she cared. 

"I will meet my sisters there for a while, then get someone from the tribal lands. Then I will attend a boring ranking competition between schools," answered Ye Lang. He didn't hide anything either, telling her everything. 

With this information, it would be easy if Coldblood Five ever wanted to look for Ye Lang. Even if she didn't know his identity, she'd still be able to find him! 

After listening to him, Coldblood Five was relieved. She didn't need to pretend anymore! 

"About that... Teacher, can I watch?" asked Little Zero weakly. 

She liked to call Ye Lang 'teacher'. Ye Lang didn't seem to care either. He didn't mind being called a teacher, nor did he mind having another student. He just didn't want to teach!

Anyone could be his student, but he wouldn't teach them! 

"Sure, as long as you can enter!" replied Ye Lang airily, "However, you'll be captured if you enter looking like this. It's best you change into something else!"

Sheng City was a city of peace and harmony. Organisations associated with crime, like Coldblood Group, were banned from the region.

"I will wear something more normal. I'll enter as myself," nodded Little Zero. She'd forgotten something. Shouldn't she tell him the name she'd be using, or how she would look like? Then how would Ye Lang recognise her? 

Of course, Ye Lang didn't notice! 

Then again, it didn't matter if they didn't meet there. Little Zero only wanted to watch the competition from afar, she didn't need to be near Ye Lang. 

"Perhaps I will go too!" interjected Coldblood Five. Perhaps. If she were to recover, then she would have a lot to do. 

If that happened, she wasn't sure if she would still want to maintain such a close relationship with Ye Lang! 

Perhaps she was afraid of knowing…

An assassin shouldn't get too friendly with anybody. An assassin should maintain his/her cold-blooded state, never affected by anything or anyone!! 

"Oooh, come meet me if you're coming! All expenses on me!" offered Ye Lang. He had always been very generous. The more he spent, the happier he was. 

"Relax, if I were to go, I would definitely look for you. I wouldn't have anything else to do!" said Coldblood Five. She had forgotten to ask for his contact. 

Coldblood Group members were not used to socialising or networking. They never asked anyone even for their phone numbers. 

If they ever went out, someone would have made the necessary arrangements, they never had to think of anything! 

And that was how the three of them made a promise, a promise that will soon cause many problems and funny moments! 

DOGE's notes:

side note: Sheng City means Saint City. 

henlo! hope you liked this chapter :) 

bork wishes, 


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