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Now Sun Qiang doesn't look arrogant anymore. Instead, he seems so sad.

He didn't believe what Li Yong said before but out of curiosity, he returned home to check his body, which gave him a great blow.

As Li Yong said, there are black spots around his genitals and he feels a little pain when pressing them. But it is not what he comes here for. He went to the hospital.

He was told that he was diagnosed with syphilis. And his private part has to be removed immediately. Otherwise, the black spots will get more and cover the whole body. He could even die if it gets worse.

Sun Qiang was freaked out and left the hospital fast. By all means, he found Li Yong eventually.

Without doubt, these rich second generations are awesome. If they want to find somebody, wherever he is, they can find him anyway. Han Fei and Sun Qiang are the best proof.

Li Yong knows Sun Qiang will turn to him, but he doesn't see that coming so soon.

Watching Sun Qiang so miserable, he doesn't want to make it harder on him. He shows him the handcuffs and says, "I really want to help you, but you see, I can do nothing with this."

It is then that Sun Qiang notices the handcuffs on Li Yong's hands. He looks to the two policemen and scolds them, "You wanna get into trouble? Open the handcuffs!"

The policemen go into a rage instantly. They are doing their business and never get scolded by anyone. One of them shouts back, "Boy, none of your business. If you dare say one more word, I'll have you arrested for obstructing officers on duty."

"Fine, you guys wait here." It is only two policemen. Sun Qiang will not give a shit on them. He nods angrily and starts to make a call.

When he is put through, he keeps wailing as if he was bullied by the two policemen. Nobody knows who is on the other side of the phone until Sun Qiang gets excited all of a sudden. He passes his phone to one of the policemen and says, "Your supervisor wants to talk to you."

The policemen are shocked but Sun Qiang doesn't look like bluffing. The policeman takes the phone. Upon hearing the voice from the phone, he suddenly stands as straight as a pole and keeps nodding his head.

Finally, the call is over. The policeman wipes out the sweet on his forehead and says with a flattering smile to Sun Qiang, "Mr. Sun, please forgive me. I'm sorry for being too ignorant to recognize you. We will release him right now."

Saying so, he immediately opens Li Yong's handcuffs.

Of course, he has to behave like that. The call just now is from the Director General of the Public Security Bureau, who orders them to do as Sun Qiang asks to as long as no one dies.

Sun Qiang is really anxious at the moment and has no mood to care about the policemen. He gives them a gesture and asks them to leave, "Get out of my sight. I am freakingly busy now."

The two policemen feel alive again and hurry away in their car.

Sun Qiang looks towards Li Yong and begs vexedly, "God, please save me. I don't want to be a eunuch."

"No worries. I can fix you, but before that, I'm afraid you have to do one more thing for me." Li Yong says to him with a smile. He suddenly feels Sun Qiang is kind of adorable for what just happened.

Sun Qiang dare not refuse him at all and asks, "Sure, tell me. I'll do anything for you."

"It's a piece of cake for you." Li Yong shakes his head and continues to say, "You see, someone is making trouble for me, and I cannot just let go of it easily."

Revenging on others is the favorite thing of Sun Qiang. He readily agrees on Li's request, saying, "God, just tell me who he is and I will kick him out of Zhonghai City."

Without hesitation, Li Yong tells him it is Wang Jiandong. To be honest, he doesn't like Wang Jiandong at all, but he means no harm to the man. Now that Wang wants to trouble him, he will make trouble for him too.

For Sun Qiang, Wang Jiandong is nothing. He makes a quick phone call, which determines the miserable fate of Wang Jiandong. There will be no place for him in Zhonghai City no matter what.

After making the call, Sun Qiang asks politely, "God, could you please cure me now?"

"Sure." Li Yong nods with a smile and then sits down beside the medical cabinet. He takes out a pen and a sheet of paper. When he is about to write, he looks up and says, "Oh right, my name is Li Yong. Stop calling me God."

"Okay. Then I'll call you Yong." Sun Qiang nods his head hard, praying that Li Yong can heal him.

Li Yong doesn't say a word afterwards and then write down the first level of the mental cultivation method on the paper. He gives it to Sun Qiang and tells him, "practice as it says, and then you will be cured."

He could've cured Sun Qiang on his own but on thinking of helping a man with this kind of illness, he feels disgusting and chooses to give Sun the method instead.

Sun Qiang takes the paper and glances over the words, asking doubtfully, "Yong, just it?"

"What else do you think you need?" Li Yong answers impatiently and points to the paper, saying, "Do not look down upon it. After you practice it, you will know what good it brings you. Besides, you can never let others know about this. If you do, you will be in big trouble then."

Li Yong has to say so. After all, effective as the mental cultivation method is, it would be a disaster if someone evil gets it.

"Yes, I know." Sun Qiang nods his head hastily. Seeing Li Yong so serious about it, he has to believe what he says then.

"Okay, now go home to practice. I'm busy now." Li Yong waves his hand and asks him to leave.

Sun Qiang is also anxious to go back and hastens away.

Li Yong locks the door and leaves for the apartment. It has been late after so many things. The clinic is not yet furnished and he cannot sleep over there.

Though he is not willing to, he has to stay at the apartment for another night.

He gets some money from the ATM machine on the way. He may not go back again for a while, so he has to pay the rent first.

When he arrives at the ground floor of the apartment, Li Yong grabs a bite nearby and then goes to the 6th floor. When he passes the door of Zhang Yurong's house, the door is opened and Zhang comes out.

Due to what happened this morning, Zhang Yurong is still burned up. When she sees Li Yong, she purposely looks away and is about to leave without saying hi.

Li Yong cannot help feeling embarrassed. Seeing Zhang Yurong's indifferent attitude, he believes it is better for him to leave anyway. He shouts at her out loud, "Ms. Zhang, I come here to pay you back the rent. By the way, I've found another place to live and will move out tomorrow."

Zhang Yurong turns back and glares at Li Yong, yelling to him hard, "Li Yong, what do you mean?"

Saying that, Zhang Yurong starts to shed tears from her beautiful eyes. She is so upset and sad. She has been left alone at home for long by her husband. Today, she was so close to having relationship with Li Yong but now he wants to leave her too.

She gets even angrier and stares at Li Yong, "Li Yong, what do you mean? Are you afraid that I will meddle with you so you are hastening to run away?"

Heavens! Li Yong is afraid indeed, but he is not afraid of what she says. Instead, he is afraid that he may lose control, so he has to hide from her then.

But he didn't know Zhang Yurong would think this way.

Watching Zhang Yurong crying like that, Li Yong feels so sorry. Her life is already not easy and he should even make it worse. What an awful person he is!

With deep feelings of guilt, he tries to explain, "Ms. Zhang, it's not like what you think. I just opened a clinic somewhere else and I have to look after it. That's why I have to move out."

"You open a clinic? Hah…" Zhang Yurong smiles with a sense of contempt and waves her hand impatiently, "Fine, do whatever you like. Just give me the rent."

It is no wonder Zhang Yurong doesn't believe what he says. Li Yong was still worried about the rent of only 800 yuan, and now he claims to have a clinic. Nobody will believe him.

After all, the house price of Zhonghai City is not cheap at all. It costs at least tens of thousands of yuan to rent a place for clinic operation. How can a person like him afford it?

Li Yong falls into a dilemma. He does want to move out but he does not want to be misunderstood by Zhang Yurong, he explaining that, "Ms. Zhang, I'm serious. The clinic is at the industrial area. You can come with me to see if it is for real."

Without much thinking, he grabs Zhang Yurong's hand then.

"Enough!" Zhang Yurong gets off him and bursts into shouting, "Li Yong, is it funny to you? I will never beg your ass no matter how low I become. Please leave. Now!"

Shouting out loud, Zhang Yurong pushes Li Yong towards downstairs.

Li Yong really wants to explain. Even if he moves out of here, he doesn't want to lose a friend. Maybe it is because of his loser-like thinking. After all, Zhang Yurong is pretty.

Nevertheless, he cannot give any explanation while Zhang Yurong is acting like that. He takes out a pile of money and put it on the windowsill, saying in a serious tone, "Ms. Zhang, let's talk later."

Zhang Yurong is so angry that she grabs the money and throws it towards him.

Li Yong is frightened and dare not stay for any longer, hastening to leave quickly.

After he is far away, Zhang Yurong sheds bitter tears again. Her heart is filled with sorrow and grievance. She picks up the money with tears on her face and walks towards her house.

Actually, she understands it's not Li Yong's fault. After all she is married, it makes sense that he cannot lay his hand on her, but she is really upset and has nobody she can turn to. Hence, the only one she can rage against is him.

Li Yong runs downstairs and then looks up with a helpless face. It looks like he cannot return to his apartment tonight and he has to find another place, which bothers him a lot.

It is still early in the night. He stops worrying about the current trouble and walks towards the bar street.

This is Li Yong's favorite place. Sitting beside the bar counter, he is allowed to appreciate the beauties twisting their body on the dancing floor, which is quite an enjoyment for him. If he is lucky enough, he may hit on a gorgeous lady and get laid.

But he was so poor before and could only come here every several months. Now he is rich, he can have a great time and relax.

He knows how to get there very well. It takes him less than 15 minutes to arrive at the bar. Just when he is about to go inside, someone jumps from behind and taps his shoulder, exclaiming, "Li Yong, I didn't know you would come here. What good taste you have!"

Hearing the quirky talk in such a familiar voice, Li Yong immediately realizes who it is without a guess.

He turns back only to see Han Fei standing beside him with great excitement.

Except that Han Fei has changed her pretty and pure look now. She is wearing a pair of black shorts that can barely cover her lean legs and a black top which almost covers the G points only.

Her flat and tender belly as well as the ample bosoms are completely presented.

It has to say that a beautiful lady always looks good whatever she wears, especially for such a beauty like Han Fei. Dressed like this, she doesn't look less pretty; instead, she seems wilder and sexier.

Stared by Li Yong, Han Fei can't help feeling a bit proud, saying in a thrilling voice that, "Stop drifting off. Let's go inside."

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