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T/N: I was starting to wonder if the author had forgotten about Li Mo’s hunting dog, Big Black.

Chapter 73 – Clothes Fitting

Li Hua waited outside by the doorway for a long time before lightly knocking on the door and asking, “Are you done changing?”

“Ah, yeah, wait a sec.” Li Man hurriedly stuffed the undergarment halter top and matching bottom beneath the other clothes, then she took a few deep breaths to calm herself before opening the door.

Once the door was opened and Li Hua saw that she was still wearing her old clothes, he somewhat dejectedly asked, “Why didn’t you change?”

“Ah…” Li Man avoided making eye contact and loudly laughed. “I tried them on. They were a good fit. That, umm, thank you.”

“Really?” Li Hua didn’t believe her. His eyes remained focused on her face. The redness hadn’t faded from her cheeks yet. Being stared at like this, her rosy cheeks went back to a flaming red.

“Yes, really.” Even Li Man could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks. She silently scolded herself for being useless. She had already transmigrated, so why hadn’t she gotten over her tendency of blushing at the drop of a hat?

Li Hua had originally been a bit dismayed. He had thought that she didn’t like him, but he became amused when he saw her reaction. Her little face was becoming redder and redder, and her gaze was darting to the sides like she was a small rabbit. It was obvious that she was flustered and didn’t know what to do, but she was still putting on a pretense of being calm.

“It’s good that those clothes fit you well,” he said.

Why did he have to phrase it like that? Li Man thought of that undergarment halter top. Could he guess her bust measurement just by looking? Gah, no, why were her thoughts going in that direction… Li Hua was a pure-minded teenager. He was just asking about the clothes and didn’t have any ulterior motives.

“I’m going to go do laundry, right, the laundry -” Ruffled, Li Man went back inside and brought out all of the dirty clothes.

Li Hua chuckled and thoughtfully went into the kitchen to bring out the laundry bucket.

Li Man was worried that he was going to help her again, and more awkward incidents would arise, so she hastily said, “”Oh, I’m going to the pond to wash the clothes. It’s not easy to wash the clothes clean in a small bucket.” As she said this, she looked around the courtyard. Where was Little Five? Hadn’t she asked him to feed the chicks? Where had he run off?

“You want to go to the pond to wash clothes?” Li Hua deeply looked at her. The smile in his eyes hadn’t diminished. “I’ll go with you.”

“No need.” Li Man hurriedly refused. Seeing his expression stiffening, she rushed to explain, “Don’t you have studying to do? Little Five can come with me instead.”

Li Hua half lowered his gaze, and the corners of lips slightly curved up. In a low tone, he said, “That’s good too. Let’s have Little Five go with you then.”

After saying this, he looked around. Not seeing his youngest brother anywhere, he called out, “Little Five.”

“Ai,” Little Five’s voice came from the backyard. He ran over here and was followed by Big Black as well as another smaller dog.

After not seeing Big Black for several days, he seemed to have gotten bigger. He shook his body and bared his teeth before rushing over. From Li Man’s scared perspective, it looked as if a lion was charging over here. Terrified that he was going to come over and bite her, she retreated several steps.

“Don’t be scared.” Li Hua placed his arm behind her waist to support her. He was scared that she would stumble and fall.

Li Man felt a bit embarrassed. Honestly, Li Mo had already told her that Big Black was domesticated and wouldn’t harm her, but she couldn’t help feeling scared. Furthermore, she suspected that Big Black wasn’t an ordinary dog. He was probably a Tibetan Mastiff.

(T/N: Below are pictures of Tibetan Mastiffs.)

Seeing Li Man’s fearful expression, Li Hua comfortingly said, “Big Black grew up with oldest brother, so he’s quite tame. He wouldn’t bite someone without a good reason.

Little Five smiled and said, “Older sister, don’t be scared. Big Black wouldn’t bite anyone. Oh, right, fourth brother, this is Little Yellow. She was brought back by Big Black.” As he said this, he pointed at the smaller dog.

The smaller sandy dog didn’t look any different from native dogs, so Li Man wasn’t scared of it. “Little Five, come with me to the pond. I’m going there to do laundry.”

(T/N: Below are two pictures of the dog breed that's native to China.)

“En.” Little Five patted Big Black’s head, then stroked the smaller dog’s fur. He was smiling as he gestured to the two dogs, “Stay at home, I’ll come back soon.”

Li Man placed the dirty clothes into a basket, then she went out with Little Five.

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