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After the assessment, the 30 trainees who occupied their own pillar felt much relieved.

Wasn’t the one-year cruel and sick training in the Bloodthirsty Camp all for this?

Now, they passed the assessment and obtained the right to enter Gang-producing Lake. As long as they made a breakthrough, they would reach the Gang Spirit Realm, becoming the top-notch practitioners in Gang Spirit Realm!

That was their ultimate objective of coming here.

“Damn it. It’s finally over...”

Ning Meng squatted on the pillar, with complacency on his face.

He defeated Zhangsun Heng this time and finally gave vent to the grievance he had had for years!

“When I get home this time, I’ll see who dare to stop me from chasing after Zhao Zijin!” murmured Shi Yu as if he was expecting something.

Lin Xun smiled and recalled the words of the old man from Heiyao Shrine when he was sent to the Bloodthirsty Camp.

Now, the training in Bloodthirsty Camp was almost over. Would...the old man tell him something about Shia Zhi?

Most trainees had got something on their minds at the moment.

During the one-year training, they were like living an isolated life and almost forgot the lifestyle before. Now, when this kind of boring and cruel life was about to end, they came to realize that they would leave here soon...

Shu Sanqi walked to the field silently. He looked around with his sharp eyes and said in a muffled voice, “The pillars you are standing on are the pathways leading to Gang-producing Lake. The pathways will be opened in three days. But before this, you still need to do one more thing.”

On hearing this, all trainees were shocked, and pulled themselves together from their own thoughts. Was there still one more thing to do?

After Shu Sanqi waved his hand, a group of drillmasters came in succession and granted a small blood-colored badge in the size of an imperial copper coin to each trainee.

The front of the badge was painted with a sword, and beneath it was a line of words, reading, “Ziyao Flowers never wither by drinking blood while the empire perpetuates by everlasting wars”

The sword tip pointed to the sky, and the handwriting was like bleeding.

On the back of the badge was carved each trainee’s code name in the camp.

Thus, Lin Xun’s badge was carved with number 19.

“These are bloodthirsty badges, and only those who could hold on to the end have the right to wear them. After you leave here, the power of the badge will be your most reliable support!”

Shu Sanqi couldn’t be more serious at the moment, and his voice was as resolute as the stone, with a kind of indisputable power.

Many trainees felt shocked and held the bloodthirsty badge tightly in their hands.

“You must keep it safe!” said Shu Sanqi, stressing each word.

Looking at Shu Sanqi, Lin Xun suddenly wondered if the name “Shu Sanqi” was actually a code name which meant the number 37 granted by the camp to Chief Shu when he attended the training in the camp.

Perhaps, Lin Xun could also call himself Lin Shijiu (which literally referred to the number 19).

Lin Xun shook his head and put the bloodthirsty badge away. It represented not only an honor but also the one-year training in the Bloodthirsty Camp.

It was a precious item, recording his track as a teenager.

After the bloodthirsty badges were handed out, Shu Sanqi was done talking and ordered one drillmaster to brief the trainees on the things they needed to pay attention to when entering the Gang-producing Lake.

The drillmaster was the fatty middle-aged man who was often around Young Ke.

Lin Xun was very impressed by him. However, since Old Mo left here, Lin barely saw him.

It was until now that he knew the fatty middle-aged man was called “Cao Shiliu (which literally referred to the number 16)”.

Apparently, it was a code name, like the name “Shu Sanqi”.

“Gang-producing Lake is a God-blessed opportunity. It’ll produce much pure fontal Gang Qi every 10 years,” Cao Shiliu said in a warm and calm voice. “As you know, Gang Qi is also divided into many kinds, but the fontal Gang Qi is the purest in the world...”

The whole field was in silence, with only Cao Shiliu’s voice echoing in the air. All the trainees listened to him carefully in case of missing any detail.

Three days later-

The 30 trainees including Lin Xun were waiting on the pillars patiently.

With a unique buzzing sound, the dark rocks inscribed with countless spiritual tattoos on the surface of the ground released rays of dazzling light as if they just woke up from the stillness.

The rays of light gathered up on the 30 pillars, shrouding each trainee, which was extraordinarily dreamlike and magic.


After a while, a spiritual storm suddenly rose on the field, distorting the heaven and earth with a kind of super power.

It could be seen clearly that the trainees were drawn into a vortex out of nowhere and disappeared in a flash.

The storm disappeared, and the spiritual light emitting from the dark rocks faded away gradually, too. Everything returned to normal.

“It starts finally. I don’t know how many trainees will generate the first-class Pond of Spiritual Power inside their bodies when they reach the Gang Spirit Realm,” sighed some of those drillmasters who observed the scene in the distance.

“There should be many of them. After all, we’ve got the most trainees entering Gang-producing Lake among the previous sessions. Besides, each trainee has the top potential and comprehension. I have a feeling that they may set a new record of making breakthroughs in there.”

Someone made an analysis in a deep voice.

“You bet. Some trainees like Bai Lingshi, Lee Duxing, and Lin Xun will definitely generate the first-class Pond of Spiritual Power,” said Cao Shiliu with a smile.

“Not exactly. Take Lin Xun for example. His fighting capacity may be no inferior to Bai Lingshi and Lee Duxing. But as for the basis, he is not at the same level with them.”

Shu Sanqi said with a poker face, “As you know clearly, these trainees have achieved the Mastery of the ninth level of the Martial Realm years ago. But, they’ve restrained themselves from making a breakthrough so as to enter the Gang-producing Lake.”

“However, Lin Xun is an exception. When he entered the camp one year ago, he was just at the sixth level of the Martial Realm. Though he reached the ninth level at a surprising speed two months ago, his foundation is really inferior to others.”

Hearing this, the other drillmasters nodded and totally agreed with him.

Lun Xun did progress very fast, which was beyond everyone’s expectation. But being fast didn’t always mean a good thing. If he didn’t lay a solid foundation, the strength he generated after making the breakthrough would be affected. After all, unlike the Martial Realm, the Gang Spirit Realm was the starting point of the Martial Tao. Thus, the thicker the foundation was, the more benefits one could get during the breakthrough.

Lin Xun had made continuous breakthroughs in one year. It seemed quite fast, but meanwhile everyone doubted that whether his foundation was solid enough.

“His foundation is quite solid, even more solid than the common ones.”

Young Ke said suddenly, “Don’t forget Lin Xun defeated a trainee at the ninth level of the Martial Realm when he was only at the sixth level. Each time he advanced to the next level, his fighting capacity also improved a lot. Do you really think Lin Xun killed that second-level Barbarian Soldier in Demon-cloud Ridge by luck?”

“She’s right. Even if his foundation is much inferior to others’, there is no problem for him to generate the first-class Pond of Spiritual Power this time,” Young Man echoed.

The twin sisters who hated each other held the same thought about Lin, which surprised the other drillmasters.

“Whether he can do it or not, we will know through the Spiritual Projector later,” said Shu Sanqi. He turned around and left.

All the drillmasters followed him right away, for they knew that he was about to turn the Spiritual Projector hung over the Gang-producing Lake on.

Only through the Spiritual Projector could they clearly observe the features when each trainee made a breakthrough, to judge what kind of Pond of Spiritual Power they generated.

Lin Xun felt dizzy and when he regained his consciousness, he found himself standing by a lake.

The lake was quite small, covering an area of about 667 square meters. Or you could call it a pond. But its water was as clear as the crystal jade. Reflecting the sky and clouds, it seemed to integrate with the sky.

Wisps of mist curled upwards from the lake, which was quite dreamlike.

In the center of the lake floated exactly 30 lotus-like platforms made of stone.

It was Gang-producing Lake!

It seemed inconspicuous, but the water in the lake was the most fontal liquid Gang Qi!

Each drop of it was endowed with unimaginably horrendous power.

However, the lake was quite dangerous at the same time. According to Cao Shiliu’s introduction, even a practitioner at the Sea Spirit Realm would be torn into pieces immediately if he rashly plunged into the lake!

Practitioners at the Sea Spirit Realm could fly in the air, hide under the earth, and call for wind and rain. Such a powerful person could be killed by its water, so the lake was evidently dangerous.

“Is this the legendary Gang-producing Lake?”

“It’s a great opportunity. Such a known opportunity is quite rare in the entire empire. But it’s right before us now. We can take as much as we can. Hahaha.”

With gasps in admiration, other trainees appeared by the lake, too. They were eager to have a try with their eyes full of enthusiasm.

“Rumor has it that the longer you stay in the lake for cultivation, the more benefits you’ll get during the breakthrough. Is it true?” said Shi Yu near Lin Xun.

He looked overwhelmingly joyful, showing how much the Gang-producing Lake was attractive to him.

“We’ll know it after a try, won’t we?” shouted Ning Ming on the other side.

Then he took the lead in jumping onto a lotus-shaped stone platform.

Seeing this, other trainees knew what was happening. They were all excited and jumped one after another to take up their own stone flatform.

When Lin Xun was about to jump, someone stopped him suddenly.

It was Bai Lingshi, the ethereal and beautiful girl attired in white. She had already approached him but Lin failed to notice it. She looked at Lin Xun with her calm eyes and said, “As I said earlier, I’ll mount a challenge to you when you reach the ninth level of the Martial Realm. Do you remember it?”

Lin Xun immediately frowned and asked, “Do you want to fight with me here?”

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