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Fang Yuan put away self strength Immortal Gu, his expression did not change, he turned to Hei Lou Lan and said: "From now on, Fairy Lou Lan, if you want to borrow eat strength Immortal Gu for cultivation, you just need to pass me a certain sum of immortal materials as payment."

Hei Lou Lan nodded.

This was his response, Hei Lou Lan was a formidable person, the moment she saw Fang Yuan display his eat strength Immortal Gu purposely, she knew his intentions.

He did not want to sever their relationship, he chose to deepen their cooperation!

Fang Yuan forcefully asked for self strength Immortal Gu, it bit open a huge, bloody wound on their alliance, blood was oozing and the bones could be seen.

However, in contrast to the precious self strength Immortal Gu in sole possession, Fang Yuan was lending eat strength Immortal Gu, this was giving Hei Lou Lan a way out.

Hei Lou Lan ate the leg that she had, letting out a heavy sigh as she looked at Fang Yuan without a trace of anger on her face.

"Let's go to a stone nest." Hei Lou Lan set out, taking the initiative to help Fang Yuan refine the airsac Gu.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, it seemed like Hei Lou Lan was having a hard time. Just now, she underwent tribulation and went into great danger, after being saved by Fang Yuan, her blessed land was sure to have suffered heavy damage.

Fairy Li Shan had always been helping Hei Lou Lan with her cultivation, regardless of costs. But now, she was in trouble too. She had to help Old Ancestor Xue Hu refine fortune rivalling heaven Gu, all of the demonic path Gu Immortals of Snowy Mountain were kept extremely busy in collecting immortal materials. This was an important and burdensome task, Fairy Li Shan had no choice but to spend all her efforts on it.

Fang Yuan wanted to continue selling guts Gu, didn't Hei Lou Lan have the same desire?

Fang Yuan's earlier action of splitting profits with Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan was an extremely wise decision. At this point, it had taken effect. Profits were a form of restraint, even if Hei Lou Lan was furious internally, because of the big picture and her own circumstances, she had to cooperate with Fang Yuan.

On this day, Hei Lou Lan summoned large amounts of strength qi, allowing the refinement of airsac Gu to restart.

Before leaving, she gave Fang Yuan another idea for cooperation.

Right now, Fang Yuan did not have the funds to increase his production, but Hei Lou Lan was willing to invest in this, building a third stone nest and obtaining ample hairy men. Her condition was that Fang Yuan must give her a higher profit ratio.

Fang Yuan agreed immediately.

The transaction of guts Gu had restarted, it was like a fresh current of water flowing into a drying river.

The management of the blessed land was almost stale, now it was operating again. Like a horse carriage, the huge wheels were rolling and moving it forward.

Several days later, the third stone nest was built in Fang Yuan's Hu Immortal blessed land.

Right now, Fang Yuan had several Gu worms to mass refine: airsac Gu, malicious thought Gu, memory thought Gu, and inch of time.

Three stone nests were insufficient to meet his needs.

This invited a key question, how could he most effectively make use of his limited resources.

Eventually, Fang Yuan ordered the first and third stone nest to refine airsac Gu. The second stone nest would refine malicious thought Gu.

He had a large number of deductions to do, thus, he had to refine either memory thought Gu or malicious thought Gu. Malicious thought Gu was good for plotting against others, while memory thought Gu was useful for extracting information from his memories. But in terms of deduction, the two had no clear difference.

As for why he was mainly refining airsac Gu, that was because Fang Yuan realized that he could sell a lot of guts Gu without any issues.

Times had changed.

The market for guts Gu had been steadily growing.

Especially when Fang Yuan had stopped the trade of guts Gu not long ago, he had used it solely for healing himself. This act had cut off the supply to the market, causing a shortage to occur, thus the price of guts Gu had been skyrocketing.

This phenomenon made Fang Yuan realize that the market for guts Gu had truly expanded, he could totally raise the prices.

He thought about this, thus he did it.

The guts Gu trade earlier was done monthly, his profit was forty-eight immortal essence stones.

After raising the price, and excluding the profits given to Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan, Fang Yuan earned a total of ninety-two immortal essence stones. This was almost double his previous earnings.

"A monopoly is truly useful for earning profits." Fang Yuan's circumstances became much easier because of this, he sighed to himself, also being deeply alerted.

Because the greater the profits of the guts Gu trade, the greater the prospects, the more Immortal Crane Sect and the other forces would inevitably become restless.

Maybe because Fang Yuan displayed a huge amount of strength earlier, and because Immortal Crane Sect was restricted in other aspects, they could not find the time or effort to deal with Fang Yuan.

Right now, the profits of guts Gu transactions were going up, one day, Immortal Crane Sect would make up their mind and put in more strength to try and 'regain' Hu Immortal blessed land.

A man's wealth is his own ruin by stirring another's greed.

Be it the righteous path or demonic path, they pursued profit. The difference was, the righteous path had nicer looking methods on the surface.

As for the cultivation of Gu Masters, or rather, the core of it — it was about a person's survival, it was always to defend one's own interests while devouring other's interests.

Fang Yuan knew this clearly, he did not deny that there was no difference between him, any other person, or any force. In the face of profits, they were all wolves.

"To deter Immortal Crane Sect, there is only one method. That is to increase my strength unceasingly, to cause their actions to fail, to make them feel threat."

With such urgency and drive, Fang Yuan successfully integrated self strength Immortal Gu into the immortal killer move, myriad self, a few days later.

Although self strength Immortal Gu was very compatible with myriad self, Fang Yuan still spent several days to adjust the complementary mortal Gu. After testing it, he received an almost perfect result.

"I cannot use Cleanse Soul, but I added in Self Strength, with this, my battle strength is back to first rate within rank six. In fact, the killer move myriad self is even stronger than before. Maybe it is time to explore that Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable inheritance."

Fang Yuan was thinking carefully.

He had assimilated much of the gains from the auction.

Myriad self returned to having an immortal killer move's strength, true solid bat wings paired with iron crown eagle strength Immortal Gu was on par with a movement immortal killer move. To deduce vaguely familiar face and the others, he needed a huge amount of malicious thought Gu. In Hu Immortal blessed land, there was only one stone nest fully refining it, it would still take a long time before the quantity was accumulated to a sufficient degree.

As for how to solve the immortal zombie problem, even though Tai Bai Yun Sheng was making some progress in Eastern Sea, Shark Demon's method was too costly and took too long.

In terms of Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, because Feng Jiu Ge forcefully asked them for information, his Sha Huang identity could not be used anymore, that plan was halted.

"Speaking of it, I have already obtained this Thieving Heaven inheritance for quite some time. If I can get Luo Po valley, together with Dang Hun mountain, my soul foundation would rapidly grow. That is a good method to raise my battle strength as well. In the future, I can even undergo the transaction of bewilderment fog and Luo Po wind, increasing my revenue."

At the same time, in Luo Po valley.

A negotiation had reached its most crucial moment.

Qin Bai Sheng had a light smile as he looked at Hui Feng Zi.

Hui Feng Zi was dressed in a green robe, he lowered his head and thought about it, suddenly laughing as he looked up: "Qin Bai Sheng, to think that I treated you as my best friend, you actually lured me into this trap to harm me. With your strength, you cannot take down Lang Ya blessed land, you want me to be cannon fodder?"

Qin Bai Sheng's gaze shined, he said lightly: "With your wind escape move, you can retreat as you wish, you are famous in Northern Plains, how could you end up as cannon fodder?"

"Even if wind escape is an immortal killer move, the best in movement within Northern Plains, it cannot penetrate blessed lands or grotto-heavens. Qin Bai Sheng, I cannot accept your invitation." Hui Feng Zi rejected as he shook his head.

He was a rank seven wind path Gu Immortal, he was a famous and established character. Even if he had a superb skill, he was still very vigilant. Perhaps that was the reason he could live up to this point and have such an achievement.

Qin Bai Sheng nodded, Hui Feng Zi's reply was not unexpected: "In that case, I will be forced to make you come."

"You want to stop me?" Hui Feng Zi's expression tensed, his eyes shined with a sharp light: "Very well, let us spar, it will dispel some unrealistic thoughts in your mind. I, Hui Feng Zi, am not someone who can be ordered around easily."

As he said that, he struck.


Hui Feng Zi opened his mouth, he flicked with his tongue as a huge wind blade shot towards Qin Bai Sheng.

Immortal killer move — Death Wind Flying Blade!

"Good timing." Qin Bai Sheng did not move, he only laughed.

The wind blade hit Qin Bai Sheng who did not move at all, at once, golden light burst out.

As the golden light faded, Qin Bai Sheng remained unharmed.

"What defensive killer move is this?" Hui Feng Zi was shocked, he asked in astonishment: "My death wind flying blade did not even cut a single strand of your hair?"

Qin Bai Sheng smiled without speaking.

"How can I fight him like this?" Hui Feng Zi's eyes twitched, his battle intent fell, he wanted to retreat.

Immortal killer move — Wind Escape!

He used his signature method, famous within Northern Plains, at once, Hui Feng Zi turned into a gust of wind as he flew towards the sky of Luo Po valley.

This movement killer move had helped Hui Feng Zi escape danger countless times, it made his enemies sigh in helplessness. The most memorable occasion was when Hui Feng Zi used this move to escape from the rank eight Gu Immortal, Yao Huang, who was pursuing him.

But Qin Bai Sheng did not move as he looked at Hui Feng Zi escape, he was expressionless.


On top of Luo Po valley, thunder was booming as clouds rumbled.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The intense wind blew, countless ghostly figures, at a quantity of millions, flew around below the clouds.

Hui Feng Zi spit out a mouthful of blood, it was like he rammed into an iron wall, he was forced out of his wind state.

"What Gu formation is this?" He was uncertain, his wind escape could not break out of this area.

Qin Bai Sheng smiled without answering Hui Feng Zi's question, he asked: "Does sir want to consider joining us and attacking Lang Ya blessed land?"

This time, Hui Feng Zi only thought about it for a few breaths before landing: "Qin Bai Sheng, you were superior after all. Never mind, I will join you in this."

Qin Bai Sheng laughed, he was not surprised.

Hui Feng Zi was famous for knowing his place, he was a wise man who submitted to circumstances.

Since he could not escape, Hui Feng Zi's greatest advantage was gone. Furthermore, Qin Bai Sheng's alliance conditions were not too harsh, even though he was slightly unhappy, he still joined in helplessly.

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