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More than ten days later, in Hu Immortal blessed land.

Time luck Immortal Gu was silently floating above Fang Yuan's head, it was moving from side to side.

Time luck Immortal Gu was like a jade centipede, it was pale green and was swimming about in the area above Fang Yuan's head, coiling around and giving off a watery sheen.

Fang Yuan was injecting green grape immortal essence into it, while inspecting the inch of time Gu worms in his immortal aperture.

Earlier, he had made an agreement with Lang Ya land spirit, asking him to refine inch of time in bulk using the hairy men. The time flow in Lang Ya blessed land was faster than Hu Immortal blessed land, the quality of the hairy men was much higher, it could be considered of the highest grade.

Thus, after Fang Yuan paid with immortal materials, a large number of inch of time Gu, like a small golden mountain, accumulated in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

As the saying went, time was money, an inch of time was an inch of gold.

Although inch of time Gu was a mortal Gu, it had an appearance like that of a gold bar. The higher the rank of inch of time Gu, the longer and thicker the gold bar.

But at this moment, when Fang Yuan activated time luck Immortal Gu, inch of time Gu was used up rapidly. The gold mountain had vanished completely in just a few breaths of time.

Without inch of time's support, the time luck Immortal Gu above his head stopped activating.

Fang Yuan sighed in regret: "It seems that it is quite tough to use inch of time to activate time luck Immortal Gu in the place of lifespan. I only activated it for such a short period of time, I gained almost no additional luck."

Like what Fairy Li Shan said earlier, activating time luck Immortal Gu involved expending immortal essence and the Gu Immortal's lifespan to gain a boost in luck.

But Fang Yuan had barely any lifespan left, how could he waste it so easily?

During the final moments of Imperial Court blessed land's battle, when he was forced to become an immortal zombie, he was already extremely old. He had not used any lifespan Gu before, thus he only had a hundred years of lifespan. Right now, he had only around ten years or less remaining.

If one day, he could get rid of his immortal zombie body and become a living person again, his lifespan would not change.

"That is to say, even if I recover, my body would be extremely old, that is a problem. Before that, I need to find lifespan Gu and use it on myself."

Fang Yuan thought about this and couldn't help but frown.

Lifespan Gu were hard to find, they were extremely precious.

Ordinary Gu Immortals would not sell them when they were obtained. In the Northern Plains auction earlier, not a single lifespan Gu was sold.

Lifespan Gu were only mortal Gu, the conditions for their production were greatly variable, for Gu Immortals to find lifespan Gu almost meant relying on luck. In many situations, lifespan Gu were often obtained by mortal Gu Masters, Gu Immortals could not control where they appeared.

Fang Yuan being able to find lifespan Gu and extend his lifespan by several hundred years in his previous life was due to this.

"Up to this point, the best way to search for lifespan Gu would have been through using Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. Unfortunately, I only obtained one lifespan Gu in this Immortal Gu House, and Tai Bai Yun Sheng already used it. It is basically impossible to rebuild Eighty-Eight True Yang Building now."

Fang Yuan's thoughts moved, time luck Immortal Gu turned into a flash of light, entering his immortal aperture.

Even though his immortal aperture had turned into a dead land, once in a while, a small amount would break off, but for Gu worms, there was still a lot of space.

Time luck Immortal Gu eventually floated onto another 'gold mountain'.

This second 'gold mountain' was naturally made up of inch of time Gu.

Fang Yuan had obtained a huge amount of inch of time Gu from Lang Ya land spirit, they had piled into two mountains. One had already been expended earlier.

The last remaining one was here.

Even though the test result previously was not satisfactory, it gave Fang Yuan a lot of precious and useful inspiration.

"Earlier, I was only using inch of time and time luck Immortal Gu alone, if I add in other Gu worms, or even turn it into an immortal killer move, the expenditure of inch of time Gu might be greatly reduced, allowing it to become more feasible and desirable. Unfortunately, even though the light of wisdom gives me unlimited inspiration, this deduction involves time path, I have no attainment in it."

With such a restriction, Fang Yuan could only keep his thoughts in mind for now rather than making an attempt.

He still lacked dream path mortal Gu, Fang Yuan was not going to waste any more time. After regulating his breathing for a few moments, he remained seated on his bed and closed his eyes, entering his dream realm.

After going through three dream realms, he refined two dream path mortal Gu, storing them in his mind.

Such a success rate was much higher compared to when he initially started. But during the third refinement, Fang Yuan failed and his soul was injured.

Dream realms themselves were risky, not to mention refining Gu in a dream.

"If I lose my focus, I will fall into the dream's trap. Thankfully, guts Gu can strengthen my soul." Fang Yuan felt relieved, he opened his eyes and walked out of Dang Hun palace.

On Dang Hun mountain, there were guts Gu everywhere.

Fang Yuan used a few and healed the injuries to his soul.

Just as he was about to return and continue refining dream path mortal Gu, his expression changed, as a letter was sent into his immortal aperture using moving perspective cup Gu.

Fang Yuan looked at it and his face flashed with joy.

He immediately stopped the plan of refining Gu, he chose a scenic location on Dang Hun mountain and sat down, taking out an elephant's leg and using fire Gu to roast it.

A moment later, a figure flew over from the southeast direction.

It was a female immortal, with black hair and black pupils, she had a divine beauty and a dominating aura, it was Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan flew in the air, landing before Fang Yuan with a cold expression. She looked at the elephant leg on Fang Yuan's hand, recognizing that it was the flesh and bones of a desolate beast, drought elephant, she said sarcastically: "So the immortal materials in your hands can be wasted to this degree already?"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, he looked at Hei Lou Lan before his gaze landed back onto the elephant leg.

After a short while, because of the high heat, the elephant leg was half cooked already, it was oozing with fragrance.

"It has been a while, Fairy Lou Lan, please take a seat." Fang Yuan said politely.

Hei Lou Lan snorted, remaining standing, unmoving as she emitted a faint anger.

Fang Yuan found it funny: Although she was a formidable character, she was still a young woman. But if he was in her place, if someone wanted his Spring Autumn Cicada, would he give it up? Perhaps he might have already fallen out with the person and fought already?

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan mentally alerted himself.

Hei Lou Lan's mistake was right in front of him, he could not ignore it.

Hei Lou Lan desperately wanted to take revenge, she took risks in undergoing tribulations, in the end, she was careless and almost died. Right now, she could not stall any longer, she had to hand self strength Immortal Gu over.

By this stage, one could not advance prematurely and underestimate risks. A Gu Immortal's calamities and tribulations, are they so easy to pass? Even if one was overflowing with talent, and had an arrogant nature, they had to admit the facts. Hei Lou Lan was a youngster who was not afraid of death, by charging forward blindly, she had suffered a loss, now she would start becoming careful.

"But it was thanks to her that I could obtain self strength Immortal Gu, right?" Fang Yuan thought about this and laughed in his heart, putting the elephant leg in front of his mouth as he bit off a huge chunk, eating it with pleasure.

Hei Lou Lan saw this and snickered: "You are already an immortal zombie, you have no sense of taste. Now that there is no hope of restoring your body again, you are doing this to reminisce your past?"

Fang Yuan said slowly and calmly: "Fairy Lou Lan, you did not come here to see me eat meat, right?"

Hei Lou Lan's expression was still as water, there was anger in her tone as she said with deep meaning: "You are so gluttonous, are you not afraid of bursting your stomach?"

"Don't worry, my appetite is good, dying of overeating is better than dying of starvation."

"Hmph!" Hei Lou Lan was gritting her teeth in rage, she suppressed her anger as she said with a calmer tone: "Actually, what's wrong with changing what you eat? That way, we can all have meat to eat. Fate is unpredictable, who would not have downturns in life?"

Fang Yuan understood her words.

Hei Lou Lan wanted to use strength qi Immortal Gu to replace Self Strength as the compensation to Fang Yuan. But Fang Yuan would not agree.

He swallowed the food in his mouth as he sighed deeply, exclaiming: "Precisely because fate is unpredictable, I try all sorts of ways to become stronger, so that I can deal with any desperate situation in the future. Hei Lou Lan, you understand me, once I make up my mind, I won't change it."

Hei Lou Lan's eyes squinted, Fang Yuan was such a person, she was of a similar kind. Just as she was about to speak, her pupils shrunk.

Only seeing that on Fang Yuan's body, a bright light had appeared in a flash.

This light was horizontal across his chest, it was a faint shadow at first, but it soon became brighter and more solid, carving itself onto Fang Yuan's body.

"A strength path dao mark?!" Hei Lou Lan's expression changed.

Just earlier, she witnessed with her own eyes that Fang Yuan gained a strength path dao mark.

She quickly calmed down, thinking of the answer, her eyes twitched as she said dryly: "So the eat strength Immortal Gu that appeared in Northern Plains' auction is in your hands. How do all the good things end up in your hands?"

Eat strength Immortal Gu had low value to other Gu Immortals, they even would not dare to use it much.

But to strength path Gu Immortals, it was undeniably a treasure.

Especially in Hei Lou Lan's case, her cultivation had met with an obstacle, she could not raise it by undergoing tribulation. At this time, eat strength Immortal Gu, which carried zero risks, became very important.

Fang Yuan did not speak, he bit down at the bones.

He had already eaten the meat on the elephant leg, but the bones also contained natural strength path dao marks. Even though the elephant leg bones were tough, his sharp teeth chewed them up and he swallowed.

Soon afterwards, Fang Yuan gained a new strength path dao mark.

He was not afraid of Hei Lou Lan going back on her words.

Because the agreement for saving her had already reached the time limit. Hei Lou Lan came at the last moment to give it one last try.

But in this matter, from start to finish, Fang Yuan had no way to lose.

Once they went back on the contract, Fairy Li Shan would die. How could Hei Lou Lan watch that happen?

"Come, sit, I'll treat you to some meat." Fang Yuan took out another strength path desolate beast's leg from his immortal aperture.

After cooking it, he gave the leg to Hei Lou Lan, at the same time, he willed and eat strength Immortal Gu flew into Hei Lou Lan's hands.

Hei Lou Lan received it without hesitation, after swallowing the flesh and bone, she activated eat strength Immortal Gu to digest them.

A moment later, a strength path dao mark appeared in her body.

Even though the gains were barely one-tenth of a percent compared to a tribulation, this method had no risks, it could be accumulated continually.

After eating half of it, Hei Lou Lan sighed deeply and gave self strength Immortal Gu to Fang Yuan.

The two traded on the spot, self strength Immortal Gu changed owners!

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