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Central Continent, Heavenly Court!

The silver-white sky shined with a bright and pure luster.

Countless exquisite halls made of white jade could be seen everywhere, empty and tranquil.

Amongst the halls, there was an old white tower covered in blemishes, standing tall and conspicuous like a crane in a flock of chickens.

The tower's name was Heaven Overseeing, it originated from Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, as the name suggested, one could observe the whole world from this tower!

However, winds never stop blowing, the events of the world were turbulent and changeable. Even though Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's talent and wisdom could rival that of the heavens, she still could not escape the fate of dying from the end of her lifespan. Later, Heavenly Court experienced the attacks of three Demon Venerables, and when Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Spectral Soul Demon Venerable ruled the world, they also had the intention of taking possession of Heavenly Court, but for some reason, they dispelled that thought.

Over three million years!

Countless marks of history had deeply been imprinted onto Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Splendid brilliance or deep gloominess, the vicissitudes of all kinds of experiences had merged into Heaven Overseeing Tower, turning it into an imposing structure, resembling an ancient tree that has lived since ancient times. Or like a bronze cauldron that had stood witness to the changes of the world, and still stood tall without collapsing.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord walked up the stairs holding a walking cane, his back was bent.

He was a rank eight Gu Immortal, but his majestic aura revealed an intense aura of old age.

His hair had turned white, wrinkles covered his body like an old tree's bark. His eyes were blurry and his gaze cloudy.

He slowly lifted his foot, or rather, dragged. He was like an old insect, tottering up the endless stairs with difficult steps.

He walked forward step by step.

Every step he walked, the white jade stairs under his feet would shine with a slight light and let out a beautiful sound, like that of a xylophone.

The next change was to the walls beside the old man.

Images changed constantly on the walls, sometimes there was a lump of vague, foggy figures, sometimes there were innumerable colorful lines, and rarely, there would appear clear pictures.

The old man paid close attention to the pictures on the walls.

Whenever he went up a step, a bead of the immortal essence inside him would be consumed, and changes would occur to the pictures on the walls.

The old man's movement paused.

A picture on a wall vividly portrayed a valley.

"Luo Po valley." The old man softly muttered, a flash of brilliance appeared and disappeared in his blurry eyes.

Two Gu Immortals were fighting at the center of the picture. A wind path Gu Immortal and a metal path Gu Immortal.

At the periphery of the picture, several Gu Immortals were standing, looking at the battle in the center.

The picture continue to change.

The battle of the two Gu Immortals was not intense, they stopped after exchanging one or two moves.

Finally, the picture froze at this scene — the wind path Gu Immortal slowly lowered his head at the metal path Gu Immortal.

The old man inwardly engraved this scene in his mind.

In the innumerable steps that led to the top of the tower, those that could show such clear pictures would only number a dozen or so.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord continued to move up the tower.

He saw a deep sea, in which a group of Gu Immortals, consisting mostly of immortal zombies, were attacking a blessed land.

A female immortal was kneeling on sandy ground, pleading for assistance from an elderly male Gu Immortal.

A young Gu Master was unconscious in a bed. A spirit incubating flea was lying on his forehead, slightly shaking.

He saw a Gu Immortal with white clothing and blue pupils, quietly moving through a forest in Southern Border.

He also saw an eerie dark swamp, huge rays of blood-colored light were enshrouding it, within which a blood path Gu Immortal was cultivating.

The more the old man saw, the more chilly his face became, and the more fury accumulated in his blurry eyes.

"These people, they have all escaped the judgment of fate!"

Finally, he walked to the top of the stairs and stepped onto the peak of the tower, where an Immortal Gu appeared in front of him.

Rank nine Immortal Gu — Fate!

It looked like a spider, colored in black and white. Its aura was weak, there was a scarlet wound on its body that almost cut it in two.

The old man gazed at this Gu for a long while before he heaved a sigh.

Heaven Overseeing Tower was a rank nine Immortal Gu House, unfortunately, its most important core, Fate, had suffered a fatal injury and was close to destruction.

"Red Lotus Demon Venerable!" The old man gritted his teeth, his gaze revealing deep enmity.

The person who inflicted such an injury onto Immortal Gu Fate was none other than a famed character in history, Red Lotus Demon Venerable.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable broke Fate, destroying the chains of fate and allowing all living beings in the world to grasp their own destiny. But Immortal Gu Fate was not completely destroyed.

However, despite the care and protection from all immortals in Heavenly Court, the injuries Fate had suffered had yet to recover even after a million years.

This situation was caused by the attack of Red Lotus Demon Venerable.

The injuries on fate Immortal Gu were not only represented in its physical wounds, it was also reflected on all the living beings who had escaped the judgment of fate.

The existence of these people in themselves signified the breaking of fate.

Thus, healing the Immortal Gu Fate had to be done in two aspects. One was to deal with the wound on the Gu. The other was to clear the obstacles for Immortal Gu Fate by eliminating all those who had escaped the judgment of fate.

No matter which aspect, both were troublesome issues.

Especially the second aspect, the five regions were extremely vast, every moment, there would be someone who escaped their fate. It was extremely difficult for Heavenly Court to eliminate these existences.

Even if Heavenly Court was the most powerful Gu Immortal organization, it only controlled Central Continent. The remaining four regions were linked to Central Continent through regional walls, the higher the cultivation of the expert, the more difficult it would be for them to pass the regional wall.

The regional walls of each of the regions were like protective layers that isolated the five regions from each other and made them independent territories.

In the beginning, when fate Immortal Gu had just been injured, Heavenly Court was still seeing some efficiency in eliminating escapees of fate. But merely some years later, there were countless escapees like waves formed in a sea, appearing repeatedly, to the extent that they could not be fully attended to.

More than ten years later, this situation spread like a wildfire throughout the five regions.

Dozens of years later, immortal zombies appeared, humans that were supposed to be dead but were still living, this was the classic example of escaping fate's judgment. Back then, this situation had shocked, angered and shaken the whole of Heavenly Court.

As such a practice grew more popular to this day, a branch of immortal zombies appeared even in Central Continent. Survival was a basic human instinct, even Heavenly Court could not resist such a trend.

The goal of restoring fate Gu seemed to be getting more distant day by day, and there seemed to be no hope.

However, Heavenly Court had never given up.

Because every generation of Heavenly Court Gu Immortals firmly remembered the dignity of Heavenly Court during the Olden Antiquity Era, and its glory during the Remote Antiquity Era.

And the greatest cornerstone in building this was fate Gu.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's arrangements used fate Gu as the core. Therefore, allowing resistance against three Demon Venerables and ensuring Heavenly Court did not fall.

Completely healing fate Gu was akin to grasping the paths in life for all living beings. This also meant that Heavenly Court would once again be paramount, becoming the supreme immortals among immortals, rulers among countless rulers!

All their efforts had provided some results.

Under generations after generations of efforts from Gu Immortals of Heavenly Court, and enormous prices paid over the course of history, fate Gu was recovering bit by bit until the current state, where although it was dying, it could be barely used.

It was because of this that pictures appeared on Heaven Overseeing Tower's walls.

Fate escapees and fate Gu were irreconcilably opposed. However, those that had escaped the judgment of fate were truly too many in numbers. The ones that appeared in Heaven Overseeing Tower were only the strongest ones, while also not being inside blessed lands or grotto-heavens, in addition to not using wisdom path methods to conceal themselves, therefore they were easy to deduce.

"Soon, soon. Using the latest Refinement Path Convention to heal fate Gu's injury will result in a qualitative breakthrough. All the investments we made will be worth it. Countless years of accumulation will be brought about to fruition from this. After the Refinement Path Convention, fate Gu should be able to display fifty percent of its might!"

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord mumbled while caressing fate Gu.

His expression gradually eased up, the anger in his heart temporarily pacified.

"But before this, we still need to eliminate these main sinners who had escaped the judgment of fate! All lives have their trajectory and destiny predetermined since they are born. This is the law of heaven and earth, the rule of nature, how can we allow you to leisurely escape? This is life that does not belong to any of you."

While thinking of this, the old man recalled the clear pictures which he had engraved in his mind when he moved up the stairs.

"Before Fate recovers, I will act in the capacity of heaven and eliminate the tallest of these weeds!"

Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

The light of wisdom filled the underground cave.

Fang Yuan was inside the light with his eyes tightly closed. behind him was the biggest lingzhi in the cave, it was the king of the zhi forest and had already grown to the size of a fat, mature small tree with lush mushroom heads.

Bright colored lights shined on Fang Yuan's face.

His breathing was deep and slow, malicious thoughts rose up and down in his mind like waves, constantly crashing against each other.

After a while, Fang Yuan opened his eyes.

"I took such a long time in accumulating malicious thought Gu, but they were used up like this." He frowned, unsatisfied with this result.

He had first attempted to deduce how to add Pulling Mountain and Pulling Water into the killer move myriad self. The result was that he used up half of the stock of malicious thought Gu, but only made less than ten percent progress.

This progress was too slow, Fang Yuan then tried to deduce immortal killer move vaguely familiar face.

He used up all malicious thought Gu, but the progress was only a little over ten percent.

"In the end, it was because my transformation path attainment is too low." Fang Yuan sighed.

At this moment, he suddenly felt something, a moving perspective cup Gu came out of his immortal aperture.

The Gu brought a letter.

Fang Yuan opened it; there were only four words on it — the time has arrived.

Fang Yuan's gaze flashed as he stood up.

The sender was Fairy Li Shan.

Fang Yuan had originally intended to follow Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritance clues to find Luo Po valley. But not long ago, Fairy Li Shan had suddenly sent news which caused Fang Yuan to dispel the plan of Luo Po valley.

This news was regarding Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance.

After Dong Fang Chang Fan died, Dong Fang Yu Liang was his legacy successor. But the latter was only a mortal Gu Master, thus to stop the intention of other Gu Immortals, Dong Fang Chang Fan did not directly hand over the wisdom path inheritance to Dong Fang Yu Liang, instead arranged it at a hidden place.

Fairy Li Shan had vast connections and specialized in getting intel.

This time, the intel was that Dong Fang Yu Liang had secretly headed off to an unknown location, attempting to inherit the wisdom path inheritance!

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