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At noon of the next day, after having his meal, Fang Yuan then returned to the store's area on the outskirts of the mountain stronghold.

Because of their works, during the daytime, there weren't too many mountain people inside of these cottages.

Based on his memory, Fang Yuan went to the place which sold The Bosom Grass, where he then saw an empty handcart staying in one place as there was a chicken alpaca attached to it that pulled the cart.

It proudly stood there with a figure as large as an ostrich's with a shape like a chicken but there were bulges on his back, forming a curve.

A pair of large wings was put on two sides of its body as its colorful feathers were shining brightly It raised its head up high, with a scarlet cockscomb like an agate crown as it was emitting a shining glow under the sunlight.

"It seems I am slow and that the Bosom Grass has already been sold out. It's such a pity. If I can buy a few pounds of Bosom Grass then I can save up lots of Primeval Stones." Fang Yuan stopped his footsteps before leaving this place and continued to walk inside.

"Come, take a sip of the great wine in various mountain strongholds. We have more than a hundred kinds of good wine here. There is the best Lantern Wine, continuous delayed effect Nine Turns Wine, quiet and elegant Dragon Well Tea, sweet and sour Flowery Stone Liquor, Thousands of Ancient Springs that melted after a sip, and the strong wine fragrance - Three Autumn of Intoxication... " Before the drum-shaped tent, folks were shouting out loudly.

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed as he instantly became interested, turned around, and entered the wine shop.

The facilities in the wine shop were extremely special.

At the very end of the tent was a long counter where the one who was looking after the store was a Gu Master, behind his back, there were large crystal ladybugs of various shapes and sizes.

There wasn't a carpet on the ground as the rocky soil was directly exposed. On the ground, groups of colorful mushrooms had grown up.

Those mushrooms varied in colors, as they were round and moist which made themlooked extremely lovely. Some were as big as a tabletop while others were as small as a low stool. Normally, a big tabletop-sized mushroom was surrounded by a couple of stool-liked mushrooms.

"This is the Innocent Mushroom, being urged to grow by the Gu Masters. It absorbs the impure dust and purifies the air. It was a kind of grass Gu." Fang Yuan could identify the origin of these mushrooms with just a glance.

He then sat down and chose a small mushroom. The surface of the mushroom was slightly caved in and made Fang Yuan felt like he was on Earth, sitting on his sofa.

"This young master, this is the wine list. Which do you wish to see?" A servant came over.

Fang Yuan looked at the wine list and found out that the wine here was even more expensive than the Green Bamboo Wine.

"Give me a cup of Monkey Wine." Fang Yuan put down the wine list as he spoke.

"A cup of Monkey Wine!" The servant turned around then loudly cried out.

The level one Gu Master standing at the counter immediately turned around as he heard him and he took out a bamboo wine cup from the counter.

Afterward, he held the wine cup, turned around in facing the back of the cottage. This cottage was blue and was made out of sailcloth As there were a couple dozens of giant crystal ladybugs hanging on there. They were having their head downwards while their tails were pointing up. It was like the ornaments of the tent on the mountain cliff.

These crystal ladybugs were also a kind of Gu. With a hollow belly, it was often used by the Gu Master to carry precious liquids.

Their whole body was transparent as if they were made of crystals. From the outside, one could see the ladybug's round belly that was filled with some kind of wine.

The Gu Master then quickly found the Crystal Ladybug that contained the Monkey Wine among the crowd.

He put the bamboo wine cup under the ladybug's mouth and he gently caressed the crystal armor of the ladybug.

Followed by a thin strand of Primeval Essence that was fiercely intruding the Crystal Ladybug's body and it then opened its mouth. A stream of wine was flowing downwards as it was pouring into the bamboo wine cup.

As the liquid was rushing inside, it stopped after just a while.

The Gu Master put the bamboo cup full of Monkey Wine on the counter. The servant standing beside the counter had been waiting for a while as he hastily but carefully lifted the cup up, took a few steps, and gave the cup to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan gently took a small sip. The Money Wine was a kind of cider. The pure scent and sweet taste continued to last even after swallowing it.

He didn't drink again, but shook his mentality and called the Wine Gu out.

The white and fat Wine Gu turned into a ray of white light. After drawing half a curve in the air, with a Bang, it entered the wine cup.

Liquor was splattering, even onto the surfaces of the mushrooms.

The Wine Gu was cheerfully rolling in the cup. The rapid decline of the Monkey Wine could be seen with naked eyes. After the time of several breaths, the wine cup was dried out; not a single drop was left on the bottom.

"It is the Wine Gu!" The Gu Master on the counter cried out as light suddenly lit up in his eyes. He was a level one Gu Master with a grade D aptitude, as he had followed the caravan and opened a liquor store. After all, he was sightseeing as well as looking for a chance.

The Wine Gu could be used to refine the Primeval Essence and had advanced it to a new level. To a level one Gu Master, it could be said as an extremely valuable Gu. Wasn't this the rare chance that he was diligently looking for?

"Young master, I am wondering whether your Wine can be cut apart?" He excitedly approached then earnestly asked.

Fang Yuan shook his head. With a determination to refuse him, he stood up, and intended to leave.

The purpose of him coming here was to take the initiative to expose the Wine Gu. He had never thought of selling it.

"Young master, young master, please stay. I am very sincere; maybe we can sit down and discuss this." The Gu Master reluctantly followed Fang Yuan to the entrance of the cottage. However, Fang Yuan didn't reply to him.

Eventually, he could only stand still, looking at Fang Yuan's figure that had taken the turn and had gradually disappeared from his vision with the utmost regret in his eyes.

Unconsciously, the sun had gradually descended as the crescent moon was flying up.

In the night, the moonlight was like sprinkled water and had evaporated under countless of lanterns' light.

The store's area at night was crowded with people just like last time. Fang Yuan was wrapped around by the crowd as all kinds of arguments were inevitably picked up by his ears.

"The normal stores will open for three days and three nights. Tonight is already the second night. Until tomorrow morning, the caravan will be on the move again. Hence, if we want to buy something, we should hurry."

"Yesterday I took an interest in a Golden Bell Gu. Haizz, extremely expensive. The owner had increased the price the whole day. Let's see if it is any cheaper tonight."

"Didn't you hear? Last night, there was a boy who had gained a Leprous Earth Toad at the gambling house, with a full value of around five hundred Primeval Stones!"

Fang Yuan carefully listened as his heart couldn't help but feel disappointed. He hadn't heard any news about the Wine Gu.

"A Wine Gu is a level one Gu and has a significant meaning to level one Gu Masters. However, it can't be used to refine the Primeval Essence of level two or level three Gu Masters. Hence, the fact that no one is concerned about it is pretty normal. But also, I can't be too contrived about revealing the Wine Gu, or my intention will be exposed." Fang Yuan secretly thought while walking.

Right at that moment, the crowd in front of him suddenly busted out.

Then, Fang Yuan heard someone shouting, "Come and take a look! There is a bad store, selling fake goods to our clan members!"

A voice filled with indignation suddenly arose from the crowd,

"What? There is something like that?"

"Let's go and take a look! Which store dares to deceive our people like that?!"

Fang Yuan followed the crowd to come over.

He saw a group of people that surrounded the entrance of a large scarlet cottage. The huge crowds of people were in chaos. Some were curiously observing from the outside; some were crossing their arms and giving a cold look. However, the majority of them had a thin layer of anger covering their visages.

Two people were standing in front of the entrance of the cottage.

A young level two Gu Master, by the looks of his clothing, he was clearly the Ancient Moon clan's member.

The other was an acquaintance of his, the gambling house's owner, Jia JinSheng.

The young Gu Master held a pure black Gu in his hand, raising it up, facing people around and shouting, "People, this person in front of me, had sold to me a fake Gu. He had tricked me in saying that this was a Black Hog Gu and sold it to me for two hundred and fifty Primeval Stones. Unexpectedly, when I came back to refine it, I had found out that this was not a Black Hog Gu at all, but obviously just a common smelly fat worm!"

Jia JinSheng sneered again and again, "You don't need to sling mud at me. When did I say that this is a Black Hog Gu? Do you have any evidence?"

Facing Jia JinSheng's denial, the young man suddenly became furious; he seized Jia JinSheng's arm, "You profiteer even dares to deny still! You dare to trick your Gu Yue master in the Green Thatch Mountain? You want to find death?!"

"Let go!" Jia JinSheng was also angry as he abruptly waved his hand and sprung out the young Gu Master's hand, "You should choose a better target if you want to create chaos and extort some money. I am not afraid of you! My gege is Jie Gu, a level four Gu Master; do you dare to offend me?"

"You!" The young Gu Master angrily stared at him but he didn't dare to take action again. The words level four Gu Master had scared him.

"Tsk!" Jia JinSheng spat on the ground as he raised his head looking at the young Gu Master and he disdainfully laughed, "You want petty benefits but forgot to use your head to think. A Black Hog Gu can enhance the power of a Gu Master. How rare is it on the market? It is even rarer than the Wine Gu. Normally, the price will be around six hundred Primeval Stones. You think with two hundred and fifty; you can actually buy a Black Hog Gu? Daydreaming!"

"Bastard..." Creaking sounds started to reverberate as the young Gu Master was gnashing his teeth as his whole body was trembling with angerand his chest was filled with a flame of humiliation.

The crowd was buzzing and loudly discussing, but no one had dared to step up. The level four Gu Master Jia Fu was like an invisible mountain, suppressing the situation.

"This kid is so hateful; he really is a profiteer!"

"No wonder why he dares to be so arrogant in the Green Thatch Mountain, he is Jia Fu's didi."

"I heard that he is half-blooded. He is only a level one Gu Master but relies on these relationships as he stays in this caravan and tyrannically abuses people."

"What is happening?" At that moment, a loud voice resounded.

"Jia Fu is here!"

"The leader comes to deal with the dispute. Everyone, please make way."

The discussing sounds were suddenly oppressed and the crowd hurriedly spread out in forming a narrow aisle.

A short and stout with a fat belly middle-aged Gu Master came in along the aisle, wearing a long-sleeved yellow robe, he really is the caravan's leader Jia Fu.

"Jia Fu master, greetings." The young Gu Master didn't dare to flare-up even though he was filled with anger. He could only be patient, taking the initiative to hold his fists and greet Jia Fu.

Jia JinSheng was stiff, standing in one place. It seemed that he hadn't expected the arrival of his brother as his face was pale and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

This tiny change in expression had made Fang Yuan, who was secretly observing from a distance, looked as if he was deep in his thoughts.

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