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"Greetings, young Gu Master, is there any problem?" Jie Fu went to the crowd and pleasantly asked.

The young Gu Master was feeling flattered and he then bowed down as a greeting. He looked around at the people of the clan and bravely told him the whole situation.

"So there is something like that!" After hearing it, Jia Fu nodded. He asked Jia JinSheng, "Didi, is there such a thing?"

Jia JinSheng didn't overdo it as he sneered then looked away.

Jia Fu pondered.

The crowd was dead silent as they didn't dare to interrupt his flow of thoughts and just patiently waited for his answer.

One thing to say, it was Jia JinSheng who had committed a fraud. However, this young Gu Master was also at fault. If he wasn't blinded by his greed, how could he be tricked?

If Jia Fu really wanted to protect his own didi, with his cultivation base of a level four, even the Ancient Moon clan's head couldn't have stopped him.

Jia Fu pondered for a while before he opened his mouth, "I understand this as my brother is completely at fault. He has made junior brother suffer from buying a fake product. I apologize!" As he finished his sentence, he clasped his hands together, kowtowing to the young Gu Master.

"Honorable Jia Fu!" The young Gu Master was feeling surprised and he humbly said, "You are a level four Gu Master while I'm only at level two. I can't accept this, simply can't accept this!"

Jia Fu waved his hands, "Haha, this thing isn't related to the cultivation base of a Gu Master. I always treat the fact as it is and not the individual. Wrong is wrong. I apologize to you on behalf of the caravan. As for compensation, since junior brother had lost two hundred and fifty Primeval Stones; I will represent the Jia family and compensate you with double that amount."

He did exactly as he said. The followers beside him immediately took out five pouches of money and handed it to the young Gu Master in front of everyone.

Each of the pouches was full with a hundred Primeval Stones.

The young Gu Master received the pouches and he was so excited that he couldn't utter a word.

"However, young man, senior brother wants to advise you." Jia Fu said with concern, "The Black Hog Gu is extremely rare as it could enhance the powers of a Gu Master. Although it is just a level one Gu, it is very difficult to find it on the market. Normally, as soon as it appears, people will buy it right away. The price is about six hundred Primeval Stones. Wanting to reply on two hundred Primeval Stones to buy a Black Hog Gu is highly unrealistic."

"Junior understood!" The young Gu Master was convinced and then kowtowed to Jia Fu.

There were cheers that arose from the crowd.

"Honorable Jia Fu is too wise!"

"This is excellent; he is indeed the honorable Jia Fu!"

"Even though he himself is a level four Gu Master, still, he doesn't rely on his power to abuse the weak as Honorable Jia Fu really is a role model."

"Not really, not really." Jia Fu smiled while he kowtowed in every direction and modestly said, "The business of our Jia family has always based on honesty and saying no towards cheating others. You folks, my brother is still young as he likes to tease others, in reality, his heart is still good, and I hope that everyone can forgive him."

The cheering was getting even more enthusiastic.

"Tsk!" Jia JinSheng's countenance was pale as he bitterly stomped away, directly turned, and entered his cottage. He then went through the cottage, to the back side, and exited it.

Fang Yuan looked with the cool eyes of the bystander and he thought inside, "It seems like I can do something with the images on that cliff that Hua Jiu monk has left behind."

Hua Jiu monk had used the Saving Image Storing Sound Gu to record the disgraceful act of the fourth clan's head.

He was disgruntled before he had died. Hence, he had used the Saving Image Storing Sound Gu to put it on the cliff in forming images on it.

The images on the cliff were going in a loop as it showed the world the truth that had happened.

To grasp a hold of the biggest advantage, Fang Yuan had soon thought about selling that image on the cliff. He was convinced that the other two clans on the Green Thatch Mountain, including the mountain strongholds of the Bai family and the Xiong family, would all be very interested in the images on the cliff.

However, it wouldn't have been alright if he had personally sold the images on the cliff himself as his cultivation base was still weak. Bringing the images on the cliff to another mountain stronghold, he would likely be killed to keep such a secret safe.

Even if the transaction was successful and he had received the payment, there was no airtight wall in this world. Once the news was leaked to the high authorities of the Ancient Moon clan, the lightest punishment he would receive was to be banished from the clan.

Following Fang Yuan's plan, the Ancient Moon clan still had some uses to him.

Hence, the safest way was to sell it to a merchant of the caravan. Those merchants were all outsiders as they didn't participate in the battle of power between the mountain strongholds on the Green Thatch Mountain, so they would be the most ideal choice.

A day after, the caravan will leave the Ancient Moon mountain stronghold and head to the Xiong Family mountain stronghold next, then, later on, the mountain stronghold of the Bai Family.

Selling it to them, Fang Yuan would be able to minimize the risk of trading and this would be the safest method.

"Give me another cup of wine!"

"Wine, where is the wine?"

"Bring it to me quickly! Are you scared that I can't afford it?"

Jia JinSheng harshly slammed on the table, growling.

"Gu Childe, your wine!" The servant quickly handed the wine to him.

Jia JinSheng quickly grabbed the bamboo wine cup, raised his neck, and finished it at once.

"Good wine!" He laughed out as his voice was bleak, yet hoarse.

With a bang, he slammed the wine cup on the table, then roared again, "Give your master another cup. No, give me all that you've got!"

The servant of the wine store didn't dare to offend him; he could only follow his demands.

Fortunately, the wine store was almost full. Not only were people encircling the bench but the surrounding area was also full of people. Jia JinSheng was crazy for the wine as he was constantly yelling. However, inside this cottage, his voice wasn't very prominent.

Jia JinSheng had a cup then followed up by another cup. He wanted to use wine to drink away his worries as he faced his back at everyone else, and that was why no one had noticed his tears were falling down as he was drinking.

Who could have understood his bitterness and known of his worries?"

There must be a reason behind every miserable man.

Everyone had their own story.

Among the brothers, he was the youngest. With a good-looking appearance, he also looked like his father the most. Hence, he then became his father's favorite. However, God had deliberately tried to tease him as he was only a grade D aptitude.

Even when he was small, he had been oppressed by his brothers, and he didn't want to reconcile. He wanted to resist but because of his aptitude, he couldn't.

As his father felt the calamities that were approaching, he wanted to split the inheritance. He let every two brothers received a caravan and in accordance to their own achievements, they each, would receive a different share of the inheritance.

Jia JinSheng wanted to rely on his own to gain the inheritance of the family, as well as their recognition. However, he didn't expect that his brother Jia Fu would set his foot in.

The moment that Jia Fu had appeared, he immediately knew that he had been tricked, from the beginning to the end, this had been a scheme, but what could he have done? Since the time that he entered this caravan, he had been firmly watched over by Jia Fu. The big gap between a level four and a level one Gu Master left him unable to fight.

"Jia Fu!" He squeezed out a name from his teeth. The flame of hatred was burning in his eyes. He wasn't willing to!

"Do you want to take revenge on your brother? I can help you." Just then, a voice landed on his ears.

Jia JinSheng was shocked for a moment before turning around and found a person that was already unknowingly sitting down beside him.

He shook his head a few times, blinked, and finally recognized the man.

Who could it be beside Fang Yuan?

"It's you!" He stared at Fang Yuan with anger, "I remember you! You are the lucky kid that had gained a Leprous Earth Toad in my gambling house! Do you want to make fun of me?"

Fang Yuan looked at Jia Fu with eyes as cold as water, "I have a big business. If you want to achieve a better result and receive more property, you might need to listen."

Jia JinSheng's visage suddenly showed a gleam of surprise. He sat straight up and then said, "How did you know about the inheritance of our family?"

This was a secret. Outsiders couldn't be able to know about this. However, Fang Yuan had just said it out straightly.

"These events of the Jia family aren't some big secrets, how can you hide it from the eyes of the whole world?" Fang Yuan sneered. He couldn't help but recall the memory in his past life.

The head of the Jia family was a legendary man as he had built his whole business from scratch. He rose his power from the caravan and revitalized the mountain stronghold of the Jia Family. As he got older, he felt that calamity had descended. He then assigned every two of his sons a caravan, splitting the inheritance according to their achievements. The better the result was, the more the property they would receive.

However, his oldest son Jia Fu and his second son Jia Gui were all excellent. Being indirect competition for six to seven years, they still couldn't determine who was better. Even until the head of the Jia family had passed away, the outcome was still undecided.

After the family head had passed away, he left behind an enormous inheritance. In order to snatch away the inheritance, Jia Fu and Jia Gui always competed with each other. From fighting internally, they then borrowed forces from the outside to join in the battle. After arousing a large scale Gu Competition, they had both perished. The Jia family's powerful era was temporary as it had soon declined in leaving the world sobbing.

Jia JinSheng squinted his eyes. He didn't have any comment regarding Fang Yuan's explanation. He silently thought: Last year was when father announced the rules for dividing the inheritance. It is now the second year. There is no airtight wall in this world. Hence, the fact that this news was leaked out isn't too surprising.

His true worry was whether or not this was a scheme from Jia Fu. But no matter what, at first, he wanted to listen to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan didn't talk right away but looked around. This wine store was the one he had gone in that afternoon. The owner of the wine store had a unique operating method. The business was rising at night. Noisy sounds now filled the cottage as it was full.

Discussing here was safer than when it was quiet as they could avoid some Eavesdropping Gu.

He waved his finger at Jia JinSheng, "Come over here."

Jia JinSheng unhappily sneered but was still tilting his body over.

After he had listened to Fang Yuan's narration, he furrowed his brows, and was glancing at Fang Yuan with an icy-cold look, "This business involved the three pillars of the Green Thatch Mountain. Being a merchant, the most taboo thing is to get oneself involved in the battle over the power struggle in that area. Tsk, did Jia Fu send you here to trick me?"

Fang Yuan had soon expected that he would have this doubt. He didn't explain but stood up and walked away, "Haha, if so, then I will go discuss it with your brother."

Jia JinSheng squinting his eyes while staring at Fang Yuan. Right when Fang Yuan was about to exit the wine store was he not able to hold it anymore as he stood up and rushed over, passing Fang Yuan outside of the cottage, "Don't go, we can still talk about it."

Fang Yuan put both of his hands behind his back, obliquely looking at him then coldly said, "I know you have doubts about me. However, you are now being firmly oppressed by your brother; you will soon lose everything. It is either that you believe that there is still a glimmer of hope or there will be no hope at all. Let's see if you dare to bet on this one or not."

Jia JinSheng's visage drastically changed; he corrected, "Jia Fu is just older than me but I have never looked at him as my older brother! But you are right; I will bet on this."

Fang Yuan solemnly said, "Two thousand Primeval Stones, no bargaining."

Jia JinSheng bitterly smiled, "This price is very high and the sale is too risky."

"No pain no gain." Fang Yuan shook his head, then spoke with a determined tone, "If you sell it to the other two mountain strongholds, I guarantee that you will gain a lot more."

Jia JinSheng nodded, a trace of seriousness emerged on his face, "I really do believe in that point. In these past few years, the Bai Family mountain stronghold has quickly expanded their power as they also have a grade A genius, named Bai NingBing. He has great prospects and the power structure in the Green Thatch Mountain is gradually changing where the dominating position of your Ancient Moon mountain stronghold is shaking. If I sell it to the Bai Family, I believe the price will be at least doubled!"

After having listened to Jia JinSheng's thorough understanding of the power struggle of the Green Thatch Mountain, Fang Yuan couldn't help but look at him again and silently thought, "Being born with such a family background, this Jia JinSheng has been influenced by his family. He really isn't a good-for-nothing guy."

Jia JinSheng deeply sighed, "No matter whether this is a pit or not, I will still jump. I promise you. Two thousand Primeval stones, deal! However, I want to look at the goods first."

"Of course, follow me." Fang Yuan laughed then turned around and showed him the way. Jia JinSheng had entered the urn and everything was within his control now.

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