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Waves were rippling on the surface of the Bronze Primeval Sea.

Above the sea, the Wine Gu curled up into a ball, distributing the wine fragrance like white mist.

With a crashing sound, a wave of Primeval Essence soared up, directly intruding the wine mist. Once it came down, there was only half left as the color was getting more profound. From the emerald green beginner stage, it had now changed into the Intermediate dark green color.

The Intermediate Primeval Essence fell into the Primeval Sea but didn't get mixed with the beginner Primeval Essence and it precipitated at the bottom as if it got heavier.

The Primeval Sea was divided as the upper half was the beginner Primeval Essence and the lower half was the Intermediate Primeval Essence.

With the time passing by, the wine mist was constantly floating in the vain aperture. Under the refinement of the Wine Gu, the Beginner Primeval Essence was lessened while the Intermediate Primeval Essence was rising.

It could be clearly seen that the water level of the lower half Intermediate Primeval Essence was getting higher and that the lower half was continuously declining and had ascended unceasingly.

On one side, Fang Yuan was refining his Primeval Essence, on the other side, he was absorbing the natural Primeval Essence in the Primeval Stones to quickly replenish the vain aperture in his body.

Lastly, twenty percent of his Primeval Sea had been refined into the Intermediate Primeval Essence.

"Thanks to the Intermediate Primeval Essence, if not, in the gambling house, I wouldn't be able to open five rocks continuously like that." Sitting cross-legged on the bed of the dormitory, Fang Yuan gradually opened his eyes.

It was already late at night.

After coming out of the gambling house, he no longer visited any other stores, but directly returned to the schoolhouse.

Although it was just around the Ancient Moon Mountain Stronghold, a Beginner level one Gu Master that carried five hundred and thirty-eight Primeval Stones was just too much.

This was not only because of the slightly heavy weight of the Primeval Stones that had made it become quite hard to carry around, but there were also people who were longing for it, with another layer of life crisis.

Even if he was at the Advanced level one, if an evil intent arose inside the heart of a level two Gu Master, with Fang Yuan's current capacity, it would still be impossible for him to parry.

"Money is just an inherent part of a human being and if someone had died because of wealth, it would have been pathetic. The funny thing is that not too many people can see this point. How many people does a boat of benefits carry and how many people can board it before it sinks to their deaths?" Fang Yuan's mouth sketched out traces of a cold smile as he looked at the gray Primeval Stone in his hand.

A complete Primeval Stone was a size of a duck egg. However, the one in his hand right now was significantly smaller since half of its Primeval Essence had been absorbed.

Fang Yuan didn't feel the slightest pain.

There was acon to everything. He was only a grade C aptitude. Wanting to use the Wine Gu to refine his Primeval Essence, he had to consume double that of the same aged person. However, therefore, he could overcome the lack of aptitude. If the practice process was being evaluated, he could be ranked at the top three.

Fang Yuan put the Primeval Stone back into his pouch and then took out that last purple-gold rock.

He bought a total of six pieces of rocks in the gambling house as he opened five on the spot and had brought back this last one.

Light immediately sparked in his eyes. He urged the Moonlight Gu again in rubbing the stone with his fingers as he began to open up the stone.

Under the blue light, the purple-gold rock was rapidly reduced in size and ultimately disappeared, leaving only a pile of rock powder on the side of the bed.

Fang Yuan wasn't surprised as gambling was like betting ten just to win only one.

Even if he already had five hundred years of experience, at most, he could only get eight after betting on ten. The remaining two would be divided into a living Gu or a dead Gu.

A dead Gu basically didn't have any value and a living Gu did not necessarily guarantee for it to be an extremely precious and rare one. If he had really found a valuable living Gu, on the contrary, he would have brought a fatal disaster to himself.

Fang Yuan's current cultivation base was incredibly low and was currently the lowest among the Gu Masters. The Leprous Earth Toad that he had just found, if he wasn't on the ground of the Ancient Moon Mountain Stronghold, he might have been robbed by that Jia JinSheng.

Gambling had never been a way to get rich. On the contrary, it was the primary reason for bankruptcy. This was also not the path that Fang Yuan chose to develop.

Although he couldn't find a Gu inside this last purple-gold rock, Fang Yuan wasn't disappointed. On the contrary, looking at this pile of rock powder, he gradually beamed a smile.

Exactly, the ultimate goal of entering the gambling house was this rock powder.

The Leprous Earth Toad was just something he did out of handiness.

As he secretly opened the rock, except him, no one knew the real goal.

From now on, he could make an excuse that the Wine Gu was the Gu he founded when opening the purple-gold rock.

This idea was wonderful.

First of all, no one could determine what kind of Gu could be found in these fossils. Who could say that this Gu couldn't be sleeping inside this fossil? It was entirely possible!

Secondly, he had some witnesses. The fact that he opened the Leprous Earth Toad had left a deep impression in those Gu Masters' hearts.

Thirdly, even if someone had tried to pursue him till the end, he could still blame it all on luck. Fortune and luck, these kinds of things were the most difficult to understand. Even if there was someone who had suspected that this was the Wine Gu of Hua Jiu the monk, facing the word 'luck', one couldn't find a way to start with this excuse.

The darkness inside the room was covering Fang Yuan's eyes.

Blindly concealed was like a paper wrapped in fire as it would one day be exposed.

To deal with this hidden danger of the Wine Gu, he had to take the initiative to show it out. This was Fang Yuan's way of doing things.

Moreover, he had carefully thought about it. In the next stage of cultivating, he also needed to expose the Wine Gu.

This kind of level one Wine Gu was extremely valuable to a level one Gu Master. However, level two Gu Masters wouldn't have cared. Hence, even if he had exposed this, at most he could only have caused some attentions. It won't have any harm toward the overall situation as it didn't matter. It was different from the Spring and Autumn Cicada, if that Gu was exposed, he might have died in the next moment without a trace.

Five hundred years of life experiences had let Fang Yuan understood clearly about the humans' hearts, as clear as the veins in his palm.

"Two things from my memory including the hidden legacy of Hua Jiu the monk and the Leprous Earth Toad were all picked up by them. Next, I can only rely on my own effort to cultivate step by step."

Fang Yuan deeply sighed. As he stretched his body, he could feel the tiredness that rushed in.

When a Gu Master cultivated his own Primeval Sea, it couldn't replace sleeping.

Fang Yuan got into bed as he had his eyes half opened while lying on the bed.

Although he had hidden more than five hundred Primeval Stones behind the bedhead and stored lots of Green Bamboo Wine under the bed, he still felt a faint sense of crisis.

Five hundred pieces of Primeval Stones had soon become a limit. Just as falling from the pinnacle of power, Fang Yuan clearly understood that his Primeval Stone consumption rate would be even more.

And the majority of his income all came from extorting his schoolmates.

He could feel that more and more of the disciples surrounding him were obviously making process. Especially the last few extortions from Gu Yue Mo Bei, Chi Cheng and his didi Gu Yue Fang Zheng had made great improvement regarding their fisticuffs technique. Before, he could defeat then within one to two strikes. But right now, he needed five to six strikes.

"After robbing them for three or four times, their fisticuffs technique would be tempered. Once all of them challenge me at once, with my physical strength right now, I won't be able to accept such a wheel war[1]. More than five hundred Primeval Stones sounded like a big amount, but if I use four pieces each day, it, in fact, is nothing."

"There is no treasure on the Green Thatch Mountain. However, around the White Bones Mountain, there is a level four Gu Master that had secretly passed it on as a formidable inheritance. However, such a good inheritance was really troublesome as its crucial entrance needed the combined power of two people to be able to pass it."

"Haizz, the main thing is that the legacy of Hua Jiu was too little. There was only a Wine Gu. Ah, There are still those images on the wall. Maybe I can sell it to the caravan..."

Fang Yuan was thinking as his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier until his sleepiness came by.

[1] Wheel war is the tactic of several persons taking turns in fighting one opponent to tire him out.

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