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Chapter 992 - Reunion(2)

As he spoke, he moved backward and was about to leave. 

The three Chen brothers’ eyes were bloodshot, especially Master Yi Chen’s; it was as if his heart was torn. Although Ling Er was a cross generation junior, he treated her like his own daughter. At this moment, it was as if he was watching a villain stealing his daughter before him.

He clenched his teeth,turned toward the palace Wang Lin was in, and bowed. His voice was filled with grief and indignation as he loudly said, “Brother Wang, please help this old man once!”

Unfortunately, Wang Lin was completely immersed in refining the corpse, because it was the most critical moment. He only kept his divine sense around the palace, so even if he detect what was happening outside, he couldn’t be distracted.

Situ Nan was originally going to leave, but when he heard “Brother Wang,” his body trembled and he stopped. His eyes revealed a mysterious light and muttered to himself, “Someone named Wang?”

“What is the name of the brother Wang you spoke of?” Situ Nan turned around toward Master Yi Chen, but soon shook his head and said, “Forget it, I’ll know once I look!"

After he spoke, he took a step and charged at the palace Wang Lin was in.

If Situ Nan hadn’t gone to Wang Lin, Master Hollow Wind wouldn’t have appeared. He was already injured, so there was no way he would help the three Chen brothers. However, now that Situ Nan had closed in on Wang Lin, he had to act!

People who had reached his cultivation level were pretty open about things. However, after several encounters with Wang Lin, he felt very complex. Wang Lin had let him go twice. Although it was just to get his help in the Demon Spirit Land, it was him who was wrong twice, so he held no resentment.

Therefore, if he didn’t act now, it would be unreasonable. Master Hollow Wind’s eyes lit up and he gave up on healing himself. When Situ Nan was within five kilometers of Wang Lin’s palace, he appeared before Situ Nan.

Master Hollow Wind’s expression was calm as he slowly said, “Fellow Cultivator, since you already taken the people you want, it is best to leave!”

Situ Nan’s eyes narrowed, but his expression was filled with impatience, and he shouted, “If you weren’t injured, you’d barely qualify, but right now you’re not qualified to block me!” As Situ Nan spoke, he raised his right hand and pointed without hesitation.

Underworld Finger!

As this finger pointed out, the sky changed colors and dense death aura filled the world. The Underworld Finger now held considerable power after being refined by Situ Nan.

Borrowing the sliver of life that appears in a land filled with death, it allowed the Underworld Finger to contain a small trace of life!

As a result, it formed its own Yin and Yang and became a fierce spell that shot directly at Master Hollow Wind.

Master Hollow Wind’s hands formed a seal and he waved his hand. Large amounts of origin energy gathered and collided with the Underworld Finger.

There was a loud bang, and Master Hollow Wind’s body trembled and he was forced to retreat several dozen feet. However, the Underworld Finger wasn’t effect at all and continued to chase him after a short pause.

Disdain filled Situ Nan’s eyes as he shouted, “Underworld Change!”

After he spoke, the underworld wind rapidly shrank and a destructive aura spread out like crazy.

Master Hollow Wind’s expression changed greatly. He naturally saw that this wind was abnormal and retreated without hesitation.

Situ Nan didn’t pay attention to Master Hollow Wind and stepped directly toward Wang Lin’s palace. Ta Shan and Big Head wanted to intercept, but Situ Nan waved his sleeve. Big Head was blown away, but Ta Shan was able to maintain his position. He was, after all, a celestial guard. Then he threw a punch!

This punch created a sonic boom that charged toward Situ Nan.

Situ Nan was surprised as he carefully looked at Ta Shan before pointing at him. Ta Shan’s body trembled and he was blown away.

“Interesting, a Nirvana Cleanser, a Nirvana Scryer, and a puppet with such a powerful body. I really have to see this cultivator named Wang that is being guarded by them.”

As Situ Nan laughed, he stepped within 1,000 feet of the palace. The moment he landed, Situ Nan was startled, and he had an extremely strange expression with his mouth open. He didn’t believe what he was seeing. After all, what he saw with his divine sense was very different from seeing it in person.

Situ Nan was about to speak, but a loud whistle came from the palace. Countless restrictions rushed out, and they filled the sky and rushed at Sit Nan.

“Damn it…” Situ Nan was about to retreat, but there were too many restrictions. They all rushed at him as if they wouldn’t give up until they sealed him!

Situ Nan wryly smiled and simply decided not to retreat. He opened his arms and a giant vortex appeared before him. This vortex rotated very fast, and as Situ Nan swung his arms, the vortex collapsed, sending out waves of ripples.

All the restrictions that touched these ripples collapsed, and in just a moment, all of the restrictions collapsed.

Situ was about to speak when his expression changed and a sharp, female voice came from the palace. This scream pierced the high heavens, and even Situ Nan couldn’t help but retreat a few steps.

Just at this moment, the door to the palace suddenly opened. A woman wearing silver shot out in a ray of silver light toward Situ Nan.

Situ Nan’s eyes narrowed as he waved his right hand and retreated. His right hand formed a seal and he pointed at the woman, creating a ring of light, and he shouted, “Celestial Entrapment Finger!”

This ring of light shined purple and gave off a powerful origin energy fluctuation. As Situ Nan spoke, it shot toward the female corpse.

Just as Situ Nan pointed, the ring disappeared, but a moment later, it appeared around the woman. It trapped the woman inside and mercilessly shrank!

The ring suddenly multiplied from one to two, two to four, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into countless rings trapping her! However, this woman wasn’t simple. She opened her mouth to spit out a pair of scissors. The scissors flew around her, cutting the rings.

Taking this time, Situ Nan spat at the ground and wryly smiled. “Damn it, what is this? I failed to recognize someone I knew…” With that, he walked past the woman and directly headed toward the palace.

When he closed in, his hands formed a seal and he pointed with his finger as he laughed. “Take my Mountain Tremble Finger!” With a point of his finger, the shadow of a majestic mountain appeared behind Situ Nan. The mountain was so huge that it almost connected the heavens and earth. Then the shadow rapidly condensed onto Situ Nan’s finger.

In the end, when the mountain completely disappeared, the power of this finger reached its peak. This finger was like a mountain crashing down!

A very cheerful laugh came from inside the palace and a frenzy aura exploded from within.

The two forces collided with each other, causing an unimaginable shockwave to spread out. The shockwave caused dust to cover the area surrounding Wang Lin’s palace. All the shattered stones scattered in all directions.

Situ Nan’s body trembled and shock filled his eyes. He turned into a ray of light and retreated 1,000 feet before the powerful force was dissipated. Nevertheless, his right hand still trembled and felt numb.

“What kind of spell is this? Just the power of the body not only broke my Mountain Tremble spell, it even caused me to retreat! When did this brat become so strong?!” Excitement filled Situ Nan’s eyes as he laughed and jumped into the air. He pointed up and smiled. “That Mountain Tremble was used with only part of my strength. Right now, I’ll let you see it at its full power. I spent a long time comprehending this spell on that abandoned planet that was worse than bird shit to perfect this!”

“OK!” Wang Lin’s laugh came from below and he flew into the air. When he looked at Situ Nan, a rare hint of excitement and familiarity appeared in his eyes.

Situ Nan smiled, but the admiration and the excitement from seeing Wang Lin after so many years was still revealed through his expression.

The two of them looked at each other in the air. Sometimes, brothers don’t need to talk much. They only needed one gaze to rekindle their friendship.

Everything that happened on planet Suzaku echoed in both their hearts almost at the same time.

“Mountain Tremble Finger!” Situ Nan laughed as his right hand pointed at Wang Lin. At this moment, the entire planet trembled and mountains souls flew out. An illusion appeared around Situ Nan.

Mountains appeared next to Situ Nan; there were hundreds of thousands of them. Situ Nan had unexpectedly called all the mountain souls on the planet here. They appeared like mirages and looked extremely real.

As he pointed, these mountain souls gave off ancient auras that quickly gathered! They condensed into a powerful force that shot toward Wang Lin.

This finger was a powerful spell that gathered all the mountain souls on planet Water Spirit!

The power of this Mountain Tremble Finger caused Wang Lin’s eyes to reveal a mysterious light. He gripped his hand and the sky rumbled. It was as if Wang Lin was holding the sky within his hands.

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