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Chapter 993 - Poison

Holding his right fist, Wang Lin walked forward and threw a punch forward.

There was a loud bang that echoed between the worlds. An illusion of an ancient god's arm appeared before Wang Lin as if that punch was the punch of an ancient god!

Boom, boom, boom! This earth-shattering sound replaced all other sounds on planet Water Spirit and echoed within everyone's ears.

Situ Nan's Mountain Tremble Finger that gathered all the mountain souls on the planet collided before Wang Lin's fist. A powerful shockwave spread, causing violent waves to appear over the ocean!

Situ Nan laughed and retreated. There was admiration in his eyes and he smiled. "We haven't seen each other in a long time. Wang Lin, I haven't seen you for hundreds of years, and you sure surprised me today!" 

Wang Lin also retreated and laughed. "It looks like you must have entered closed door cultivation in these hundreds of years!"

The two of them looked at each other and smiled happily. Wang Lin had not been so happy for a long time. His reunion with Situ Nan made him think of their long friendship, and this made his heart feel warm.

Situ Nan was still the same. He was very arrogant and had very few close friends, and even the ones he had, he had long lost contact with them. Wang Lin was somewhat special as the two of them had experienced many life and death situations together. Now that he saw that Wang Lin's cultivation had reached such a degree, he was very happy.

Under Wang Lin's invitation, the two flew off into the distance, leaving everyone else confused.

In particular, the three Chen brothers were startled by this sudden change. It wasn't until after a long time that the three of them wryly smiled. They were all Nirvana Scryer cultivators and were all very smart. At this moment, they realized that when Situ Nan said he was taking Zhou Xue and Ling Er for his brother, that there was an 80% chance that his brother was Wang Lin.

Master Hollow Wind could only bitterly smile at this and shook his head. Then he looked at the woman in silver that had walked out from Situ Nan's spell and felt doubt in his heart.

All of them scattered. At this moment, Wang Lin and Situ Nan sat on the peak where Wang Lin comprehended Sundered Night. The mountain wind hit their clothes as the two exchanged what had happened to them over these hundreds of years.

There was a white jade table between the two of them with a wine jug and other things that Situ Nan had brought. After he took a drink, he exclaimed, "I didn't think so many things would happen after you went to planet Tian Yun. It would have been better if you had followed me and had fun being king."

Wang Lin picked up the wine cup and drank a mouthful before shaking his head and saying, "If not for some unexpected things on the way to planet Tian Yun, I wouldn't have my current cultivation."

Situ Nan revealed an expression that was like a smile that was not a smile, then he put down the wine cup and laughed. "I heard about the war between Allheaven and the Alliance on planet Feng Luan and about the fame of the Thunder Celestial of Allheaven. I didn't expect it to be you!"

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral and he smiled. "I was just lucky."

"However, your cultivation is a bit strange. You're only at the peak of the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, but even I panicked at the strength of that punch." Although Situ Nan was only at the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser, his talent was simply too good. He was also painstakingly studying during his closed door cultivation, so he was at the peak of his cultivation level. If forced into a corner, he could even fight mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators, only the price would be heavy.

The battle between Wang Lin and Situ Nan was merely just sparing. However, Situ Nan could obviously feel a shocking power hidden within Wang Lin. Even with Situ Nan's arrogance, he was shocked.

After more than 1,000 years, the youth from back then had lost all his naivety and became a true cultivator!

While Situ Nan was in a trance, it was as if saw that simple child that had just picked up the heaven defying bead… Then the youth flashed by and became the simple youth in the Heng Yue Sect that didn't understand the cruel world of cultivators.

The youth that lost his parents and lost his body before being saved by Situ Nan. Then this youth went on a path of slaughter to almost become a monster...

The youth that rediscovered himself after finding his domain. The youth who gradually rose to fame on planet Suzaku and finally reached the peak to awaken him, Situ Nan.

Situ Nan let out a sigh as he looked at Wang Lin. He couldn't help but think of the day they departed. One went to planet Tian Yun to become a disciple and one went to planet Feng Luan to enjoy life.

In a flash, hundreds of years passed, and today, the two reunited once more. Aside from the friendship not changing, everything else had changed too much.

A person's life was merely this!

As Wang Lin looked at Situ Nan, memories of the past also flashed through his mind. These memories were too old, but Wang Lin clearly remembered them. He couldn't forget what he once said under the night sky.

"I, Wang Lin, will never bow to the heavens or pay respect to any ghost or god. I only bow to my parents and pay my respects to Situ!"

Situ Nan had helped him far too much. If not for Situ, Wang Lin would have died in Zhao and would never have the achievements he had today.

If it wasn't for Situ, it would have been hard for Wang Lin to step through to early stages of the first step, Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, and Nascent Soul! Without his foundation, it would have been hard for him to reach his current level.

If not for Situ's Death, Demonic, and Underworld Fingers, along with how to use spells and treasures, it would have been hard for Wang Lin to gain a foothold on planet Tian Yun.

If not for Situ, when Wang Lin was attacked by the Scattered Devil in the Demon Spirit Land, he would have died without the Underworld Finger...

There was also the heaven defying bead! If Situ Nan had any greed, he wouldn't have let Wang Lin keep such a mysterious treasure. If Situ were to take it from Wang Lin, Wang Lin would die. Because of that, Situ simply smiled and said one thing.

"I gift you this!"

As the memories from the past resurfaced, the two people on the peak became silent.

The wind whistled by, but it couldn't scatter the emotions they felt. These emotions became even more powerful, until they were like a shroud of smoke that would linger forever in their hearts, representing their eternal friendship.

As the mountain breeze blew by, the two drank one cup after another. After a moment of silence, both laughed. Real friends don't need to say much; just a cup of wine and a laugh can allow them to throw away all the sadness, leaving only joy.

A man can have no lover, but he can't be without a true friend.

Situ Nan didn't question more about Wang Lin's cultivation being strange. He interrupted Wang Lin's words as he drank a cup of  wine and smiled. "What more is there to say between us two brothers? When I was at a disadvantage on planet Feng Luan, I first thought of you. Later, you and I will definitely slaughter our way back to planet Feng Luan!"

Wang Lin smiled and nodded without asking more. He chatted with Situ Nan as they drank wine until it was late into the night. The bright moon hung in the sky, shining brightly. Although it was cold, it was also very quiet. Talking about life with a friend made Wang Lin's mind feel peaceful.

He hadn't had this warm feeling in a very long time. This kind of warmth appeared by itself when one was with old friends. It was as if he was back on planet Suzaku, where he and Situ Nan's fates were linked.

"You were also famous in the Allheaven Star System, and it can be said you had fun there. But poor me, I originally was having fun on planet Feng Luan but accidently saw some of those damn women. It shouldn't have been a big deal in the cultivation world. I didn't care much; didn't I just take a few extra looks, didn't I just engrave the images into a jade?" Situ Nan was depressed as he drank a big mouthful of wine.

"That was all I did, yet they released a kill order to hunt me day and night. It forced me to hide, and I couldn't even act like a king in peace… Finally, I was forced to change close door cultivation locations every once in a while. In these past several hundred years, I was like a mouse running from one planet to another. Planets filled with spiritual energy and abandoned planets without any spiritual energy, I've been to them all."

Situ Nan became angry as he talked about this, so he simply picked up a jug and drank for a few breaths. Then he put it down and hatefully said, "After I came out of closed door cultivation, I slaughtered my way to planet Feng Luan, but there were too many of them. And they had gotten some helpers, making me suffer a big loss!" When Situ Nan got to this point, his face unexpectedly turned red.

Wang Lin roughly guessed the story before his eyes narrowed and he frowned. He grabbed Situ Nan's right hand and he carefully spread out his divine sense. After a long time, Wang Lin's expression became even more strange.

Situ Nan wryly smiled and drank a cup before he said, "You saw through it?"

Wang Lin pondered for a bit as a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes along with monstrous killing intent. He nodded and said, "What kind of poison is so powerful that you can't force it out even with your cultivation?"

Situ Nan put down his cup of wine and wryly smiled. "I don't know where those damn women from planet Feng Luan got this poison. I checked a lot of records to find that this poison is called the Seventh Heaven. Three days of heaven then three days of hell! Damn it, during these days, I really wished I was dead!"

"This poison is a remnant of the Celestial Realm, and before the Celestial Realm collapsed, it was a poison made by refining countless celestials for 100 years. This poison has no effect on mortals, but it targets celestials! After this poison enters the body, it is impossible to force it out, because it completely fuses with one's origin soul.

"The main effect of this Seventh Heaven is in the three days of heaven and three days of hell. During the first three days, you will be in a state of illusion and waste all your mental power. Then you spend the next three days dying. On the seventh day, your origin soul is completely destroyed!

"Although it takes seven days for you to die, but the moment you are poisoned, you lose all your cultivation…"

"Then, you…" Wang Lin looked at Situ Nan. It was obvious Situ Nan hadn't lost his cultivation.

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