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Chapter 991 - Reunion(1)

Looking at the blue cultivation planet, Situ Nan's divine sense spread out and spread forward. It was like a storm that charged at the planet and swept through it.

Situ Nan's Nirvana Cleanser cultivation made his divine sense very sharp. Adding his arrogant and almost demonic domain, it gave him almost endless power.

As he swept across the planet, the entire planet trembled as if a giant pair of hands was playing with it. Rumbling sounds came from the earth and the sky changed colors!

The three Chen brothers were cultivating, but they suddenly opened their eyes and revealed gloomy expressions. The three disappeared at the same time, and when they reappeared, they were in the air.

However, this divine sense was too strong. The moment the three of them appeared, they had to retreat thousands of feet and use their full power to resist to be able to barely stand firm.

Big Head and Lei Ji also felt this powerful divine sense. Lei Ji's cultivation level wasn't high enough, so he directly coughed out blood. However, he wasn't scared at all but instead felt gloomy.

Big Head resisted the impact of the divine sense and arrived next to Wang Lin's palace. He protected Wang Lin's palace along with Ta Shan.

As for the junior cultivators, they were all extremely pale. Those that were lightly injured coughed out blood, and those who were heavily affected passed out. Only people like Zhao Xue and Ling Er, who had protection items from the three Chen brothers, were able to barely hold on.

The extremely arrogant divine sense spread across the palace Wang Lin was in. However, Wang Lin was refining the female corpse and had reached the most critical moment.

Wang Lin's divine sense had almost completely connected to the female corpse. Unless someone's cultivation level was way higher, they would only see the female corpse. After all, the female corpse was also at the Nirvana Cleanser stage.

The divine sense paused for a moment and then swept by. In the distance, Master Hollow Wind's eyes shined and then he frowned. As the divine sense spread out, his eyes revealed a dark glow and he formed a seal and pointed forward.

The divine sense gathered like a whirlpool as it laughed and retreated.

"This old man's mood is pretty good, so I'll give you a chance. Hand over the woman with the water spirit root and that little girl called Zhao Xue. I really don't consider you two half-dead Nirvana Cleanser cultivators a threat." This rough voice rumbled across planet Water Spirit like roaring thunder. It quickly reached every part of planet Water Spirit.

This voice contained a spell along with Situ Nan's Nirvana Cleanser cultivation. Just listening to it caused the three Chen brothers to cough out blood and retreat once more.

Master Yi Chen's expression was ferocious as he shouted, "Activate the planet protection formation!" As soon as he finished, he touched his bag and a black token flew out.

At the same time, Master Yi Xing and Master Yi Long quickly took out a black token from each their bags.

The three of them raised their token almost at the same time. One of the tokens collapsed and turned into a black ripple that quickly spread. In just a moment, it surrounded the entire planet.

Just as the first token shattered, the remaining two tokens also shattered. Then two more ripples spread across the entire planet. At this moment, there were three layers of black ripples that tightly guarded planet Water Spirit!

Master Yi Chen's face was pale. He had no confidence that these three layers could resist the enemy, but he didn't panic. He sneered in his heart. "With Brother Wang here, I want to see how you'll bully planet Water Spirit!"

"Oh?' When Situ Nan saw the three layers of light, a cold light flashed in his eyes. When his divine sense spread across planet Water Spirit, he noticed two early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators.

The two Nirvana Cleanser cultivators were seriously injured, but even if they weren't, Situ Nan wouldn't have cared. He laughed and then disappeared from the large bed. He reappeared outside planet Water Spirit.

"Resisting is good. The more you resist, the more excited I get. Damn it, this time I'm getting concubine furnaces for my brother, not for myself. Mortality, stand on my side!"

Situ Nan's eyes revealed a strange light as he closed in on planet Water Spirit. Then he suddenly pointed forward with his right forefinger!


A vortex appeared on Situ Nan's finger, and the sounds of explosion could be heard from within the vortex. Endless origin energy condensed in the vortex, causing it to rotate faster. In the end, it looked like it wasn't moving, but the speed of its rotation had reached an unimaginable degree.

"Last time I went into closed door cultivation, I refined the Finger of Death, Demonic Finger, and Underworld Finger. In addition, I also improved the latter three finger techniques. I can break this mere planet protection formation in just a few breaths of time!" Situ Nan's eyes lit up as he mercilessly pointed forward.

The vortex quickly flew toward the formation around planet Water Spirit. It closed in in an instant and smashed into the first layer

A heaven-shaking sound echoed when the vortex and the black light collided. The shockwave spread out violently, pushing everyone away. Situ Nan wasn't affected, but all the female cultivators behind him had to retreat.

The first layer of black ripples trembled rapidly and exploded! Then a huge storm was set off, and it landed on the second layer.

Just at this instant, Situ Nan pointed once more and shouted, "One finger points at the heavens and earth, the universe is silenced!"

With a point of his finger, an even larger vortex appeared and the origin energy in the world gathered like crazy. It was as if the vortex had become a black hole that could absorb all the power in the world.

In an instant, the vortex was 100 feet wide. As it rotated rapidly, lightning arched within it, creating sounds of explosions.

Situ Nan's eyes revealed a mysterious light as he shouted, "Annihilation change!"

After he spoke, the explosions from inside the vortex reached a limit and the lightning inside arched even more violently. However, all of these were secondary; the most important part was that the origin energy inside the vortex went through a shocking change!

Nirvana Cleanser cultivators could absorb origin energy form the world and infuse it into their spells. As a result, their attacks were far more powerful than that of Nirvana Scryer cultivators.

However, this could be considered the lowest method of using origin energy. It was very simple; it was just absorbing and condensing!

However, if you understood the laws, then you could use change in addition to absorb and condense!

The so-called change was a qualitative change by absorbing origin energy and then compressing it repeatedly until it changed into a mysterious power that Nirvana Cleanser cultivators called the "power of law!"

In truth, Wang Lin's self-created spell belonged to the power of law! The power of law was something that rarely occurred in Nirvana Cleanser cultivators, much less Nirvana Scryer cultivators. This was why Master Hollow Wind was so shocked!

Situ Nan shouted as the 100 foot vortex before him compressed until it was only the size of his hand. Then it flew directly at the planet protection formation.

"Break for this old man!" Situ Nan stepped forward toward the vortex.

The vortex was so fast that it closed in instantly. As the vortex closed in, the second layer trembled violently. When the vortex touched it, the second layer unexpectedly twisted with the vortex and was absorbed by the vortex without any resistance.

The vortex didn't stop and directly landed on the last layer of black ripples.

The moment it touched the last layer of black ripples, the layer collapsed. The three layers of the planet protection formation were destroyed like this!

The vortex charged at planet Water Spirit. While letting out an arrogant laugh, Situ Nan shouted, "This old man is here looking for a concubine for my brother. I'll destroy anyone who dares to stop me!"

The moment Situ Nan and the vortex appeared above planet Water Spirit, the three Chen brothers coughed out blood once more. The planet protection formation was linked to them, so they couldn't help but retreat.

Behind Situ Nan, the female cultivators of the Pink Palace quickly followed and filled the sky. The fragrance they gave off was enough to intoxicate people. The middle-aged man in blue also arrived. He excitedly looked at the three Chen brothers and thought, "Even you three old things can have a day like today!"

Master Yi Chen's expression was gloomy as he stared at Situ Nan and shouted, "Fellow Cultivator has amazing cultivation; I presume you're not a nobody!"

Situ Nan glared and laughed. "I'm Situ Nan!"

"Fellow Cultivator Situ has such an amazing cultivation, so why force the three of us? Moreover, Ling Er and Zhao Xue are only juniors, so please let them go. Us Chen brothers will make amends."

Looking at the three Chen brothers, Situ Nan shook his head. "This old man has plenty of women and cultivation furnaces, so I don't care for your juniors. However, this old man's brother is still very young. Let's see…. Only about 1,000 years old, so still very young. Rest assured, my brother is very handsome, and those two junior of yours might not even catch my brother's fancy. Don't waste my time. Bring them out, or else I'll kill you all and take them away!"

"Senior, Zhao Xue can leave with you, but please spare my junior sister!" In the distance, two rays of light arrived and revealed themselves to be two women. One of them was Zhao Xue and beside her was Ling Er, who was completely calm.

Situ Nan narrowed his eyes as his gaze swept Zhao Xue, and he praised her in his heart. It was as the rumors had said, this girl Zhao Xue was a cool beauty and a good material for a concubine.

He then looked at Ling Er next to Zhao Xue, and his eyes revealed a strange glow.

"She indeed does have a water spirit root!"

Zhao Xue didn't even glance at the middle-aged man next to Situ Nan. Her cold and arrogant expression was obvious.

Situ Nan was too lazy to bother with Zhao Xue's words. With a wave of his sleeves, a gust of wind immediately caught Zhao Xue and Ling Er. He arrogantly said, "This old man is taking the two of them!"

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