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Chapter 990 - Kidnap

Wang Lin's eyes were calm as his hands formed a seal and pointed below him. The compass rotated and all the restrictions inside the palace activated and shot toward the female corpse.

That woman let out a wail that was harsh and created a powerful impact. Large amounts of restrictions collapsed.

Anxiety appeared in the eyes of the female corpse, then she quickly retreated. Blue light shot out from Wang Lin's right eye once more and turned into a shield, blocking her path. There was a strong shockwave from the shield that caused her to retreat once more.

As Wang Lin pointed with his right finger, all the restrictions gathered around the female corpse.

The female corpse retreated, causing the chains on her body to shake. Then a black mist surrounded her. She opened her mouth to spit out a pair of red scissors that flew into the air and mercilessly cut at the restrictions!

There was a thud as the scissor cut all the restrictions above her. The female corpse then charged upward while surrounded by the black mist.

Seeing that she was about to break through the palace, Wang Lin's expression turned cold. With a thought, the ancient god furnace appeared around him.

"Change position!" As Wang Lin's calm voice echoed, the female corpse glowed. Just as she was about to touch the ceiling of the palace, her body trembled and suddenly changed positions with Wang Lin, who was at the center of the compass!

In an instant, Wang Lin appeared where the female corpse was, and the female corpse was standing at the center of the compass. The compass rotated rapidly and countless restrictions wrapped around the female corpse. The surrounding restrictions also closed in.

The female didn't notice fast enough, and her cultivation level had dropped a lot due to her injuries, so she allowed the restrictions to wrap around her. Large amounts of restrictions quickly locked her down, especially her feet, which seemed to be stuck to the compass; she wasn't able to move them at all.

While struggling, the female corpse began to scream. Her shrill slowly spread.

Wang Lin landed and looked at the struggling female corpse. His eyes were cold as he mercilessly reached out. The chain going through her shoulder blade was pulled out.

Weakened, the female corpse screamed immediately, her body trembling. Her intelligent eyes stared at Wang Lin with deep hatred.

After the chain was pulled out, it turned into a black snake and fiercely bit Wang Lin's right arm with its fangs. Wang Lin didn't even dodge and let the black snake bite down. The moment the snake bit Wang Lin's arm, the fangs collapsed, and Wang Lin's arm wasn't injured at all!

How could this mere black snake break through the body of a 5-star royal ancient god?

Wang Lin squeezed with his right hand and the black snake trembled before shattering into pieces of chain. He didn't stop and once more reached at the void. The female corpse let out a scream as the chain in her pelvis was pulled out by Wang Lin.

With a squeeze of his hand, he crushed the chain!

The female corpse fell and she was noq half-sitting on the ground. Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of origin energy that entered the compass. He then sat down on the side and his hands began forming seals. The compass slowly rotated and restrictions entered her body.

"Celestial Emperor Qing Lin had a spell called 'Corpse Guard.' It required the body of the enemies he killed and various other materials to form a vicious corpse that feels no pain and can be used to protect the owner. Although I can't find those extinct materials to refine a corpse puppet, I can use the method to control the corpse guard."

Wang Lin closed his eyes, and his hands continued to form restrictions that entered the female corpse's body.

Time slowly passed. As the sun rose and set, more than half a month had passed. Wang Lin had spent almost four months on planet Water Spirit. During this time, aside from the time he spent comprehending on the peak, he was refining the female corpse.

The process of refining the female corpse was very complex and required all his concentration. As a result, Wang Lin never went outside and would place a restriction every once in a while.

At this moment, the 100 foot compass was still rotating inside his palace with the woman sitting on top. Her whole body glowed silver and there was a mark flashing between her eyebrows.

Her expression was peaceful and the resentment from before had disappeared. If someone else saw her, they would find it difficult to imagine her true identity. No matter how you looked at it, she was a beautiful female cultivator.

While Wang Lin was on planet Water Spirit, a not so big or small thing happened on planet Tian Yun. A powerful cultivator named Situ Nan had arrived on planet Tian Yun and became the Palace Lord of the Pink Palace.

However, his reputation wasn't exactly a good one.

In three months of time, almost every female disciple of the small and medium sects were harassed by him. He never used force, though. He just used his Nirvana Cleanser cultivation as a pretense to teach them spells and hinted that he could gift them pills to increase their cultivation level. As a result, he gathered a lot of female cultivators and strengthened the pink palace greatly.

He spent his days in endless joy, and if he went out, he would have 1,000 female cultivators around him. This made his perverted ways famous.

However, this person was trustworthy because all the female disciples that entered the Pink Palace were taught spells and received pills. If any sect complained, Situ Nan would righteously rush to them to have a talk with them. Often, the sect would give him face. After all, Situ Nan was a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator.

As a result, more and more female cultivators joined the Pink Palace, and it could be said that Situ Nan's name had made its way across Tian Yun.

He had heard from some unknown sources that the three Chen brothers had two female disciples that were stunning. One of them had a water spirit root and the other was ice cold. This made Situ Nan's heart itch, and after pondering for half a day, he led a large amount of female cultivators toward planet Water Spirit with someone leading the way.

This large group was almost exclusively females wearing pink dress. Amidst them was a bed dozens of feet wide. Situ Nan lied on top of the best surrounded by many female cultivators, looking very happy.

There were almost 100 female cultivators around the bed as they moved toward planet Water Spirit.

There was a middle-aged man in blue before Situ Nan. He was handsome and had an evil gaze, and he flattered, "Senior Situ, Junior ensures that these two female cultivators are top qualify. Zhao Xue is an amazing beauty, and the one called Ling Er has a water spirit root, making her an excellent cultivation furnace!"

Situ Nan enjoyed having female cultivators serving him. He laughed and nodded. "OK, if what you say is true, I won't be stingy with your reward…. Pill, celestial spell, you choose!"

The middle-aged man's eyes filled with joy. He quickly said his thanks along with many other compliments that made Situ Nan laugh.

This middle-aged man sneered and thought, "Zhao Xue, no matter how lofty you are, I want to see whether you obey or not with Senior Situ here! Also, Ling Er won't be able to escape either!"

Situ Nan looked at the middle-aged man. Although he looked happy, he knew exactly what the middle-aged man was thinking. With Situ Nan's cunning, he was immediately able to tell that there was a grudge between this middle-aged man and the two women from planet Water Spirit.

However, Situ Nan didn't care about any of this.

"A water spirit root is pretty good. That brother of mine is a piece of wood and probably still hasn't had any woman in all these years. If these two girls are good, then I'll take them as a greeting gift, even if I have to steal them. Water spirit root… not bad, not bad." Situ Nan let out a mischievous smile. Then he let out a sigh. During the few months he was on planet Tian Yun, he wanted to look for Wang Lin, but found no clues. He thought about going to the Heavenly Fate Sect, but there was a powerful aura sealing the whole place. It would be difficult for Situ Nan to enter with his current strength.

This phenomenon surprised all the cultivators on planet Tian Yun, but they couldn't think of a reason.

No one knew that the All-Seer had given the command to do so before he went into close door cultivation. Seal the Heavenly Fate Sect and open the sect protection formation!

Fortunately, there were too many disciples in the Heavenly Fate Sect, and some were outside. That included a few female cultivators that were taken to the Pink Palace by Situ Nan to "play". After asking them, he found out about the rumors of what Wang Lin did back in the Demon Spirit Land.

These rumors were not a secret, and Situ Nan had heard them from others on planet Tian Yun. After confirming this, he was surprised, but soon he laughed and thought, "That's my brother. If he is going to do something, he is going to do something heaven-shattering!"

As he asked more, he learned that Wang Lin had returned to planet Tian Yun several months ago.

Situ Nan pondered for a bit and came to the conclusion that if Wang Lin dared to return, then Wang Lin must not have been worried about anything, so his safety wasn't an issue. However, he found it strange that Wang Lin was so fearless.

"Could that kid's cultivation level have increased rapidly?" Situ Nan had thought for a long time but couldn't think of a reason. However, from what information he could gather, Wang Lin's purpose for returning should be the Demon Spirit Land!

Therefore, Wang Lin wouldn't go far and would appear within a short period of time.

As a result, Situ Nan wasn't anxious and decided to have some fun. This was able to help him disperse some of the stress he had from planet Feng Luan.

On this day, with the middle-aged man leading the way, Situ Nan, who was surrounded by hundreds of female cultivators, saw planet Water Spirit in the distance!

"Hehe, this old man sure is generous to come all the way here to find Little Lin a concubine. I wonder what expression he will make when finds out!" Looking at planet Water Spirit, Situ Nan laughed.

This sudden laugh from Situ Nan had the middle-aged man and all the surrounding cultivators mistaking it for an erotic laugh.

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