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Chapter 968 - One Finger to Piece the Heavenly Fate

Bai Wei's eyes narrowed, then he looked at Wang Lin and nodded. He remained silent. As time was almost up, Bai Wei took a deep breath and took a meaningful look at the world around him. Finally, his gaze looked to the east as if he saw his hometown...

His eyes revealed sadness as he slowly closed them. The moment he closed his eyes, the extremely dense Yin energy increased drastically.

This increase was terrifying. In this instant, all of the withered vegetation exploded into dust. Crackling sounds could be heard and ice appeared around the walls of the valley.

A heavenly Yin energy came out from his body and a vortex formed above his head. This vortex was formed by Yin energy, and it grew larger as it rotated!

The Yin energy roared. Wang Lin's eyes were like lightning as he silently looked at Bai Wei. 

The vortex rotated faster and faster until it formed a storm. The entire valley was covered in ice. Even the withered vegetation was all frozen.

Although the restriction at the mouth of the valley was subtle, now it shattered.

If you looked at the valley from outside, you could see the rain falling now. Lightning would occasionally strike down as if the heavens were angry, causing thunderous rumbles.

Large amounts of water poured down and gathered into puddles. As the rain continued to fall, endless ripples appeared in the puddles.

However, in this rainstorm, this valley seemed to be cut off from the outside. It was as if there was an invisible cover blocking out all the rain. The rain was stopped outside the valley and flowed down along this cover.

As the rain became stronger and stronger, you could vaguely see an arc of ghostly light above the valley. This ghostly light was the rain making the barrier around the valley visible!

At this moment, as the Yin energy inside valley became stronger and stronger, not even the cover was able to withstand it anymore. A crack opened up in this cover.

The moment this crack appeared, Yin energy came out. Although it was invisible, it caused a series of heaven-shaking crackling sounds.

Before the rain could fall into the crack that appeared on the cover, it was turned into ice by the Yin energy. As the Yin energy rose up into the sky, an extremely strange scene unfolded!

Wherever the Yin energy passed through, all the raindrops were frozen. From a distance, it looked like a string of pearls that shined brightly whenever lightning flash across the sky.

This didn't end here. More and more cracks appeared on the cover. Every crack that appeared allowed more Yin energy to escape. As the Yin energy rushed out, even more rain got turned to ice.

A moment later, the cover shattered into pieces. When the cover shattered, large amounts of Yin energy spread out across the land.

At this instant, every raindrop around them turned into ice with the valley as the center. In just a few breaths of time, all of the raindrops had turned to ice.

Wang Lin's eyes released a strange light. This Yin energy was very powerful. Even with his ancient god body, he found it a bit unbearable and couldn't help but retreat a few steps.

Sitting before Wang Lin, Bai Wei's hair moved without any wind. His clothes gave off flapping sounds as if it was being hit by wind. The Yin energy in his body reached a peak and his body was rapidly covered by dark blue ice.

In the blink of an eye, the dark blue ice covered him completely. Then it condensed between his eyebrows, transformed into thorns, and pointed between his eyebrows.

A strange mark appeared between Bai Wei's eyebrows. This mark was the same one that Wang Lin saw that was formed by the movement of Yin energy inside Bai Wei!

At this moment, this mark flashed a ghostly light. Every time it flashed, Bai Wei would reveal a painful expression and some of the Yin energy in his body would be sucked in by it.

Every time it flashed, the dark blue ice around Bai Wei became thicker. His body slowly assimilated with the ice until they became a part of each other.

As the mark flashed more and more, even more Yin energy was absorbed into it. Soon, the last bit of Yin energy was absorbed by the mark.

His body trembled and everything from his neck and below became ice. The mark between his eyebrows had turned blackish purple, and the Yin energy within it was shocking!

The indescribable pain made Bai Wei let out the last roar in his life. This roar was filled with his dissatisfaction, his hatred for the All-Seer, his sadness and helplessness, and all of his struggles against fate!

Also there was also a glimmer of relief...

Wang Lin seemed to be impacted by this roar. His expression became complex and he took a few more step back. He could understand Bai Wei's thoughts; it was a sworn defiance, a rebellion against the All-Seer!

It could be said that this was a type of defiance!

Bai Wei's roar spread like crazy across tens of thousands of kilometers. However, his roar was drowned out by the heavy rain and violent thunder.

"All-Seer, I exchange my life for you to be wrong once. I, Bai Wei, will laugh in the underworld! I'm willing to trade this worthless life of mine to make the All-Seer wrong once!"

As Bai Wei laughed like crazy, the mark that contained all his Yin energy went through a strange change. The endless Yin energy was condensed repeatedly as the vortex rotated, and a thunderous roar came from within it.

In an instant, the vortex formed by the mark reached an extreme, and a golden light appeared in the depths of the vortex. All the Yin energy gathered toward it like crazy.

In an instant, all of the Yin energy disappeared, leaving being a shining, golden dot that floated toward Wang Lin.

Bai Wei's body was motionless. He had almost lost all of life force and turned into an ice sculpture with a ferocious expression!

An eternal ice sculpture. This ice sculpture gave off a powerful aura of defiance and unwillingness to be controlled by fate!

The golden dot floated toward Wang Lin. He could feel a powerful vitality and extreme heat from this dot!

"A sliver of extreme Yang!" Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached toward this golden dot.

At this moment, all of the ice inside the valley melted rapidly, and soon it was all melted. Green grass quickly regrew and soon this valley was in spring.

Outside the valley, all of the raindrops that were frozen melted and quickly fell. All of the changes that were caused by the Yin energy returned to normal.

The moment Wang Lin's hand touched the extreme Yang, time was up.

There was a mountain in the Heavenly Fate Sect that was very strange. It looked like a giant trident that was buried underground, and the only thing that remained above ground were the three tips!

Rings of seven different colors gave off bursts of light. The celestial spiritual energy that filled the area made it look like the Celestial Realm.

The All-Seer was sitting at the tip of the middle mountain peak. He wore white and his white hair moved with the wind. Although he was old, it didn't feel like he was decaying. Instead, it was as if he had become a celestial.

The moment the time was up, he opened his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, there were large amounts of clouds passing by. What was even more shocking was that the sun and moon reversed in his eyes while the clouds rapidly changed.

It was as if time itself existed within the All-Seer's eyes!

He calmly looked at the earth. After a long time, he let out a sigh.

"Everyone pursues longevity, to live as long as the world… However, how many people know what this longevity counts as? To live as long as the world… The world has always existed, so who would dare to say they were as old as the world?

"What they pursue is only an illusion, and this is the vision of an ant! I, All-Seer, don't seek to live as long as the world. I want my fate to become the heavens' fate. I want my will to become the heavens' will. I want the heavens' dao to merge with my dao!"

The All-Seer's gaze fell into the direction of the distant Ghost Eye City. There was strange light in his eyes and he muttered, "Wang Lin… you dare!"

He didn't move, he only raised his right hand. His index finger casually pointed forward!

At this instant, a storm was set off just outside of planet Tian Yun. There was a loud rumble and endless origin energy of the world gathered.

All of the origin energy from within tens of thousands of kilometers seemed to have received a call and gathered like crazy.

In almost an instant, a giant finger appeared outside planet Tian Yun. This finger was 10,000 feet long and and 1,000 feet wide. It was transparent, as if it was an ethereal existence.

Endless origin energy gathered at the finger at an unimaginable speed. It was so fast, it was beyond imagination. It was as if this finger was an endless black hole that sucked in all the origin energy.

In an instant, this finger went from ethereal to almost solid; even the fingerprint was clearly visible. The marks on the finger were like mountains and gorges!

It slowly descended toward planet Tian Yun!

This finger was too big, but it wasn't the finger of an ancient god. It was a spell the All-Seer had created on his own. One finger to pierce the heavenly fate!

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