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Chapter 967 - Let the All-Seer Foresee Wrong Once!

Bai Wei looked at the restriction above the valley and said, "My name is Bai Wei! Brother Wang, you coming here means you must have understood the meaning behind my words."

Wang Lin frowned. Not only was the Yin energy still inside Bai Wei's body, it was extremely strong. In fact, it had already reached an unimaginable degree.

This dense Yin energy shouldn't appear inside a cultivator's body. It was strong enough to almost become solid. With Bai Wei's cultivation level, his body shouldn't be able to bear this kind of Yin energy. He should have already lost all vital signs and become a corpse.

Wang Lin calmly and slowly said, "The white tree blooms, black and white reverse. I did understand some of what Brother Bai said."

Bai Wei let out a sigh and revealed a wry smile. After a moment of silence, he said, "I still can't outscheme Master. I thought I had three more months before the real danger. Within those three months, I thought I could get Brother Wang to help me. I had a 20% chance of escaping, but unfortunately… I still failed to escape from Master's plan."

Wang Lin frowned but didn't speak.

"Brother Wang, I originally didn't think you would find me this quick and was prepared to give you a hint tomorrow, but there is no need for that now. Right now is when Master is in closed door cultivation. Once he comes out, he will notice the anomaly and come here."

"Before Master arrives, is Brother Wang willing to hear a story…" Bai Wei revealed a bitter smile as confusion and reminiscence filled his eyes.

"I was born in a rich mortal family on planet Tian Yun. Right before I was born, the sky was filled with a red glow, and then after I was born, it disappeared.

"It wasn't until after I entered the cultivation world that I learned that the red light was true Yang, and if you calculate my time of birth, it was during a moment of extreme Yang.

"It was an extremely rare day that only happens once every thousands of years. I went back and searched. Every single child born that day had died in their mothers' wombs besides me.

"If it was a boy, they would at least leave behind a corpse. However, if it was a girl, then they would dissipate, leaving nothing behind." Pain filled Bai Wei's eyes as he looked ahead. It was as if he was recalling something he didn't want to remember.

"I had a sister… We were twins. When the extreme Yang reaches its peak, there is a moment of extreme Yin. I was born just as it was about to turn to extreme Yin. Although my little sister dissipated, she absorbed a bit of that extreme Yin. Her flesh was gone, but her soul entered my body.

"Originally, everything was peaceful and Little Sister's soul had not awakened; she remained asleep. If things remained like this, then none of this would have happened.

"When I was seven, I was brought into the Heavenly Fate Sect. My talent was very good and I cultivated very fast. I soon stood out among the outer disciples and became an inner disciple.

"In the blink of an eye, hundreds of years passed and I reached the Soul Transformation stage. I also obtained the chance to step out among the inner disciples and became one of Master's direct disciples in the Purple Division. 

"As my cultivation level increased, I gradually noticed how I was different. I also found out that half of my soul belongs to my little sister and that her soul was showing signs of awakening. My original plan was to ask Master to help separate her soul and let her enter the reincarnation cycle after she awakened…" Bai Wei let out a bitter sigh, but soon his expression became ferocious and he clenched his teeth.

"I'll never forget that day. I was cultivating and my little sister's soul was about to awaken. Then Zhao Xingsha suddenly appeared before me with a cultivation level far above mine and injured me. This caused my little sister's soul to further integrate with mine when she was about to awaken. This forced me into that miserable situation where I was not male or female." Monstrous hatred filled Bai Wei's eyes.

"In desperation, I looked for Master for help, and Master gave me the Celestial Double Desire method. He said that once I cultivate to the 9th level, my sister and I will separate.

"I had never thought that Master would lie to me. Thanks to the Celestial Double Desire method, my cultivation expectedly increased leaps and bounds. This method focused on the soul and had great influence on my growth. However, I didn't care about it; all I wanted was to allow my little sister's soul to return into the reincarnation cycle one day.

"In a flash, hundreds of years passed. This was also when you left planet Tian Yun. When I found out that something was wrong, it was too late…" Bai Wei's eyes filled with sadness and he tore his shirt, exposing his chest. There was a green line and a red line extending from each of his arms, and the two lines intersect in the middle as if they were tree branches.

"See this? This is the mysterious thing that appeared on my body after cultivating the Celestial Double Desire method. All the meridians in my body changed after cultivating the Yin and Yang Double Desire method." At this moment, pain filled Bai Wei's face. The Yin energy inside his body moved and that strange mark appeared once more.

"Every time I talk about it, this mark activates and the Yin energy inside my body increases greatly. The Yin and Yang Double Desire method cultivates on its own, outside of my control.

"I also know that the extreme Yang change was done by Master. He used his spell to cause an extremely rare extreme Yang day to occur… All of this was part of his plan...

"As I stayed in the Heavenly Fate Sect, I gradually understood. Master's cultivation has reached a bottleneck. He is unable to escape and has been possessed by this inner demon… I am merely one of his experiments...

"I know that Master is waiting for the extreme Yin to reach its peak. Just like how the day of extreme Yang had that instant of extreme Yin, he is waiting for that moment of extreme Yang from the extreme Yin in my body!

"I also know that Master has attempted this extreme Yang tragedy several times before and after me. However, in the end, I think I'm the only one who survived!"

It was as if Wang Lin was struck by lightning when he heard Bai Wei's words. He gasped and shock filled his eyes.

"What exactly is this extreme Yin and extreme Yang… that made the All-Seer go through all of this to get it?" Wang Lin looked at Bai Wei. Based on his intuition, he believed 70% of what Bai Wei said.

Bai Wei's face revealed an ferocious expression and he laughed. "Wang Lin, my plan failed, and I simply can't compare to Master. He must know that I knew everything all along. I'm merely an ant before him, and no matter how much an ant struggles, I'm unable to reverse fate!

"However I, this ant, this experiment of his, will do something to shock him! I don't believe he can clearly foresee this idea that suddenly appeared in my head!

"Wang Lin, I know my own situation better than anyone else; it is impossible to save me. However, before I die, I want to take this extreme Yang that has been cultivating for thousands of years, the thing that the All-Seer has been waiting for, and give it to to you. Wang Lin, do you dare to take it?" 

Bai Wei looked at Wang Lin, and his voice echoed into the valley. The same words appeared all over the valley and entered Wang Lin's ears like bolts of thunder.

"Do you dare to take it?"

Wang Lin silently pondered. He couldn't help but ponder. He didn't know what it was, but if the All-Seer cared so much about it, then it had to be important to the All-Seer. If he were to take it now, he would definitely face the anger of the All-Seer!

"Time is almost up; Master will come any time. Wang Lin, give me an answer. Do you dare or not!?" Bai Wei waited for a moment and revealed a look of disappointment. He wryly smiled as he shook his head and muttered, "Could Master have calculated all of this as well… Did he calculate that even if I were to offer it to you, you wouldn't accept? And even if you did, you would give it back to him… Master, have you really never calculated wrong in all these countless years? I don't believe it, I don't believe it!!! I don't believe you have never been wrong once in your life!!"

When Bai Wei's words entered Wang Lin's ears, Wang Lin's eyes started to shine brightly.

"To never predict anything wrong and to always be right, that is the perfect All-Seer. An All-Seer like this has no weakness. If anyone wants to fight him, then before fighting, they are already at a disadvantage! But… if you make him calculate wrong, then what would happen…" Wang Lin's heart rate rapidly increased.

"The All-Seer calculated that I wouldn't dare to take it. If I take it, he will definitely have the intent to kill me. This intent won't be suppressed and he will attempt to kill me on the spot!

"His foresight is shocking; everything is within his calculations!"

To take it or not to take it!

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with struggle. He had always acted decisively and rarely hesitated, but right now he had to hesitate. After all, taking it meant he would be pushed into a predicament that would be difficult to survive. But if Wang Lin didn't take it, he knew the perception that the All-Seer could never be wrong would be imprinted in his mind. Although he had never faced off against the All-Seer in a battle, this could be considered a confrontation between them!

If he didn't take it, then his confidence against the All-Seer once he has to face him will fall greatly. No matter what Wang Lin did, he would have to wonder if it was also all within the All-Seer's calculations!

If he did this, his dao heart would become timid. What need was there to talk about karma comprehension, source origin energy, or walking down the path of dao? His cultivation would stop and forever live under the shadow of the All-Seer's omnipotent foresight!

"I'm a heaven-defying cultivator!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he thought about how he defied the heavens in the Demon Spirit Land. How could a mere All-Seer compare to the heavens!?

"Bai Wei has no good intentions. Before dying, he wants to drag me into challenging the All-Seer with him! He wants to see the All-Seer wrong about someone before he dies!"

Wang Lin's eyes became cold, then he slowly said, "Why would I not dare?"

There was a ray of light flying through space outside of planet Tian Yun. There was a purple-robed man inside the ray of light, and his face was filled with arrogance.

"I wonder what little Lin's cultivation level is now. Damn it, I didn't think those women at planet Feng Luan would be so powerful. They bullied me because I had no brother to help me. I'm going to find little Lin and properly deal with those little girls."

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