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Chapter 969 - Approach

The All-Seer was a member of the Alliance's elder group, so he naturally knew powerful spells. It has to be said that back when the All-Seer was at his peak, even Esteemed Xuan Bao was extremely fearful of him and didn't dare to carelessly offend the All-Seer.

Although the All-Seer wasn't the most powerful in the Alliance's elder group, even the stronger members of the group didn't want to get on the All-Seer's bad side!

All of this indirectly explains how powerful the All-Seer was!

However, the All-Seer was very low key and not many outsiders knew of him.

At this moment, the finger that formed outside planet Tian Yun slowly pressed down on the planet.

Although it looked slow, it was extremely fast. A heaven-shaking pressure roared across the sky. The cultivators on planet Tian Yun felt a terrifying majesty descend the world.

Because there was too much origin energy gathered before the finger, an arc appeared before the finger, and it touched planet Tian Yun first.

The entire planet seemed to shake and a huge wave was set off in the atmosphere as if there was powerful force moving within it. This origin energy arrived before the finger. It even caused some of the planet to collapse and everything to become twisted.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the world when the finger landed on the atmosphere. The atmosphere immediately collapsed and seven-colored light spread across the area.

A crack was opened by force by the finger. This crack was still expanding, and it caused the weather to suddenly change.

Looking from the ground up at the sky, it was as if the finger had pierced a hole in the heavens and slowly descended!

It was pointed at the valley thousands of kilometers outside Ghost Eye City!

Before the finger fell, an unimaginable pressure descended and the earth crackled. The expressions of all the cultivators who thought they had achieved something changed, and none of them dared to fly over to look.

when the powerful pressure spread out, their minds trembled. A feeling that the heavens and earth would be destroyed arose from the bottom of their hearts.

Originally, rain covered the sky above Ghost Eye City and the thunder rumbles echoed endlessly. However, at this moment, as the giant finger descended, all the clouds were pushed away. It was like a curtain at the doorway that was pulled apart. Even the might of the heavens seemed to have to make way for the point of this finger.

A thick, dark cloud didn't dodge fast enough and was touched by the ripples before the finger. It exploded in an instant and brightened up the sky with a large amount of lightning.

These lightning bolts moved along with these ripples and diffused across the sky. They formed a very bright and unforgettably gorgeous scene in everyone's eyes!

Violent thunder echoed across the sky. As the giant finger descended, it was as if the sky was going to collapse.

Wang Lin stood inside the valley and looked at the finger slowly descending from the sky with a gloomy expression. He could clearly feel the aura coming from the finger, it was the All-Seer!

"What kind of spell is this!?" Wang Lin held the extreme Yang in his hand. The moment it fell into his hand, he felt the heaven defying bead inside his origin soul tremble.

With no time to think about the change to the heaven defying bead, Wang Lin put the extreme Yang into his bag and then stared at the giant finger descending from the sky.

This finger was too big. It gave off a seven-colored glow and caused the heavens and earth to tremble endlessly. Cracks appeared in space as it descended toward Wang Lin.

An unimaginable pressure descended from the sky and gathered around Wang Lin.

"The All-Seer!" Wang Lin frowned with a gloomy expression. Then his right hand touched his bag and an item appeared in his hand. This was something Qing Shui gave him, a crystal to use Summon the Rain!

Back then, Qing Shui said that there were three uses of Summon the Rain sealed inside. The Summon the Rain cast by Qing Shui would not be ordinary. Wang Lin had not used it yet so he could keep it as an ace to keep himself alive!

However, this was the time to use it!

The giant fingered slowly descended and charged toward Wang Lin. A loud rumble echoed, and the pressure from its descent caused the earth to shatter once more!

Even Ghost Eye City was affected. Large sections of its walls fell and cries came from the city.

At this moment, there was a planet far away from planet Tian Yun, but it was still within the influence of planet Tian Yu. It was a cultivation planet called Da Lou!

There was only one sect on this planet, and this sect was called the Da Lou Sword Sect!

The Da Lou Sword Sect occupied a large part of the planet and covered hundreds of thousands of kilometers. It was far larger than the Heavenly Fate Sect. Ling Tianhou was willing to pay the price when setting up the Da Lou Sword Sect, so its scale was extremely large.

Mountains filled with spiritual energy were everywhere in the Da Lou Sword Sect. There were numerous pavilions and there were monumental towers at every certain amount of distance! There were a total of 999 towers! It was as if they were set up to form a giant formation!

There was a tower among them that was very unique in both appearance and height. This tower was extremely tall, at least 10 times the height of the other towers!

Its height seemed to pierce into the sky. Even if you were very far, you could still feel the colossal pressure of this tower!

At the top of this tower sat the Sword Saint Ling Tianhou. The four origin swords flashed as they formed a mouth and rotated around him.

Fierce sword intent spread out from the tower, causing planet Da Lou to be filled with shocking sword intent!

"Interesting! Interesting!" Ling Tianhou suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a flash of coldness within them. There was a smile on his face.

"How many times has the teacher betrayed the student? This old man loves watching these moments of the All-Seer the most… However, this Wang Lin is a member of the Vermillion Bird Series. Even the elders of the Alliance have to ponder when acting against a member of the Vermillion Bird Series. After all. no one is willing to provoke the former overlord of the Brilliant Void Star System, the Four Divine Sect!"

"Forget it. Wang Lin, if you can withstand one spell from and not die, this old man will help you!" Ling Tianhou smiled. His favorite thing to do was cause trouble for the All-Seer.

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