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Chapter 961 - Wang Lin's Embarrassment

Wang Lin calmly said, "Fourth Sister please enter."

The breathing outside the pavilion was heavy, and after a long time, the door was pushed open. A beautiful woman in purple walked in biting her lower lip.

Although this woman's appearance was not as stunning as Li Mei, she was still beautiful. However, there were traces of the passage of time on her face, making her feel a bit aged.

After she entered the room, she silently sat in a chair. She didn't look at Wang Lin; her empty eyes silently looked at the empty space before her.

The room was completely silent as Wang Lin closed his eyes and continued to cultivate. However, he soon felt a faint divine sense that stretched out from between the woman's eyebrows.

As his divine sense spread out, it spread toward Wang Lin. It wasn't fast, it eased its way over like it was very hesitant.

As the divine sense approached, Wang Lin's eyes opened and a ray of light shined out of them. The divine sense trembled and wanted to retreat, but it was instantly frozen in the air.

The face of the woman in purple was deathly pale. She could feel that if her divine sense moved at all, Wang Lin would instantly devour it.

Wang Lin stared at the woman in purple and loosened his lock on her divine sense, allowing her divine sense to return to her body. She couldn't hide anything before Wang Lin. There were six seals on her body, sealing her cultivation. What she revealed to the outside was only late stage Soul Transformation.

If it was the Wang Lin back then, he wouldn't be able see through this. However, now he only needed one gaze to completely see through the woman in purple.

Wang Lin frowned slightly and said,

"What does Fourth Sister want?"

The woman in purple opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but in the end she remained silent.

"Since Fourth Sister doesn't have anything, then I won't be sending you off." With that, Wang Lin waved his sleeve. A gentle breeze appeared, causing the woman's body to tremble and step rapidly toward the door. Just as she arrived at the door, her eyes revealed a decisive gaze and she whispered, "Wang Lin, now that you have reached the second step, aren't you afraid of the crisis that might befall you in the Heavenly Fate Sect?"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his right hand reached out. He pulled the woman in purple back in and calmly said, "What does Senior Sister mean?"

The woman in purple clenched teeth as she looked up at Wang Lin and softly said, "If you hadn't fled back then, it's likely you would have gone inexplicably missing over the past few hundred years!

"I presume you already noticed that within the Heavenly Fate Sect, none of the thousands of inner and outer disciples and even us direct disciples, no one's cultivation has reached the Illusionary Yin stage!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he silently looked at the woman in purple.

"When someone breaks through the late stage of Ascendant and reaches the Illusionary Yin stage, that person will mysteriously disappear within a year. This matter is taboo within the Heavenly Fate Sect. Back then, your cultivation level wasn't high enough to know this, and you presumably still don't know."

Wang Lin's expression still didn't change at all.

The woman in purple looked at Wang Lin. After she finished speaking, she found that Wang Lin's expression still hadn't changed. Her heart couldn't help but sink, and she clenched her teeth. "I know you may not believe me, but I, Zhao Xinmeng, joined the sect at the age of seven and cultivated for a thousand years…"

Without waiting for Zhao Xinmeng, Wang Lin shook his head and said, "Are you not afraid of Teacher finding out that you're speaking about this here?"

"Every day at 5 AM, Master goes into close door cultivation. Unless something major has occurred, he won't come out. Master has had this habit for thousands of years." Zhao Xinmeng seemed a bit hasty.

"Wang Lin, everything I say is true!"

Wang Lin pondered a bit and looked at Zhao Xinmeng. Then he said, "This is why you have six seals inside your body?"

Zhao Xinmeng wasn't shocked by Wang Lin seeing through her. She revealed a trace of bitterness. "What else can I do beside this? A piece of my soul is in Master's hands, so I simply can't leave. Even if I were to leave, Master would only need but a thought for me to be completely destroyed.

"There are many people who seal their cultivation like me. Among them, the Red Division's Sun Hong has the highest cultivation level. She has 11 seals on her body, forcing herself to stay at the mid stage of Ascendant. She even interfered with her own comprehension so that it won't match her real cultivation level. If she were to release the seals, she could quickly reach the early stage of Nirvana Scryer.

"There is also the Red Division's Lu Hai. If he released his seal, his cultivation level would immediately become peak Corporeal Yang.

"These are only people I know, but I believe there are those that have hidden themselves very well among the seven divisions! However, no matter how much our cultivation advances, we don't dare to open the seals. Even if we reseal our cultivation after it has been open, we will mysteriously disappear within a year. If we were seriously injured and our cultivation level fell, those who didn't hide their cultivation would be fine, but those of us who hid our cultivation level would still disappear.

"From my understanding, Master has been cultivating for tens of thousands of years and has had countless disciples. However, none of them have ever appeared or even been heard of…"

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he looked at Zhao Xinmeng. The six seals on this woman were very strange. If they were not face to face like this, they would've been easy to miss. However, Wang Lin believed that before the All-Seer, this kind of method was useless!

"Master didn't stop us from sealing our cultivation, he just ignored us…" Fear filled Zhao Xinmeng's face. This was something she didn't understand, and neither did all the disciples who hid their cultivation levels.

"No matter how much we hide, Master won't acknowledge it, as if he really doesn't know… However, if the seals open, we will be doomed. 500 years ago, there was a disciple of the Orange Division whose seal had reached its limit. His seals were opened by force, and he disappeared the next day...

"It's impossible to escape. Even if we hide our cultivation, there is a limit. I can't afford to continue living such a life… And in the past hundred years, my seal has begun to loosen and I'm starting to lose control. Recently, this has been even more serious…"

"Save me! Wang Lin, save me! I'll do whatever you want as long as you save me!" Tears streamed down Zhao Xinmeng's eyes as she looked at Wang Lin, and her voice became hoarse.

"Did you know that although you only returned yesterday, you have gathered the attention of everyone within the Heavenly Fate Sect who hid their cultivation? They must all be wondering when you will disappear…" Zhao Xinmeng bit her lower lip. She couldn't talk to anyone about this, as this was considered an absolute taboo in the Heavenly Fate Sect!

She was already in despair before this. The seal on her body loosened more each day, and before long, the seal was going to collapse. The fear of her cultivation revealing itself terrified her.

"Rumor has it that that all cultivators whose cultivation level went past Ascendant were… Devoured by Master… Wang Lin, I won't ask you to retrieve my soul, only that you help me reinforce the seal so that my cultivation will forever stay at the late of Soul Transformation."

Zhao Xinmeng stood up and was about to bow to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and a gentle force appeared, causing Zhao Xinmeng to stand up straight. He pondered for a bit and was about to speak when he suddenly looked outside the pavilion.

Zhao Xinmeng was startled, and a moment later, she also detected something. After pondering for a bit, for some reason her face blushed and she arrived next to Wang Lin in a flash. After taking off her shoes, she got onto Wang Lin's bed and formed a seal to hide herself.

Wang Lin frowned. At this moment, light footsteps came from outside the pavilion.

"Seventh Junior Brother, Bai Wei requests a visit." Bai Wei's feminine voice slowly drifted into the room.

Wang Lin had no bad feelings toward Bai Wei. If not for Bai Wei secretly reminding him back then, Wang Lin wouldn't have such a deep understanding of the All-Seer.

"Senior Brother Bai, please enter." Wang Lin's voice was calm. However, there were faint scent of body fragrance that entered his nose that made him uncomfortable.

The door opened. Bai Wei still had that beautiful appearance, but now he looked a bit frail. Inside the room, he looked at Wang Lin and let out a sigh. "Still the same as before. Seventh Brother you haven't changed at all from back then."

"Brother Bai is the same. We haven't seen each other in hundreds of years, but it is as if I just saw you yesterday." Wang Lin smiled.

Bai Wei's eyes were like water as he looked at Wang Lin and softly said, "Seventh Brother is using the wrong term. I'm no longer Senior Brother Bai, but Junior Sister Bai…"

Wang Lin's expression became strange and he couldn't help but wryly smile.

Bai Wei saw Wang Lin's expression and smiled. His eyes shined, revealing a peerless look, and he smiled. "Why is it so difficult to call me Junior Sister Bai? I have always been a woman."

Wang Lin felt quite embarrassed. Even after a thousand years of cultivation and life experience, he still didn't know what to do. He could only let out a dry cough and say, "I wonder what matter Senior Brother Bai came here for."

Bai Wei's eyebrows lifted and he looked at Wang Lin with his water-like eyes.

Even with Wang Lin's early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation and ancient god body, he was almost unable to bear this gaze. He wryly smiled and said, "Bai… Junior Sister Bai, what did you come here for?"

Bai Wei's expression released and she whispered, "Wang Lin, you shouldn't have come back! It's not easy to say it here, but are you free? On planet Tian Yun, there is a market called the Ghost Eye. If you are free, then I have something to inform you on the way there."

Wang Lin pondered. He hadn't been back for a long, so it was a good idea to hear from Bai Wei what had happened in the hundreds of years that passed. Also, his relationship with Bai Wei was quite good, so there was no reason to refuse.

After observing Bai Wei, he found no seals. Bai Wei's cultivation was truly at the mid stage of Soul Transformation.

"OK, we will meet below Mount Purple at noon today."

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