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Chapter 962 - Xu Liguo's Favorite

Bai Wei smiled at Wang Lin, expectation filling his phoenix eyes, and he left.

Wang Lin wryly smiled. He felt a headache toward this Bai Wei. At this moment, a ripple appeared from his bag and Xu Liguo's voice echoed in his mind.

"Top quality! Top quality! Master, this is top quality! I, Xu Liguo, have met countless people, but I have never met someone this graceful. Especially her gaze when she left, it made even Grandpa Xu's bones soft. Master, if you don't like it, then I do. When I saw her, it reminded me of Mei Ji[1]."

Wang Lin ignored Xu Liguo's words and cut off his voice.

At this moment, a chuckle came from Wang Lin's side. Zhao Xinmeng appeared and her gaze toward Wang Lin was a bit different.

Wang Lin frowned as he got  up and sat down on the chair. He said, "Fourth Senior Sister, I'll consider your matter."

Zhao Xinmeng looked at Wang Lin, and after pondering for a bit, she softly said, "Although my cultivation level isn't high, I have retained my virginity throughout my thousand years of cultivation. If you can strengthen my seal, I… I can give you my thousand year origin yin." Zhao Xinmeng's face turned red as she faced Wang Lin. She opened up her sleeve, revealing a small red dot.

She bit her lower lip and put down her sleeve before looking at Wang Lin and leaving.

"This is my last hope. If he can battle Ling Tianhou, his cultivation can't merely be at the Nirvana Scryer stage, he is likely at the Nirvana Cleanser stage. If he helps me, he must be able to suppress the seal completely…" Zhao Xinmeng let out a sigh and her figure disappeared over the horizon.

"If I ask for others for help, with Master there, I fear no one would dare to help…"

Wang Lin sat inside the room and pondered. Helping Zhao Xinmeng was easy, but doing this would not please the All-Seer.

"If what Zhao Xinmeng said was true, then there must be a profound meaning to Master's indifference… Presumably… He is also conflicted on this in his mind."

While pondering, the celestial sword Xu Liguo was in began to become restless and the fluctuations from his bag disturbed his thoughts. Wang Lin frowned and slapped his bag of holding. The celestial sword immediately flew out and a large amount of black fog appeared. The black fog quickly condensed to reveal Xu Liguo's figure.

Xu Liguo's eyes shined. After he appeared, he inhaled deeply in the spot where Bai Wei stood earlier. His face was filled with an intoxicated look and he muttered, "Top quality! Really top quality! Compared to her, even the little girl in the Demon Spirit Land is nothing. If I can…" Xu Liguo revealed a nasty smile.

Wang Lin coldly looked at Xu Liguo. Xu Liguo trembled and he felt a cold intent spread across his body. This coldness penetrated his soul, which made him sober, and he began to secretly complain.

"Damn it, why did this fiend's cultivation level go up again? There is no justice. Although I still feared him before, my soul didn't tremble from must a gaze from this damn fiend. It felt as if this fiend could cause Grandpa Xu to die with just a thought!" Xu Liguo's expression changed, but he immediately revealed a flattering expression.

"Master is mighty. Your cultivation level has increased once more. Master is really gifted by the heavens…"

Without waiting for Xu Liguo to finish speaking, Wang Lin interrupted him and calmly said, "What were you so anxious to come out for?" Although his voice was calm, his eyes were cold.

From Wang Lin's view, Xu Liguo needed to be beaten down occasionally; otherwise, Xu Liguo would get too unruly. This devil was something he had created, and perhaps only he understood this devil the most.

Before Xu Liguo was refined into a devil, he had a lot of resentment, and his personality intensified after being refined into a devil. He knew that if Xu Liguo returned to his true form, the only way to control Xu Liguo was to always be stronger than him.

Back in the Nether Beast, the old man thought Xu Liguo was a loyal person, but in reality, he had no loyalty at all. At most it was a habit formed by being under Wang Lin's control for almost 1,000 years.

Unyielding thoughts would occasionally appear in Xu Liguo's heart. Wang Lin knew of this well.

"Not good. This devil fiend is going to punish me today…" Xu Liguo was nervous as he licked his lips and flattered, "Master, the reason Little Xu came out is to congratulate Master's increase in cultivation. Ever since I brilliantly decided to follow Master, Master's cultivation level has increased every time I come out. After a long time, this little one thought that if he comes out more often, maybe Master's cultivation level will become even higher. Hehe…" As Xu Liguo spoke, he carefully looked at Wang Lin, ready to change his words at any time.

Wang Lin frowned but revealed a smile. He looked at Xu Liguo and said, "Since you have the heart, then don't go back inside the celestial sword for now. Stay with me and properly comprehend the sword intent you inherited.

Xu Liguo immediately patted his chest and said, "Master, rest assured, Little Xu will not disgrace you and will properly cultivate." Although Xu Liguo said this, he secretly laughed.

"It is still your Grandpa Xu who is smarter and has quicker reactions. Just a few sweet words and even this fiend will be beaten! No matter how high your cultivation level is, you can't beat your Grandpa Xu's spell!"

Wang Lin no longer paid any attention to Xu Liguo. He sat down and began to cultivate.

Xu Liguo was like a ghost that floated around in the room. Then he became bored and couldn't help but think of Bai Wei's peerless beauty. He first carefully looked at Wang Lin before he sniffed and revealed an intoxicated expression.

"Beauty, a real beauty… If she was a woman, she wouldn't be that special. Grandpa Xu has met a lot of women, but her for be a man…" Xu Liguo's mind trembled and his heart felt itchy. He wanted to go find Bai Wei right now to talk heart to heart.

His mind was filled with fantasies, and he felt restless. However, thinking about how Wang Lin was still nearby, he couldn't help but sigh.

"When Grandpa Xu followed the Giant Demon Clan ancestor, the ancestor was so good to me. He gave me Mei Ji. Those days were filled with color… Unfortunately, after returning to this fiend, I'm stored away in the bag all day. The good life is so far away." Thinking about this, Xu Liguo felt anger in his heart.

"When when my cultivation is strong enough one day, I must get back at this fiend. At most I'll just fight to the death… fight…" Just as he was thinking, he suddenly saw Wang Lin's eyelids move. He immediately revealing a flattering smile.

However, after waiting for a long time, Wang Lin's eyes wouldn't open. Xu Liguo inwardly cursed, "He really doesn't know how to enjoy life. If I had someone so devoted to me, I would have already jump on them, not to mention that beauty…" Xu Liguo let out a sigh. He knew that he wasn't powerful enough. After thinking for a long time, he sat down and began comprehend that ancient sword intent inheritance.

"Your Grandpa Xu has to work hard; otherwise, the gap between me and the fiend will only grow wider. Then I will never be able to escape this fiend's clutches and escape this abyss of misery."

After Xu Liguo began to cultivate, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes shined brightly before he closed his eyes and ignored Xu Liguo. However, Wang Lin had made up his mind to refine this devil once more.

Time quickly passed, and in the blink of an eye, it was noon. The sun outside the pavilion was bright and seemed to dispel all darkness. The sky was clear and blue; it would cause anyone's heart to calm down.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and his body moved. The door opened on its own and he walked out. Xu Liguo got up to follow. His eyes looked around as he suppressed the excitement in his heart.

"I'm  about to see that beauty!"

Wang Lin stepped through the air and headed toward the bottom of Mount Purple. In the distance, he could see figures moving among the seven mountains. This revealed the scene of a big sect.

There was chanting coming from the distance. It was the lower level disciples of the Heavenly Fate Sect practicing their spell proficiency.

Dense spiritual energy filled the Heavenly Fate Sect. However, it was noon, so the spiritual energy contained Yang fire and was not fit for cultivation. There was no magnificent fluctuations of spiritual energy like there was during dawn or dusk.

The Purple Division had the lowest status among the seven divisions. Even the seven direct disciple lineup wasn't complete; including Wang Lin, there were only five.

As a result, there were fewer ordinary disciples on Mount Purple. This made the huge mountain quite bleak. It was sparsely populated.

As he walked down from the mountain, he saw no one. Xu Liguo followed behind Wang Lin, and the sunlight that landed on him didn't give him any discomfort. In fact, it felt pleasant, especially with the thought of how he would meet the beauty soon. Xu Liguo's heart itched, and he only hated Wang Lin for being too slow.

Looking at Wang Lin's shadow, Xu Liguo thought, "This fiend has cultivated for so many years and has had no fun in his life, but even this Grandpa Xu has to admire his increase in cultivation levels! That little Core Formation cultivator has become a powerhouse…" Just thinking about this, Xu Liguo quickly dispelled this idea and thought, "I can't become like him. What joy is there in his life? It can be said that this fiend's cultivation was built by danger and slaughter. I, Xu Liguo, am not suited for this. It is comfortable to hold beauties.

"If I were like him, I would definitely be destroyed sooner or later. I don't know when this fiend will have bad luck and be killed… No, if he is killed, my fate won't be good either. Perhaps my mind will be erased to be used as an ordinary sword spirit." While Xu Liguo was thinking about random thing,s Wang Lin had arrived at the bottom of the mountain.

There was a pavilion at the bottom of the mountain. There was a purple figure standing inside the pavilion, and from afar they gave off a graceful feeling. However, the figure was feminine and revealed a hint of weakness.

At this moment, a gentle breeze blew out and lifted the purple figure's hair. This person lifted their hair with their jade-like hand, then they turned around and smiled at Wang Lin.

If one didn't know the details, then this person was far more beautiful than most women.

Bai Wei's eyes lit up and he smiled. "Senior Brother Wang indeed kept his promise."

Although Wang Lin's expression was neutral, Xu Liguo stared at Bai Wei from behind him. If not for Wang Lin being here, then no matter what, he would have jumped at Bai Wei.

"What is this?" Bai Wei's gaze looked at Xu Liguo. Xu Liguo's body was filled with black mist, and at this moment, this black mist contracted, revealing his appearance when he was a cultivator. His eyes revealed an evil glare, but his expression was serious. Just as he was about to speak, he heard a cold snort that frightened him to immediately reveal a flattering expression.

The rapid change startled Bai Wei.

"This is my treasure spirit. Brother Bai, where is the market you were talking about? Please lead the way." Wang Lin didn't make much of an introduction.

With Wang Lin here, even though Xu Liguo's heart itched, he didn't dare to reveal too much. He could only look helplessly at Bai Wei and curse in his mind. "This damn fiend Wang Lin. He's not going to eat him himself, and he also won't let Grandpa Xu eat. There no is justice, no justice!"

Bai Wei's eyebrows wrinkled and he said, "Senior Brother Wang!"

Wang Lin immediately became embarrassed. It was very rare for him to become embarrassed, and now Bai Wei had done it twice.

While he was embarrassed, Xu Liguo's eyes lit up and he stared at Bai Wei. He thought to himself, "Heaven has shined upon me, Xu Liguo, to meet the love of my life. I can't stand it!" Black smoke appeared around Xu Liguo and he turned into a big mouth that look like it was going to devour Bai Wei.

At this moment, every thought of Wang Lin was all thrown away by his mind. He could only see Bai Wei's smile. As he rushed out, a cold light flashed in Wang Lin's eyes and his hand penetrated the black mist and directly grabbed Xu Liguo's soul.

Xu Liguo suddenly around and just revealed a fierce expression at Wang Lin when Wang Lin grabbed him. Then Xu Liguo quickly revealed a flattering expression and repeated, "Master, Master, I know was wrong. I was wrong."

Wang Lin grabbed Xu Liguo and said, "Bai… Junior Sister Bai, please lead the way."

Bai Wei also saw some clue and looked at Xu Liguo with great interest. This gaze made Xu Liguo excited.

Bai Wei smiled as he slapped his bag of holding and a flying sword appeared. He stood on the sword and flew off into the distance. Wang Lin's expression was calm as he took a step and caught up to the sword light.

"Although this Bai Wei was feminine before, it was not this extreme. His body is now filled with Yin aura and even his temperament has changed greatly!" Moving forward, Wang Lin could feel someone secretly following him. Without even turning around, he knew this person was Zhao Xinmeng!

1. The lust domain spirit Wang Lin used against Liu Mei

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