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Chapter 960 - First Glimpse of Source Origin

"The flame moved with the wind just like how the wind makes the plants move, which makes it look like the mountain is moving, but in reality…" Wang Lin pondered.

"In reality, the mountain didn't move, the flame didn't move, what moved was the wind!" Wang Lin waved his right hand and all the windows snapped shut.

After blocking the wind from outside, no more blew into the room.

Without wind, the flame calmed down from its violent flicker. However, it still gently swayed from the consumption of oil.

Wang Lin frowned as he stared at the flame. Before the flame's light, his face was bright and dark, revealing a faint of gloominess.

"Something's wrong! The wind has already stopped, but this flame is still moving…"

At this moment, although Wang Lin didn't know it, his state was very similar to dao confirmation, but instead of confirming his own dao, he was confirming the All-Seer's dao.

He had been acquainted with the All-Seer for hundreds of years. Back then, with Wang Lin's low cultivation level, he couldn't see through the changes on the All-Seer's body. However, now he was vaguely able to see some clues.

There were too many secrets surrounding the All-Seer. What made Wang Lin dread him the most was that he was unable to guess what was going through the other party's mind at all.

"The All-Seer is like the flame that is ever-changing… Even when I isolate the wind, it is impossible to find its original appearance." Wang Lin frowned, and his gaze was still locked onto the flame.

Time slowly passed. Unknowingly, it was already 3 AM. The sky outside was completely dark, and as the wind blew on the window, it caused the paper to rustle.

This sound was very clear in this quiet night.

"The wind moves, the mountain moves, the flame moves…" Wang Lin raised his head and took a step. He disappeared from the room and reappeared in the night sky.

Below him was the Heavenly Fate Sect's Mount Purple!

The wind was strong this night, and clouds filled the sky. Not much moonlight fell on the earth through the clouds, which made everything before him very dark.

While he pondered, Wang Lin raised his right hand and gently waved it. There was a trace law that appeared during Wang Lin's comprehension of Summon the Rain 

The wind surged in the sky covered by the dark clouds. The clouds that seemed to contain rain all dissipated and then bright moonlight fell on the earth without any obstacles.

Under the moonlight, a shadow appeared under Mount Purple.

The wind blew by, causing the plants on the mountain to move, and the sounds of them rustling could be heard.

Looking at the mountain and the large shadow, although the plants on the mountain were moving, the shadow barely changed.

"This mountain is not moving!" Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. It was as if something had gone off in his head, and enlightenment filled his eyes. He seemed to have grasped a trace of a clue.

"The wind only blew the surface, yet the mountain seemed to move, but in reality, it was my heart that moved! My heart moved, so the mountain moved!" Clarity filled Wang Lin's eyes and then he returned to the room.

Looking at the flame, Wang Lin's breathing gradually subsided until it seemed like he was dead.

If an outsider was here and  they saw this, they wouldn't feel the slightest change. The flame would still be slightly shaking and crackling.

However, at this moment, this flame was like a violent wave that shook in various ways. It gradually slowed down until it became motionless, as if the Stop spell was used.

At this instant, Wang Lin's mind trembled. He was filled with disbelief, as if he found that what he saw was completely unbelievable.

The origin energy flowed to every part of his body without his control, and sounds of something bursting came from his body.

It was as if a mortal martial artist had opened all their meridians.

As his origin energy cycled like crazy, Wang Lin's third eye silently opened and a gap opened. However, no red light came out. Instead, it was as if it was absorbing something. This caused the origin energy inside Wang Lin's body to cycle even faster!

This speed had already reached an unimaginable speed, but Wang Lin felt no pain. The current him seemed to be startled as he stared at the flame. The belief in his eyes reached a peak.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing. What he saw was no longer the candle flame but a very weak flame. This flame was what Wang Lin had created before.

If this was all, it wouldn't have shocked Wang Lin so much. However, although the flame looked like it stopped, it was still moving!

This kind of movement was a kind of reversal. It was as if there was a force surrounding the flame that was making it rapidly dissipate in a way Wang Lin didn't understand.

It might be inaccurate to say it was dissipating. It was as if the flame was becoming large and larger. In the end, Wang Lin saw the secret within the flame after it had been magnified countless times!

These were small elements. These elements would move past each other and collide in a specific way. Each time they collided, they would release a trace of heat.

At a glance, these elements were a mess, but it was different from Wang Lin's point of view. Whether it was how they moved or collided, they all contained some kind of law.

"This is law… The law of fire…" From beginning to end, Wang Lin didn't blink. He stared at the flame and muttered,

"Could it… Go deeper…" Just as Wang Lin thought of this, the countless elements suddenly magnified. Just like that flame, they instantly grew very large at a violent speed!

As the elements continued to be magnified, traces of illusionary lines surrounded it. However, at this moment, the origin energy in his body rumbled. He felt a sharp pain between his eyebrows and he awakened.

Cold sweat poured out form his forehead and his entire outfit was soaked. The current Wang Lin was completely pale, and he took a deep breath. He looked at the candle and muttered, "What is that… Could it have been source origin…"

"I could grasp that law, but I only saw the source origin for an instant, and my body couldn't withstand it." Wang Lin pondered for a while before he closed his eyes and cultivated.

Time slowly passesd. The darkness outside the window disappeared and was replaced with light. Just as dawn arrived, Wang Lin opened his eyes from cultivation. Than a gaze that could pierce anything landed on the door.

"Seventh Brother… May I come in…" A soft voice came from outside the pavilion.

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