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Chapter 957 - Arrival

Not only her, but the other three beautiful women also looked into the sky with their pretty eyes. Wang Lin's fame had almost became a taboo over the years!

However, the more it was a taboo, the more rumors about Wang Lin spread.

Above the Heavenly Fate Sect's square, Bai Wei looked up at the sky with a complex feeling. He found it difficult to imagine what that person from back then had become.

There was a gloomy middle-aged man beside Bai Wei. He wore a purple robe and his gaze was like lightning. He looked at the sky and let out a cold snort in his heart.

"Wang Lin… Even though you didn't die during these years, you couldn't have ascended too much. I just don't know how much weaker you are compared to me, Zhao Xingsha!"

Bai Wei cautiously looked at the middle-aged man and felt dread toward this senior brother. Zhao Xingsha's cultivation had advanced a lot during his closed door cultivation. He had broken through Ascendant and was only one step away from Illusory Yin!

"Zhao Xingsha became one of the seven true disciples of the All-Seer 30 years ago. He had a feud with Wang Lin, so when they meet, it will be difficult for him to not have killing intent."

There was also a woman beside the two of them. Her expression was down. Although she was looking at the sky, it was as if she had no interest in anything.

This woman was the fourth disciple of the Purple Division, Wang Lin's fourth senior apprentice sister. Back then, she was forced by Zhang Xingsha to trap Wang Lin with a spell.

Later, Wang Lin escaped and she taught Wang Lin greater teleportation to resolve their enmity.

In the distance, there was a youth who looked about 30 years old. He wore a blue shirt with three blue dragons embroidered on it. These three dragons were extremely fierce and lifelike, especially their eyes, which gave off fierce gazes and were breathtaking to look at.

If Wang Lin saw this person, he wouldn't find him unfamiliar. He was the person that worked with Wang Lin's fourth senior apprentice sister to trap him. The Blue Division's Sima Rufeng!

Inside the Heavenly Fate Sect, everyone who knew Wang Lin all had their own thoughts. However, no one believed he would be able to leave alive if he were to appear here today.

As everyone's gazes gathered on the horizon, a white figure appeared in the horizon and slowly walked over.

His black hair flowed in the wind, and under the flashes of sunlight, there was a hint of purple in it. His white robe gave him the air of a celestial, and it looked like white snow was arriving.

A feeling of a thousand years of lonely twilight appeared from his figure. He just slowly approached like this, and behind him was the fiery red sun. This made his face dark; only his bright eyes that revealed a thousand years of wisdom could be seen.

This scene was very beautiful.

At first the figure was very far away, but in just an instant, it was outside the Heavenly Fate Sect!

"Wang Lin!

"Wang Lin!!"

In an instant, several people recognized Wang Lin!

"So he is Wang Lin…" The woman in pink's beautiful eyes landed on the figure in white.

Ling Tinghou's eyes were like lightning and contained a powerful sword energy. The moment he saw Wang Lin, he frowned. Although his expression was still gloomy, there was a trace of shock in his eyes!

"Early stage Nirvana Scryer! This Wang Lin was only at the Soul Transformation stage, and in just a few hundred years, he has unexpectedly reached such heights!! Unless he encountered great fortunes, it would be impossible for this to happen! There is also that mark between his eyebrows…" The shock set off a huge wave in Ling Tianhou's heart.

The old man that was like a meat mountain suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes shined brightly as he stared at Wang Lin with disbelief.

The expression of the old man as skinny as a corpse also changed, and he gave Wang Lin a profound look. He then looked at the All-Seer and revealed an expression that made it seem like he had realized something.

As for the old man wearing the black and white robe sitting on the gourd, he unexpectedly revealed a smile. However, there was a flash of a ghostly light in his eyes, so it was impossible to see what he was thinking.

"The Vermillion Bird mark!" The middle-aged woman was surprised and carefully looked at Wang Lin.

If these old monsters were like this, then there no need to mention the surrounding cultivators. Not many of them could see through Wang Lin's cultivation, but they could all feel a pressure coming from Wang Lin's body.

The woman in pink looked at Wang Lin with her beautiful eyes and revealed a hint of interest.

All of this sounds slow, but it all happened the moment Wang Lin appeared, and the expressions of everyone landed in his eyes. He patted his clothes as he calmly looked at the All-Seer, then he clasped his hands and respectfully said, "Disciple Wang Lin greets Master!"

The All-Seer's eyes revealed a strange light as he stared at the mark between Wang Lin's eyebrows. After a long time, he revealed a smile and kindly said, "It's good that you returned. Wang Lin, these seniors want to ask you something, and you must answer truthfully."

A middle-aged man behind Wang Lin pointed at him and shouted, "Little brat Wang Lin, you actually dared to come back!!" 

"Back then, you killed members of my Da Lou Sword Sect in the Demon Spirit Land. Today is when you pay in blood!"

Wang Lin revealed a smile, but his eyes were as cold as ice. He coldly looked at the middle-aged man and calmly said, "Senior Ling Tianhou, does this disciple of yours have the qualifications to speak to me like this?"

Ling Tianhou's expression was extremely gloomy as he stared at the mark between Wang Lin's eyebrows. Although he feared the Vermillion Bird mark somewhat, what really shocked him were the other two powers between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

"What kind of fortune did this Wang Lin encounter in these hundreds of years? It's as if he was reborn!"

While he pondered, Ling Tianhou waved his sleeves, causing the middle-aged man who was shouting at Wang Lin to tremble and get pushed back into the group of cultivators.

Ling Tianhou's voice was chilly as he slowly said, "He indeed doesn't have the qualifications to speak to you like this! To be able to reach the early stage of Nirvana Scryer at your age, if we let go of our enmity, even this old man admires you!"

His words set off a huge wave. It was no different from throwing water into boiling oil. This caused the expressions of all the surrounding cultivators to change!

Bai Wei gasped and stared at Wang Lin. His mind was blank. He couldn't believe how Wang Lin, who was only at the Soul Transformation stage hundreds of years ago, had become a Nirvana Scryer cultivator who he could only view as a legend!

"Nirvana Scryer…"

As for Zhao Xingxia, his body trembled as he couldn't believe what he had heard. He was startled on the spot.

It wasn't just the two of them, almost all the other cultivators were the same.

After all, this was just too unbelievable.

"This Wang Lin has actually reached the Nirvana Scryer stage. Although there is still a gap between him and us, he is still someone who has achieved a lot and can no longer be looked at as a junior." The old man on the gourd smiled and said, "Wang Lin, I want to ask, why did you escape through the vortex before us back then? Did you do something you didn't want us to know about?"

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he calmly said, "Junior did indeed cause a calamity in the Demon Spirit Land, so I had to leave."

The eyes of the skinny old man shined and he coldly asked, "What calamity?" 

Wang Lin calmly said, "In self-defence Junior had to trap Blood Ancestor's daughter! When fellow seniors came with Blood Ancestor, Junior naturally had to escape!"

After he spoke, the old man who had the body of a mountain of flesh sat up and said, "Is the celestial cave token in your hands?"

"I wonder who Senior heard this from!" Wang Lin looked at the old man that was like a mountain of flesh. This person was only at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, and moreover, Wang Lin didn't remember this person among the people that pursued him.

The old man's mind trembled from Wang Lin's gaze. His expression changed and there was a flash of disbelief in his eyes.

The All-Seer's expression was still gentle as he slowly said, "Enough, Wang Lin. Teacher is asking you if the celestial cave token in your hands." 

Wang Lin looked at the All-Seer and respectfully said, "Since teacher asked, Disciple doesn't dare to conceal it. Back in the Demon Spirit Land, Disciple indeed obtained a celestial cave token!"

After Wang Lin spoke, the old monsters' eyes lit up and they began to silently ponder. Then an oppressive aura spread out and gathered on Wang Lin.

The old man sitting on the gourd looked at the mark between Wang Lin's eyebrows and said, "Wang Lin, take out the token and you can keep your life!"

The old man with the mountain of flesh body revealed a hostile gaze and gloomily said, "You aren't qualified to have that celestial cave token."

Without waiting for Wang Lin to speak, killing intent flashed across Ling Tianhou's eyes. He slowly said, "Since we know the token is in his hands, why waste time?"

He let out a cold snort and pointed with his right finger. A heaven-shaking ray of sword energy shot toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. When the sword energy arrived, he retreated a few steps and  threw a punch. This punch caused a sonic boom, and the rumbling was earth-shaking.

A black vortex appeared from Wang Lin's fist and collided with Ling Tianhou's sword energy.

Just at this instant, the All-Seer's eyes lit up and he waved his right sleeve. A seven-colored wind flew forth and landed between Ling Tianhou and Wang Lin.

This seven-colored wind contained a mysterious power. When it blew by, it caused the black vortex from Wang Lin's fist to dissipate. While it dissolved Wang Lin's power, it also blocked Ling Tianhou's sword energy.

This gently dissolved everything.

"Ling Tianhou, to attack my Heavenly Fate Sect disciple at my Heavenly Fate Sect, do you really think I'm not here?" The All-Seer's voice was gentle as he looked at Ling Tianhou.

The four origin swords behind Ling Tianhou flew out as he stared at the All-Seer and shouted, "All-Seer, could it be that you want to take the token for yourself!?"

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