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Chapter 958 - Recognition

The All-Seer's expression sank and he calmly said, "As long as he hasn't betrayed his sect, then he is still my disciple!"

"Your Heavenly Fate Sect wants to protect your disciple? Could it be that my Da Lou Sword Sect disciples died for nothing!? Chen Long was the only surviving one among the 12 Swords, the rest were all killed by Wang Lin! This old man will not bully the weak; as long as Wang Lin can resist three rays of sword energy, then this matter will be forgotten! If you dare to stop me, All-Seer, I'll risk everything and go to war with you!" Ling Tianhou's face was filled with killing intent. Although he was speaking to the All-Seer, his gaze was locked on to Wang Lin.

"This senior said that I don't have the qualifications to hold the token. Dare I ask Senior how long you can last against Sword Saint Ling Tianhou's sword energy?" Wang Lin looked at the old man that was like a mountain of flesh.

The old man with the mountain of flesh body was extremely gloomy. He let out a cold snort and remained silent, but there was a flash of killing intent in his eyes.

Wang Lin faintly smiled as his gaze fell on Ling Tianhou, and he calmly said, "Please enlighten me, Sword Saint!"

Ling Tianhou waved his right hand and one of the four origin swords behind his back flew out. This sword was flickering between light and darkness. At this moment, a ray of sword energy flew out.

The sword energy was like a rainbow!

With Ling Tianhou's cultivation, the sword energies he left his disciples when they went into the Demon Spirit land were all very powerful, so there was no need to mention how powerful this one that came from the source was. The sword energy took the form of a dragon and whistled toward Wang Lin.

Crackling sounds came from the sky as if it couldn't withstand the might of the sword energy.

The surrounding Da Lou Sword Sect disciples all became excited as they watched.

When the sword energy closed in and was about to tear his body apart, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. His right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch.

There was a loud explosion as the space before Wang Lin's fist showed signs of collapse. Just as the sword energy closed in, Wang Lin's fist collided with it.

There were several heaven-shaking rumbles. Wang Lin retreated two steps as he calmly looked at Ling Tianhou and slowly said, "First ray!"

Ling Tianhou's sword energy collapsed and spread like a storm. The All-Seer waved his big sleeves and all that power disappeared. He looked at Wang Lin and revealed a smile.

Coldness flashed in Ling Tianhou's eyes and he waved his right hand without hesitation. The origin sword that flew out let out a sharp sword hymn that penetrated the heavens. Then it directly flew out at Wang Lin with its original body.

When it closed in, Wang Lin laughed and his right hand formed a fist. A surge of power travelled from between his eyebrows and gathered in his hand. Specks of light appeared around Wang Lin's fist, and he shot forward along with the punch.

At the same time, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. Since he had returned to planet Tian Yun, he didn't intend to be low key. After all, the only way to speak was with strength!

If he wanted to go back to the Demon Spirit Land to obtain the qualifications to hold the token and to obtain the recognition of all the old monsters on planet Tian Yun, then all of it would depend on this battle!

With Wang Lin's cunning, he had already analyzed all of this. At this moment, after throwing the punch, his left hand touched his bag and he shouted, "Three sets of nine swords!"

After he spoke, rays of silver light flew out from his bag of holding like crazy. Every ray of light gave off a harsh silver glow and countless soul fragments came out from each ray of light. Then bursts of mournful cries filled the world.

As all 27 flying swords all flew out, Wang Lin pointed with this finger. All 27 flying swords flew toward Ling Tianhou while the souls released mournful cries!

Even the All-Seer was shocked by this. He had already foreseen the result, but he didn't know the process. He foresaw that Wang Lin's cultivation would have increased greatly and that he would return on the day the green and purple light covered the sky, but he didn't know exactly what cultivation level Wang Lin would be at. 

He even saw through the several powers between Wang Lin's eyebrows. Three of them were things even he dreaded!

"Although I calculated that this child would come back, I couldn't calculate the reason. This child dared to return to planet Tian Yun because he must have something to rely on. The Vermillion Bird Mark is one of his backings!"

The beautiful woman was also shocked. Surprise filled her eyes and she immediately saw how extraordinary those 27 swords were.

She was a master refiner, and she thought, "The material of these 27 swords are all extraordinary, and they also contain powerful killing intent. It is obvious they have been refined in a place with monstrous killing intent for countless years. Any one of those swords would be a peerless weapon! Now that the 27 swords have formed a sword array, their power…" The beautiful middle-aged woman gasped.

The old man sitting on the gourd suddenly stood up. He stared at Wang Lin, and a huge wave was set off in his heart!

"He definitely isn't at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer!"

As for the old man that was like a mountain of flesh, his mind trembled. He stared at the 27 swords and the indifferent Wang Lin. Cold sweat came out from his forehead.

"I underestimated him!"

Ling Tianhou was named "Sword Saint," and he had great accomplishments and insight related to swords. When he saw these 27 swords, his eyes shined.

"Such flying swords, such a sword formation. Wang Lin, you are qualified to have a fight with me!" Ling Tianhou waved his hands and the three remaining origin swords behind him flew out. As the four swords rotated, rays of sword energy shot out, forming a net of sword energy.

The 27 flying swords caught up to the impact of his punch under Wang Lin's control. They fused together and formed a storm with the swords at the core. There was also sword intent contained within, and they collided with the four rotating origin swords that belonged to Ling Tianhou.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

As the rumbles continued, the 27 swords were all pushed one by one. However, the bombardment caused Ling Tianhou's origin swords to retreat!

Every time a flying sword was knocked back, it would return back to Wang Lin. A moment later, all 27 swords circled Wang Lin. At this moment, the power of Wang Lin's ancient god punch exploded.

Under the power of the punch, Ling Tianhou's four origin swords were all knocked back!

This scene was shocking to anyone who saw it!

However, Wang Lin knew that Ling Tianhous hadn't used any spells and had purely attacked with sword energy. This wasn't Ling Tianhou showing mercy, but even if Wang Lin was at the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser, he wouldn't enough of a threat for Ling Tianhou to use spells!

Ling Tianhou's eyes revealed a strange light, but it soon disappeared. He laughed and had already forgotten about the promise of only three attacks. His hands formed a seal and he waved them, then his hair moved without wind, his eyes lit up, and he shouted, "You are qualified for this old man to use spells. This old man only knows three spells! Sacrifice, Hole, Break! Sacrifice sword, first phase, cast the sword with blood!"

After he spoke, the surrounding cultivators were all shocked. Ling Tianhou's name was illustrious, and he was a master with spells that could shake the heavens. Every cultivator knew that Ling Tianhou only had one mortal enemy, and that was the All-Seer!

He seldom used his spells, and almost every single time he had used them, he was in a battle with the All-Seer.

However, Ling Tianhou had unexpectedly used a spell in his battle against Wang Lin. As a result, even if Wang Lin lost, he would immediately become famous.

As Ling Tianhou shouted, he pointed forward and the four origin swords fused into one. They became an ethereal sword that gave off bursts of hot energy. Then it turned, looking as if it was becoming liquid, and became colorful under the shining sun. Then it shot straight at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. He retreated a few steps, slapped his bag of holding, and shouted, "Five set of nine swords formation!

In an instant, rays of silver light flew out from his bag and flew together with the 27 swords. A total of 45 swords rotated like crazy, forming a vortex. Wang Lin's hair flowed in the air as his hand closed and he mercilessly pointed forward!

"Heavenly Chop!"

With this point of his finger, the rate at which his origin energy cycled almost reached his peak. Countless Heavenly Chops flew out and merged with the vortex before him. The entire vortex trembled and then it condensed and shot forward.

Wang Lin had already refined 45 of these swords from the Slaughter Realm and changed their appearances. The only ones who could identify them now were people from the Slaughter Realm.

At this moment, this sword vortex that contained the power of countless Heavenly Chops collided with Ling Tianhou's spell. At this moment, the world changed colors and reversed.

An intense rumble echoed across the world. The sounds of constant collapsing had replaced all sounds in the world.

If it wasn't for the All-Seer blocking the shockwave of this impact, then it was likely a large part of planet Tian Yun would've collapsed. After the impact, Wang Lin's body was pushed back. His 45 swords were not damaged, but they were bleak as they circled Wang Lin.

Facing him, the sword formed by Ling Tianhou collapsed and turned back into four origin swords. Ling Tianhou wasn't pushed back, though his eyes lit up and he laughed. "Wang Lin, the grudge between you and the Da Lou Sword Sect is all gone. This old man won't take the token away from you. Since you were the one who obtained it, then you have a position to enter the celestial cave!"

Ling Tianhou turned around and stepped out. The Da Lou Sword Sect disciples were all still confused, but they immediately followed. Rays of sword energy quickly went off into the distance.

"Ling Tianhou's actions were very profound…" Wang Lin looked at Ling Tianhou's figure and pondered.

The surroundings were completely silent. Whether it was the Heavenly Fate Sect disciples or the disciples brought by the old monsters, shock filled their eyes.

"Who would've thought Wang Lin would have the power to battle Ling Tianhou!?" Excitement filled Bai Wei's eyes. Even now he still didn't believe what he had witnessed.

Zhao Xingxia's face was deathly pale and his gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with fear. He no longer dared to have any evil intent.

There was still the fourth sister, who had been downcast the entire time. The confusion in her eyes disappeared and she looked at Wang Lin with a mysterious gaze.

"If he can help me…" The woman bit her lower lip and made a decision.

Not only them, almost everyone who knew Wang Lin was shocked into a trance. In their eyes, Wang Lin's figure from back then gradually fused with the white-robed figure they were looking at now.

Wang Lin didn't put away the 45 flying swords, his gaze swept by before landing on the old man with the mountain of flesh body, and he calmly said, "Senior, am I qualified?"

The old man silently pondered before letting out a cold snort and saying to the All-Seer, "Fellow Cultivator All-Seer, I still have a batch of pills to refine, so I won't disturb you anymore."

With that, he shouted at the four disciples carrying him, "Return to the sect!"

The four disciples quickly nodded, then they lifted his huge body and disappeared into the distance.

The old man standing on the gourd looked profoundly at Wang Lin and laughed. "Fellow Cultivator Wang hid himself quiet well. This old man is called Strange Dream Tan. If you have time, you're welcome to my Planet Dream." With that, he clasped his hands at Wang Lin and left.

The person that left with him was the skinny old man. From the beginning, he had an indifferent expression. Even when he left, he didn't say farewell to the All-Seer, he just left.

The last one to leave was the beautiful middle-aged woman. She looked at Wang Lin and smiled, "Fellow Cultivator Wang's flying swords are filled with killing intent. However, too much killing intent can be hard to control. If you have time, please come to planet Zi Xia." With that, she bowed toward the All-Seer and left with the four women behind her.

When they were leaving, the eyes of the woman in the pink dress shined. She looked at Wang Lin and smiled. "My teacher is good at refining, but the cost will not be expensive."

"You little girl!" The beautiful woman chuckled and the three other woman also laughed. Only a few people noticed that the gaze the woman in the green dress had toward Wang Lin was very different.

"He perhaps has already forgotten about my name… After all, for him, it was a very small matter, but for me, he saved my life…" The woman sighed.

The woman in the pink dress asked, "Senior Sister Qian Qin,[1] what's wrong?" 

Qian Qin shook her head but didn't speak.

Under the All-Seer's order, the members of the Heavenly Fate Sect all scattered. In the square, there was no one else other than Wang Lin and the All-Seer. After everyone left, Wang Lin looked calmly at the All-Seer.

The master and disciple once again faced each other after hundreds of years.

The two of them pondered for a long time and the All-Seer slowly asked, "What do you plan to do?"

"Disciple wants to enter the Demon Spirit Land." Wang Lin's expression was respectful.

The All-Seer had his hand behind his back as he calmly said, "You have the qualifications. Whether it is as the Allheaven's Thunder Celestial or as one of the Four Divine Sect's Vermillion Bird Series. As far as I know, this generation of Vermillion Bird Series only has three people including you!"

Wang Lin silently pondered. He didn't know much about the Vermillion Bird Series. After hearing this now, although he was moved, his expression revealed nothing.

1. This was when Wang Lin went out to train before going to the Demon Spirit Land. He encountered this group that found these fruits. Her sect was the one that found it but was too weak, so she called the Da Lou Sword Sect to help. They ended up taking it for themselves and used her sect members as bait. Wang Lin killed everyone except her and even gave her some of the fruit.

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