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Chapter 956 - The Woman in Pink

The five-colored butterfly was very beautiful, and as it flapped its wings, they released five-colored powder. There was also a blood sparrow next to it. This blood sparrow belonged to Blood God. but it was captured by the five-colored butterfly.

The five-colored butterfly flew out and its left wind gently flapped. The storm sweeping toward it suddenly trembled!

The five-colored butterfly's left wing flapped again.

The power of law appeared and the destructive shockwave was pushed back. It was as if a pair of large, invisible hands had forced it back.

The third time the five-colored butterfly's left wing flapped, three more butterflies appeared, and they also flapped their wings. The destruction force sped up and it rushed toward the rapidly shrinking vortex.

Just as the vortex was about to disappear, the destructive force and that sliver of law from the five-colored butterfly penetrated the vortex.

A miserable scream echoed from inside the vortex and then the vortex disappeared...

In the Alliance Star System, there was a sea of souls that no outsider knew about. There were large amounts of land floating within this sea of souls. On one of the islands, there were many buildings. A vortex suddenly appeared next to one of the tall, black buildings.

The moment the vortex appeared, there were sounds of explosions and a large amount of blood sprayed out. The origin soul of the young man in blue flew out from the vortex. It looked as if he was about to collapse at any moment.

Just at this instant, the door of the building suddenly opened, revealing an old man with a very gloomy expression. He was simply too fast and directly grabbed the origin soul.

"Grandpa, save me!" The blue-robed young man, who could barely open his eyes, uttered these words before going into a coma. His origin soul gradually dissipated. Although it didn't collapse, it was extremely weak.

Wang Lin frowned, he could feel that the moment the power from the five-colored butterfly entered the vortex and attacked the youth, there was a flash of black light that dissolved a majority of the force. Although this black light collapsed, the youth in blue was only seriously injured, not dead.

"Life-saving treasure!" As Wang Lin pondered, he walked toward Lei Ji. Looking at the green light coming from his joints, he pressed down his right hand at each spot.

Every time his fingers landed, the green light would turn into a soul fragment and disappear.

A moment later, there was no more green light on Lei Ji's body. Lei Ji let out a sigh of relief and looked at Wang Lin with respect.

Lei Ji's giant body turned into a mountain and flew through the stars. Wang Lin sat on his back, and beside Wang Lin was the big-headed boy, who was healing.

They were getting closer and closer to planet Tian Yun.

Ten days later, Wang Lin looked at the familiar space before him. He knew that not far away was the area that belonged to the rank 7 cultivation country of Tian Yun. During these 10 days, he was thinking about what he should do during this trip to planet Tian Yun. However, even more so, he was pondering over the hand seals Esteemed Xuan Bao had used with the four-colored butterflies.

Back then, he carefully memorized the hand seals, but no matter how many times he tried them during these 10 days, he felt nothing.

At this moment, Wang Lin stood up and looked ahead. He slowly said, "Big Head, you and Lei Ji go find an abandoned planet. Hide yourselves and wait for me. If I'm fine, I'll let you two come. If you hear no news from me, then the two of you quickly leave this place."

With that, Wang Lin's body flickered and he left Lei Ji's back. He moved forward with his white robe and his flowing, black hair, which made him look very much like a celestial.

As he walked, Wang Lin once more stepped into planet Tian Yun's sphere of influence.

"This trip… Is a blessing and disaster; however, there are some things that must be done! Besides, this crisis might not be as difficult to resolve as I thought! In truth, all of it had to do with the celestial cave token!"

Wang Lin slowly moved forward as he pondered.

"All of them want that celestial cave token. The token, the matter with Blood God, the All-Seer's scheme, and various other things forced me to leave.

"Back then, my cultivation was too weak and I had no power to resist; I stood no chance against the All-Seer… Even though I still can't stand up to the All-Seer, it will not be so easy for him to kill me!" Wang Lin touched the spot between his eyebrows. His real ace was not his magical treasure or spells, but the third eye between his eyebrows!

"After viewing the second Battle Scroll, I gained another sliver of source origin energy… This is my real life-saving spell!

"After all, the All-Seer and I haven't publicly turned against each other. I'm still a disciple of the All-Seer. In addition, what's more important is that Huanglong said I'm a person of planet Suzaku. A disciple of the Vermillion Bird branch of the Four Divine Sect… This is something worth pondering…" Wang Lin revealed a sneer and pressed down between his eyebrows.

The third eye immediately appeared between his eyebrows and then was replaced by the ancient god stars. Soon, a bead appeared, then all of it disappeared, leaving only a red mark that gave off trace of heat.

"If it wasn't for the fact that Master Flamespark gave me enough origin energy to reach the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer once my domain reached a certain level and the fact that I obtained the inheritance from Lou Chen to become a 5-star royal ancient god, I wouldn't have even noticed this extra mark on me!

"This mark contains the power of the world. When my divine sense gathers on it, I hear the faint cry of the Vermillion Bird… I didn't have this when I went back to planet Suzaku, so based on this, it must be related to Sect Head Huanglong."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. The Vermillion Bird mark on his forehead flickered and he charged forward.

Planet Tian Yun appeared in the distance in Wang Lin's eyes. Looking at the familiar planet, he couldn't help but sigh. He could never forgot how he came directly here after leaving planet Suzaku and was accepted as a disciple of the Purple Division.

"In a flash, hundreds of years have passed…" Wang Lin shook his head and walked forward.

"When I first came here, I was only a Soul Transformation cultivator. The second time I'm here, I can battle Nirvana Cleanser cultivators!" Wang Lin moved forward but was surprised. He immediately stopped and stared at planet Tian Yun ahead.

He saw flashes of golden light above planet Tian Tun. They were rays of sword energy that were stacked together. After taking a closer look, they were all gathered above the Heavenly Fate Sect on planet Tian Yun.

"Ling Tianhou!" Wang Lin's expression changed when he felt Ling Tianhou's aura among those flying swords.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin didn't stop and flew forward.

Outside the Heavenly Fate Sect, countless rays of sword energy filled the sky as if there was a sword storm. There was a cultivator on every single sword, and they were all disciples of the Da Lou Sword Sect.

Before him was a fierce red Qilin. This Qilin was extremely fierce and its eyes were like lightning. Endless flames came from its body and two streams of hot air came out of its nostrils. On its back sat a skinny old man with a gloomy expression.

This old man had four illusionary swords behind him. They gave off a powerful aura as they flickered. He was Ling Tianhou!

Aside from this old man, there were four more cultivators that seemed to be very powerful. Of the four of them, three were men and one was a woman. The three men were all old men with white hair, and their eyes were like the sun and moon.

One of them was wearing a black and white robe with a yin and yang pattern. His expression revealed nothing as he calmly sat on a giant gourd. Behind him were nine people. These nine people were clearly his disciples, as they floated respectfully behind him.

The other old man was very large, as if he was a meat mountain. He sat on a purple bamboo chair being carried by four big, shining fellows.

The third old man was wearing a yellow robe and was as skinny as a corpse, but his body gave off a powerful sense of vitality. He had no followers and he stood alone in the sky with an indifferent expression.

The final person was a woman. She was younger, middle-aged. This middle-aged woman didn't dress up. Her clothes were very ordinary, as if she was just a woman from a village among mortals.

However, she gave off an earthly aura from her body. Behind her were four women. They were all very beautiful and their beauty could be considered unsurpassed! This was especially true of the woman in the left, who was wearing a pink dress and was stunning! They attracted the gazes of a majority of the Da Lou Sword Sect cultivators, but the four women paid them no attention and calmly looked ahead.

Ling Tianhou said, "All-Seer, back then your disciple Wang Lin took the token, and afterward you said that a mystery of the heavens will be revealed today. This old man wants to see what your so-called mystery of the heavens is!" 

Back then, these old monsters all sent Greed to find Wang Lin. However, no more news of this matter came back, and a majority of the seals they left on Greed had disappeared.

The matter at the Demon Spirit Land was very crucial, so the old monsters had come looking for the All-Seer because they were anxious. After all, Wang Lin was someone from the Heavenly Fate Sect.

Back then, the All-Seer had a calm expression and only said one sentence!

"When green and purple light fills the sky, you all can come to my Heavenly Fate Sect and see the mystery of the heavens!"

Early this morning, the originally clear sky above planet Tian Yun was suddenly shrouded by green and purple. The colors were gorgeous and seemed to color the entire planet.

Then Ling Tianhou immediately came here with his disciples. At the same time, several old monsters who knew of this matter rushed over to the Heavenly Fate Sect.

After all, the All-Seer's divination ability was famous in the Alliance!

The All-Seer, who was wearing white, calmly stood in the sky. Beside him were the Heavenly Fate disciples that all looked into the sky with cold gazes. However, what they looked at even more were the four beautiful women.

"He is here!" The All-Seer's expression was calm and he calmly smiled. His gaze fell on the horizon.

After the All-Seer finished speaking, Ling Tianhou, the three powerful old monsters, and the beautiful woman immediately noticed something.

At this instant, all the cultivators' gazes gathered on the horizon. The four women behind the middle-aged woman didn't even blink and stared intently.

"I don't know what Wang Lin, the one that shook the Demon Spirit Land and caught the attention of all the great cultivators of Allheaven, looks like…" The eyes of woman in the pink dress were filled with curiosity.

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