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Chapter 944 - Heaven Defying Bead Reappears!

Lou Chen's sad voice echoed across the void and landed in Wang Lin's ears. Wang Lin's mind trembled and he felt some kind of resonance!

Lou Chen had dared to defy the heavens and wasn't afraid of heaven or earth. However, he wasn't able to reverse his own fate, which was the Moongazer Serpent!

He was assimilated with the Moongazer Serpent and had most of his ancient god power absorbed. This forced him to revert from a peak 8-star ancient god back into child form. All of this was a fate he couldn't change. He had been trapped inside the Moongazer Serpent for tens of thousands of years, living a life that was worse than death. With the pride of the ancient gods, the humiliation he suffered in his heart revealed his desolation.

The ancient god clan was an extremely proud clan, and this pride refused to allow anything to trample on them. Tu Si was the same, and Lou Chen was also the same.

Wang Lin silently pondered and his heart filled with pain. However, there was respect in his eyes; he respected Ancient God Lou Chen!

At this moment, there was a whistle in the void as the two ancient god stars moved at an extreme speed toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin grabbed the two stars, and at that moment, the stars merged with Wang Lin.

At this instant, an unimaginable ancient god power filled Wang Lin's body. This ancient god power was too strong, and popping sounds came from Wang Lin's body. In the blink of an eye, his body grew several times larger. He was now more than 3,000 feet tall!

All the veins on his body bulged as if there was a power inside him that wanted to tear him apart. Filled with pain, Wang Lin charged forward and let out a roar!

This roar turned into endless sonic booms and shot forward. It also contained the might of a royal ancient god, which caused the giant golden hand coming at him to pause.

Wang Lin could clearly feel the power of the ancient gods from the two stars Lou Chen threw at him surge through his entire body.

This ancient god power was equivalent to Wang Lin absorbing spiritual energy from countless planets for tens of thousands of years. It was as if his body was going to collapse under his power.

That feeling of his body being torn apart made him almost crazy, so he let out roars to vent himself. There was a trace of violent pressure within these roars!

The stars rapidly rotated between his eyebrows until it was impossible to see how many stars there were. Wang Lin let out a roar as he took a step and mercilessly threw a punch.

This punch immediately set off a storm. The void before him was pushed back as if it was being ripped open, and a powerful force swept forward.

The large hand formed by the golden light paused due to the punch Wang Lin released. However, with a heaven-shaking bang Wang Lin's hand and the golden hand collided.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

This bombardment of punches caused both sides to stagger. The crazy amount of impacts caused the giant hand to retreat.

Wang Lin's body trembled a bit and he retreated a few steps. At this point, his eyes gradually calmed down. At this moment, he no longer felt pain from his body but instead felt comfortable. He clenched his fists as if he was holding the world!

There was no giant hand reaching for Qing Shui, but his eyes had a strange gaze as he looked at the two people on the other side of the net. His eyes were filled with confusion, but there was also a trace of struggle in them.

It was as if he was in a trace, and pain came from his head. It felt as if there was a hidden memory that was mercilessly opened when he saw those two.

The flashing net in the void was rapidly recovering. Just as it was about to recover completely, there was a flash of coldness in the eyes of the old man outside the net. He stared at Wang Lin's giant body, especially at the four rapidly rotating stars with a vortex in the middle. Specks of golden light scattered from Wang Lin's body and gathered at the vortex, causing waves of powerful ancient god power to spread out.

There was a drop of black liquid that appeared and disappeared within the vortex.

"He really is a royal ancient god!" The old man's eyes shined brightly.

"A 5-star royal ancient god that has just awakened! I didn't expect there to still be royal ancient gods in the Sealed Realm. If the elder council finds out about this, it will set off a great storm! Fortunately, this person is only in the awakening state. If he had fully awakened and reached six stars, then even I would have to retreat!" The old man gasped and greed filled his eyes.

"If I can absorb his royal ancient god power, I will be able to occupy a seat in the elder council!" The crescent moon mark flashed between the old man's eyebrows and he clenched his teeth. Then his hands formed a seal and the crescent moon mark actually flew out, forming an 10-foot-tall crescent moon imprint!

"This old man is a member of the ancient Moon Devourer clan of the Immemorial Celestial Clan. Today, I've come across the greatest opportunity in my life! No matter what, I can't let him go!" As the old man roared, the crescent moon mark flashed like crazy and charged forward.

Just as the net in the void was about to withdraw completely, the crescent moon mark suddenly drilled out. It grew in the void until it was several thousand feet tall and was comparable to Wang Lin.

"Moon Celestial Devours God!" The old man's eyes suddenly widened and a large amount of veins bulge on his face. As the veins extended, they gathered under the crescent moon mark, making him look very ferocious.

The moment he spoke, the crescent moon mark seemed to boil and gave off a demonic light. Then a giant mouth appeared on the crescent moon mark and charged to devour Wang Lin.

Endless suction force came from inside the big mouth. This suction was extremely strange; it was as if countless threads had come out to drill into Wang Lin's body.

The mouth from the crescent moon was so fast that it closed in on Wang Lin in an instant. Wang Lin simply had no chance to react. As the endless suction filled the area, it directly devoured Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's figure no longer existed in the void, the only thing that remained was the huge crescent moon mark. The old man was very excited when the crescent moon mark rushed back. He wanted to make it out of the net before it completely withdrew.

The old man's laughter was filled with excitement. He didn't think he would encounter such fortune today.

"After devouring this royal ancient god, this old man will have the cultivation level to hold a position on the elder council!" The old man charged forward toward the net. His right hand reached out for the crescent moon mark.

He had already thought about how he was going to gain respect in the elder council after he devoured the royal ancient god, how he would stand above all within his sect!

However, just at this instant, the old man's expression changed greatly and his face filled with disbelief. All of his plans were ruined and he stared straight ahead.

A crazy aura came out from the crescent moon mark that devoured Wang Lin. This aura was extremely powerful and caused the crescent moon mark to tremble violently. Then the crescent moon mark exploded with a bang!

The crescent moon mark was broken by force into countless pieces. At this moment, the old man's face was completely pale and popping sounds came from between his eyebrows. Then he coughed out a large a mouthful of blood. Terror filled his eyes and he cried, "Impossible!"

The crescent moon mark between his eyebrows cracked in half and the old man was knocked back. The youth in black next to him was still in a daze. Even now, he still didn't understand why such a shocking change had occurred.

Inside the net, Wang Lin walked out from the shattered crescent moon mark. The five stars on his forehead rotated slowly and the power of a royal 5-star ancient god filled the area.

However, this wasn't what made the crescent moon mark explode or what made the old man cough out blood. At this moment, there was a black and white bead floating between Wang Lin's eyebrows!

Heaven defying bead!

The moment Wang Lin was devoured by the crescent moon mark, the heaven defying bead began moving on its own and flew out from between his eyebrows.

The moment the heaven defying bead appeared, a mysterious force came out from within it. The crescent moon mark wasn't able to resist at all and suddenly collapsed!

At this moment, black and white gas surrounded the heaven defying bead. The black and white gas charged out, went through the flashing net, and charged directly at the old man.

The old man screamed and his face filled with fear. It was as if he recognized the heaven defying bead. His gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with unimaginable fear.

"You… You are…"

He lost his wits and retreated while feeling shocked. The fear in his eyes almost reached its peak.

However, he was too slow. The black and white gas went through the net that sealed this void. The moment it charged out, the black and white gas expanded and sped up before chasing after the old man.

In an instant, the black and white gas caught up. Whether the old man tried to teleport or merge with the world, everything became pointless before the black and white gas from the heaven defying bead.

The moment the black and white gas closed in, it surrounded the old man. The old man's body trembled violently, fear filled his eyes, and his pounding heart isolated all other sounds.

As the black and white gas circled him, it formed a vortex before the old man. An arm came out from the vortex and made a beckoning motion toward the old man.

The broken moon mark between the old man's eyebrows shot out with a bang, and there were still lines of blood connected to the mark. The moment the mark flew out, the old man let out an extremely miserable scream. His body trembled, large drops of sweat fell from his face, and the veins on his body bulged as if they were about to explode.

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