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Chapter 943 - Heavens' Dao?

Lou Chen had the deepest feeling regarding the Moongazer Serpent's pain as they had assimilated. Without hesitation, he stepped forward and threw a punch.

This punch turned into a powerful rumble, and it was several times stronger than when he fought Wang Lin! The giant elephant let out a roar and turned into a black light that wrapped around Lou Chen's fist. This caused the roar of the elephant to echo as he punched. The elephant reformed before the punch and charged into the seven-colored gas.

There was a heaven shaking sound and a shocking shockwave spread out. The seven-colored gas was pushed back a bit but quickly spread even more and devoured the giant elephant.

As the seven-colored gas closed in on Qing Shui, he didn't retreat and instead his eyes turned cold. His right hand pointed between his eyebrows and a purple-red line appeared and formed an arc.

When Qing Shui saw that seven-colored gas, it was as if a flash of lightning crossed his mind, and he shouted, "I have spent my life cultivating as a celestial and have refined seven Ji Realm roots, allowing me to become a Celestial Lord. I have slaughtered countless people but have never fought the heavens' dao!" 

The moment the purple-red curved line appeared, it emitted a sizzling sound and an extremely powerful force came out from it.

"Heavens' dao?" A low voice came from the crack and a chuckle came through. From the sound of the laugh, the person who spoke wasn't a old man!

"Compare to you, who came from the sealed realm, I can indeed be considered your heavens' dao! The Moongazer Serpent, two ancient gods, and you, who cultivates the Ji Realm, come with me to the place of the heavens' dao. This can be considered good fortune for you all!"

Qing Shui's eyes became cold and he charged out as the seven-colored gas closed in. The purple-red line arched through the seven-colored gas, creating popping sounds.

As for Wang Lin, the seven-colored gas also closed in on him. This seven-colored gas contained a powerful sealing force that prevented him from retreating. Killing intent flash across his eyes as he waved the God Slaying Spear in his hand and shouted, "Collapse!"

There was a loud rumble as the first 100 feet of the 1000 feet God Slaying Spear collapsed, creating a storm that shot toward the seven-colored gas.

The Moongazer Serpent's roar became even more intense and it continued to struggle. The seven-colored gas surrounding its body looked like a seven-colored sun; it looked very beautiful.

However, the mournful roar filled this beauty with strangeness.

Half of the Moongaze Serpent's giant body had been pulled in, and was still being pulled in. Thanks to this seven-colored gas, it had lost all power to resist. Even as it struggled, it revealed a terrifying despair.

Lou Chen had assimilated with the Moongazer Serpent, this roar pierced through him. As he rushed out, the five stars rotated and one of them flew out and collapsed!

Shattered star of an ancient god!

The star shattered and a crazed power appeared in the void. Just as the power of the shattered star was about to spread, Lou Chen mercilessly inhaled!

As he inhaled, the power of the shattered star entered his mouth. Roars of pain came from his mouth as his body expanded from 3,000 feet to more than 7,000 feet!

With one step, he broke free from the seven-colored gas and arrived next to the crack. As he roared, his powerful fist punched out. As he punched, one of the four stars between his eyebrows shattered!

The star that shattered formed an unimaginable impact that entered his right arm and allowed him to launch a punch at peak power!

This punch borrowed the power of two shattered stars. This allowed Lou Chen to reach power just short of his peak!

As his roar echoed, 10 giant elephants appeared and charged forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this instant, the void was filled with this majestic sound. His voice was so intense that even Wang Lin felt his ears sting. The void under his feet seemed to be impacted by a powerful force. If one looked from above, it would look as if the void within hundreds of thousands of kilometers had been scraped open, revealing the flashing net below!

Even the seven-colored gas around Wang Lin and Qing Shui was pushed back. The crack that was swallowing the Moongazer Serpent was ripped open and the seven-colored gas was pushed back, revealing the figure hidden inside the seven-colored gas.

The figure was completely exposed. He was a youth that looked very ordinary, but his eyes were extremely cold.

What stood out about him was a crescent moon mark between his eyebrows!

He coldly looked at Wang Lin's group and remained neutral toward Lou Chen's almost peak attack. He raised his right hand and calmly said, "Sealed Realm's 99th formation, Devour Formation, activate!"

After he spoke, a rapidly rotating vortex appeared before the youth. The vortex was dark and it was like a mouth that could devour all. It expanded like crazy and seemed to devour Lou Chen's punch!

However, just this vortex wasn't enough to dissolve Lou Chen's ancient god power. After it devoured, the vortex rumbled and immediately collapsed.

The youth's expression changed and he retreated. Then his hands formed a seal and he shouted, "The Sealed Realm's 9th formation, Heaven Splitting Formation, activate!" As he spoke, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a large mouthful of blood. This blood entered the crack before causing specks of light to fly out and condense into a large war axe!

The moment the axe appeared, a pressure that could shake the heavens appeared and large amounts of collapse appeared out of nowhere.

The war axe flashed and charged toward Lou Chen. It collided with Lou Chen's fist. As the resulting rumble echoed, the war axe collapsed and Lou Chen coughed out blood. After being knocked back a few steps, one of the three remaining ancient god stars on Lou Chen's forehead shattered and he rushed out once more!

The shatter of the third star caused storms around his body. His body went from 7,000 feet directly to more than 10,000 feet tall. He was now a true ancient god giant! Although it was far from his peak, he already held unimaginable power!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. If Lou Chen lost, he would be in danger. He took a step forward and his 4-star royal ancient god power surged out like crazy. He threw the God Slaying Spear in his hand and then formed a diamond with his hands and pressed forward!

A diamond light flashed out and merged with the God Slaying Spear. It penetrated the void and shot toward the youth.

There was also Qing Shui. Without pause, his hands formed a seal and seven arcs of Ji Realm threads connected together and quickly shot forward.

As Lou Chen roared, his 10,000 foot body charged forward. His eyes were fearless as he threw his bombardment of punches.

The peak attack of the three caused the youth to panic and his pupils to shrink. At this moment, a withered hand reached out and pulled the youth back. A while-haired old man walked out and stood before the youth.

"Master!" As soon as the youth spoke, the old man shouted, "Shut up! Who allowed you to open the Sealed Realm!?" As the old man spoke, his hand formed a seal, then he said, "Requesting the formation to activate the Heaven Splitting Axe!"

The moment the old man spoke, specks of light appeared within hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of kilometers. These specks of light gathered like crazy toward where Wang Lin's group was.

They were simply too fast! Their speed broke the limit of law; they were even several times faster than the peak attacks of Wang Lin's group.

The entire void seemed to be lit up; the originally dark void was filled with lines of crystal light. In an instant, these specks of light had already taken shape.

A war axe 1,000 feet long suddenly appeared! This war axe was formed by specks of light and was filled with a primal aura. As this aura spread out, the war axe suddenly descended!

It appeared before the old man and directly met the peak attacks of Wang Lin's group.

Bang! Bang! Bang! As a crazy rumble echoed, Qing Shui coughed out a mouthful of blood and was knocked away. Wang Lin trembled and cracks appeared on his body. The four stars on his forehead rapidly rotated to offset the unimaginable impact, but he was also knocked back.

Lou Chen's body gradually shrank and the power of the shattered stars quickly dissipated. His eyes were filled with sadness as he looked at the axe in the sky and shouted, "Wang Lin, does your inheritance know about this object? It is the holy treasure of the ancient god clan!"

The Heaven Splitting Axe exploded into countless specks of light, causing the fragmented net to quickly recover.

The old man outside the net revealed a strange look. Then he waved his hand and the specks of light turned into three large hands. One of them grabbed the Moongazer Serpent and mercilessly pulled it outside the net!

The other hand reached toward Lou Chen. Right now he simply had no power to resist! The third giant hand reached toward Wang Lin.

Just at this instant, decisiveness filled Lou Chen's eyes, as if he was determined to do something. The moment the giant hand grabbed him, his right hand reached toward between his eyebrows. He took the last two ancient god stars and threw them toward Wang Lin with a wry smile on his face. His gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with never-before-seen gentleness. It was like an elder in the family looking at their own child.

"Your challenge to adulthood was excellent! Not even my child was as excellent as you… All children of the ancient god clan receive a gift after their challenge. These two ancient god stars will be my gift to you!"

Lou Chen's voice was filled with a trace of relief and sadness as he looked at the void. He was grabbed by the giant hand and pulled outside the net...

"Ancient god… Ancient god… You can reverse the heavens, but you can't reverse life… I, Lou Chen, am not an ancient god, but a lonely god…"

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