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Chapter 945 - Secret

Despair filled the old man's eyes as he looked at Wang Lin and mournfully said, "Sealed Realm's supreme, please spare my life!!" 

However, Wang Lin was still in shock and had simply no control over this matter, much less over the heaven defying bead.

Seeing that Wang Lin made no attempt to stop the heaven defying bead, the old man let out a miserable smile. He watched as the crescent moon mark was pulled from his forehead by the big hand before it slowly returned back into the vortex.

Large amounts of blood sprayed out from the old man's forehead and he became dispirited. His eyes were bleak and his body flew back as if he had been hit by a powerful impact.

Fear filled black-robed youth's eyes as he looked at Wang Lin. The coldness in his eyes collapsed and was replaced with terror. He dodged Wang Lin's gaze and didn't dare to make eye contact.

His body flashed and he grabbed hold of the old man. The old man's eyes revealed a trace of struggle. Disregarding the blood from between his eyebrows, he shouted, "Quickly, retreat!"

The youth didn't hesitate and quickly retreated while carrying the old man.

The formation formed by the black and white gas dissipated back into black and white gas. Then it penetrated the recovering net and returned back into the heaven defying bead.

The heaven defying bead slowly flew to Wang Lin and floated before him.

The surrounding flashing net was slowly covered by the void once more. Then there was nothing but the endless darkness and silence.

As for the Moongazer Serpent and Lou Chen, they were isolated outside the net. When the void spread, they disappeared forever...

Qing Shui stared at all of this. A majority of his celestial origin energy had been sealed. He looked at Wang Lin and his originally confused eyes became focused.

Looking at the heaven defying bead, Wang Lin was just as shocked as the old man who had lost his mark from ancient times. He wasn't unfamiliar with the arm that came out from the vortex. He saw it when he first activated the heaven defying bead.

At this moment, while he pondered, Wang Lin carefully raised his right hand and touched the heaven defying bead. The bead immediately entered his right hand and disappeared into his origin soul.

"During ancient times, there were ancient people that cultivated their own heaven and earth. They became celestials and formed the Ancient Celestial Realm… The Ancient Celestial Realm is the holy land of my Celestial Realm, the real Celestial Realm!" Qing Shui seemed to be speaking to himself, and there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"Master Bai Fan was someone from the Ancient Celestial Realm. He descended from the Ancient Celestial Realm to teach us all…

"Teacher once said that the Ancient Celestial Realm was the guardian of all life. If the Ancient Celestial Realm exists, then the heavens and earth will exist. If the Ancient Celestial Realm was gone, then everything would be destroyed…

"He originally thought that the Ancient Celestial Realm would be eternal, but that day… The towering tree supporting the Ancient Celestial Realm collapsed and the Ancient Celestial Realm disappeared without a trace…. Even after spending a lifetime searching, teacher wasn't able to find a trace of the Ancient Celestial Realm…

"The disappearance of the Ancient Celestial Realm represented the collapse of the ancient cultivation world and ushered a new era. The world was confused; without the Ancient Celestial Realm, how could there be celestials… Thus, Qi refiners were borned… I, Qing Shui, was a Qi refiner. I was heir to the country of Clear Water.

"However, although the Celestial Realm was gone, Master Bai Fan and few of his peers opened their own world. They took the four great passages to the Ancient Celestial Realm and created their own land, naming it… Celestial Realm!

"The Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Celestial Realms split the galaxy into four systems. Under the Wind Celestial Realm was the Cloud Sea, under the Rain Celestial Realm was Brilliant Void, under the Thunder Celestial Realm was Allheaven, and under the Lightning Celestial Realm was Summoned River… The system below the Rain Celestial Realm had its named changed by others to the 'Alliance.' Who else still knows that this place was once called 'Brillant Void…'"

Qing Shui let out a sigh as he looked at the void. It was as if he was looking at the Thunder Celestial Realm from back then, and reminiscence filled his eyes.

"At the Thunder Celestial Realm, I met her…"

As Wang Lin pondered, his body gradually shrank. Popping sounds echoed as his 3,000 foot body slowly returned to normal size.

Five ancient god stars rotated between his eyebrows and gave off a fierce ancient god aura! At this moment, Wang Lin's original body had the power of a 5-star ancient god, and he was now considered one of the strong!

If a 5-star royal ancient god used a spell, he could battle early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators! Once he returns to normal space and his origin energy is unsealed, almost no early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator will be his match!

For the first time, Wang Lin felt like he was powerful! His expression was calm as he silently looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui's eyes revealed a hint of gentleness, but it was soon replaced with pain. He could never forget that time where he was lost in madness and accidently killed his beloved partner...

This kind of pain was deep inside his heart, and it continued to devour him. Not even "unforgettable" was enough to express how powerful it was!

"During ancient times, when my celestial clan was at its peak… In my memory, I clearly remember that this peak didn't last for long. The four Celestial Realms entered a life and death battle over a single item!" The pain was quickly hidden away. This was a pain he faced alone every night, an unspeakable pain he could never forget.

"This great war lasted for far too long, and in the end, the Celestial Realms lost too much… In the end, during the peak of the war, a person came out from the void. According to Master Bai Fan, this person was an old acquaintance from the Ancient Celestial Realm.

"His appearance prevented this war from continuing, and he held the order from the Ancient Celestial Realm to set up barrier between the four Celestial Realms. If the barrier was opened once more, the anger of the Ancient Celestial Realm would descend and burn everything!"

As Qing Shui's voice echoed, Wang Lin silently listened.

"The four great Celestial Realms were isolated from each other and the war was over… As for the root of all of this, the thing everyone wanted, I don't know… All I know is that it was a bead…" Qing Shui looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression remained the same, but his mind was in shock.

"If I had obtained that bead, I would certainly keep it well-hidden and not take it out or let anyone see it. This object is simply too important…" Qing Shui spoke as if he was talking to himself and let out a sigh.

"The great war between the four Celestial Realms caused them to lose too many celestials. All four realms were at their weakest. However, it was during that time that a shocking change occured!

"A bunch of freaks from the Tattoo clan came from an unknown origin and appeared in the realm under the four Celestial Realms. These Tattoo clan members used extremely strange spells. We celestials were completely different. We don't cultivate dao, only our celestial origin. We can  reverse the power of heavens and wield it. Those people gathered all their power onto talisman-like treasures and used them!

"The battle was very intense. In the end, my celestial clan won and scattered this Tattoo clan. We even turned a large amount of them into the our slaves! However, the four Celestial Realms suffered even more damage… After that, we found out that this Tattoo clan came from the void under space! Which is here!" Qing Shui pointed under his feet!

Wang Lin gasped and his eyes shined. He had encountered the Chosen Immortal Clan a lot, but he didn't expect the Chosen Immortal Clan's origin to be the void!

Thinking about the old man and youth, an idea suddenly appeared in Wang Lin's mind.

"This void doesn't only surround the Alliance, it surrounds all four systems under the four Celestial Realms!" Qing Shui let out a sigh and muttered, "After the war with the Tattoo clan, I began to show signs of madness, but at that time I didn't pay attention to any of this… After that, you should've heard about what happened from Master Flamespark."

Wang Lin pondered for a bit while he looked at Qing Shui. After a long time, he slowly said, "Senior Brother, that old man said that he was from the ancient Moon Devourer Clan of the Immemorial Celestial Clan…"

Qing Shui's eyes were filled with confusion as he softly said, "This is what also confuses me. I have never heard of this Immemorial Celestial Clan. Could the Tattoo clan from back then be  from the same place? Were they also members of the Immemorial Celestial Clan…" The confusion in Qing Shui's eyes became even stronger.

"However, I feel very strange. The moment the seven-colored gas appeared, I unexpectedly saw an illusion. I heard that teacher died while pointing madly at the sky. What exactly did teacher see…"

Wang Lin pondered deeply.

A large mystery seemed to fill the surroundings, but it was hidden in smoke, not allowing anyone to see the truth inside. Both Wang Lin and Qing Shui silently podnered in the void.

The celestial origin energy in Qing Shui's body was eventually completely sealed. He gradually weakened, and on the third day, he lost the ability to fly.

Wang Lin supported Qing Shui as he continued to move through the void. The celestial fragment Master Flamespark gave them floated before him and gave off a gentle light. It was as if it had made a connection with the outside world and was leading the way.

Supporting Qing Shui, Wang Lin followed the celestial fragment. On the ninth day, Qing Shui was extremely weak. He looked at the void and the drifting celestial fragment as he said, "After I take the memories from Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul, you should keep the origin soul. His origin soul contains a large amount of celestial origin energy, so it will be very useful to you!"

"Your attitude is very similar to mine back then… I hope you will cherish it more than me, because I no longer have the qualifications or people to cherish…" Qing Shui looked at Wang Lin as if he was looking at his past self.

The same kind of coldness, the same kind of slaughter, and the same kind of loneliness.

On this day, the celestial fragment suddenly shined brightly and stopped. As it shined, a vortex appeared before it.

There was an alter on the vortex with countless cultivators chanting. Master Flamespark stood on the altar with a smile and his voice entered.

"Welcome back!"

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