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Chapter 942 - Heaven Defying Bead Trembles

The moment that cold and ghostly light appeared, Qing Shui's originally calm expression changed drastically. He stared at where the ghostly light appeared and his eyes shined.

However, that ghostly light immediately disappeared as if it never existed.

Whether it was the ghostly light's appearance or disappearance, Qing Shui actually didn't see anything. However, just at that instant, there was a terrifying feeling that made all the hair on his body stood up. He had never had this feeling, even when he met his teacher, Bai Fan.

However, subconsciously, he felt as if he had felt this before. This contradicting feeling made it so Qing Shui couldn't find the reason.

His expression was gloomy and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He remained vigilant and stared ahead while searching his memories for the answer to this contradicting feeling.

As Lou Chen laughed, he suddenly retreated from the God Slaying Seal. Large amounts of the bone spikes on his arms had collapsed, but he was excited. He looked at Wang Lin with admiration.

After the bombardment, Wang Lin also retreated. The God Slaying Spear in his hand was almost transparent now. Although he looked normal, he was greatly shocked. Earlier, Wang Lin clearly felt the heaven defying bead that had been fused with his origin soul and been dormant for a long time unexpectedly trembled for a moment.

This was an extremely rare occurrence. When the Heaven Defying Bead trembled, a sliver of mysterious power came out from the bead and went into Wang Lin's body. This caused his eyes to shine blue for that instant.

Borrowing the moment of retreat, Wang Lin's gaze swept his surroundings. At this moment, it was as if hundreds of thousands of bolts of thunder had exploded in his mind. He saw the ghostly light under the net that not even Qing Shui could see!

When the ruthlessness from the ghostly light landed in Wang Lin's eyes, it was as if he had devoured a piece of nevermelting ice. His entire body was cold inside and out. The two ghostly lights seemed to notice Wang Lin's gaze. They revealed a trace of shock and gradually disappeared.

"What the hell is this?!" As Wang Lin retreated, his mind shook. When he saw Qing Shui's gaze, he knew Qing Shui must have noticed it too.

At this moment, Lou Chen laughed and closed in once more. He raised his right hand and mercilessly gripped. The five stars on his forehead rotated. In the blink of an eye, the five stars flew off his forehead and embedded onto Lou Chen's fist.

When his fist arrived, the five stars appeared on his fist. They rotated rapidly until they formed a vortex. As Lou Chen's fist closed in, the vortex formed a storm.

"It looks like Lou Chen didn't notice the abnormality. He is a 5-star ancient god. yet he unexpectedly didn't notice! Instead, it was Qing Shui who did!"

Wang Lin felt a lot of dread toward the two ghostly lights under the net. At this moment, Lou Chen's right fist swept by. Wang Lin's hand immediately swung forward and the power of a 4-star ancient god surged out. Wang Lin borrowed his power to change directions and moved far away from the net.

"I noticed it because of the mysterious power from the heaven defying bead. Qing Shui must have his own secret for being able to detect it. But just what exactly is hidden inside the void?"

Popping sounds echoed as Wang Lin and Lou Chen exchanged moves. Their collisions turned into endless rumbles that echoed across the void. As Lou Chen's fist continued to bombard Wang Lin, the stars on his hand produced a suction force that actually pulled Wang Lin in.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the four star between his eyebrows spun rapidly. They merged into his right hand as he met Lou Chen's incoming fist.

If the battle of two ancient gods was placed in normal space, it would immediately cause the space to collapse. However, they weren't affected here. As the rumbles continued, Wang Lin retreated and escaped the suction force from Lou Chen's fist.

Lou Chen took a step and instantly closed in on Wang Lin while waving his fist. Countless fierce bone spikes appeared from his body. They were filled with the power of an ancient god and shot toward Wang Lin like arrows.

Wang Lin's right hand shook the God Slaying Spear and swept it forward. Without any hesitation, the language of the ancient gods came from his mouth.

"Origin Ancient God, Borrowing the Power of the Ancestors!"

The moment he spoke, a large vortex appeared before him and absorbed all the bone spikes. The moment the vortex appeared, an earth-shattering roar echoed.

For the first time, excitement appeared in Lou Chen's eyes. He smiled and said, "The origin ancient god spell that borrows power from the ancestors that only the royal clan can use. I, Lou Chen, haven't seen it in a long time."

As he spoke, he stopped in the void and his hands formed a ring. An illusory ancient god star appeared above his forehead. Shortly after, one star after another appeared. When Lou Chen moved his hand, the 5 stars emitted a gentle light and began to rotate. Then something flew out from the ring.

"Ancient God Beast Spirit!" Lou Chen shouted. Then the thing that flew out flashed and turned into a giant elephant!

This elephant was completely black and its long fur looked extremely ferocious. Its two long tusks gave off a white glow and its rough trunk was like a powerful arm. The elephant lifted its body as it let out a roar and mercilessly stomped down.

This created violent rumbles, and a savage flame came out from this giant elephant's body like crazy.

Not only did the ancient god clan members have bodies that could destroy worlds, they also had incomparable magic spells!

This beast spirit was one of the powerful spells of the ancient gods. Only 5-star ancient gods could use it, and it had to be refined for a long time before they could use it.

Almost every adult ancient god had this spell. The first thing every ancient god did when they reached adulthood was find their own beast spirit to refine.

Tu Si also had a beast spirit. Back in the Land of the Ancient God, the beast that prevented Tuo Sen from obtaining the inheritance of knowledge was Tu Si's beast spirit!

At this moment, Lou Chen used the spirit beast spell, and the giant elephant charged forward. The vortex before Wang Lin suddenly changed. As the giant elephant closed in, a giant fist came out from the vortex.

This fist had blue skin. When the fist came out, it collided with the giant elephant.


An unimaginable sound spread across the void, creating a storm that could cause the world to collapse.

The giant elephant let out a roar and its large body was pushed back. One of its two tusks broke in half and dissipated into dust.

Lou Chen also retreated, and the admiration in his eyes became even stronger.

Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood and quickly retreated. He avoided the impact from the ripple and the net.

Lou Chen looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, "You are qualified to become an ancient god!"

The moment he spoke, the Moongazer Serpent in the distance revealed a demonic glow in its eyes. It then let out a roar. This roar caused Lou Chen's body to tremble, and struggle filled his eyes. Large amounts of veins bulged and his expression became ferocious. Looking at the Moongazer Serpent, he roared, "Damn animal, don't interfere with me anymore!"

The Moongazer Serpent's eyes became cold and its roar became even more intense. There was a will inside that roar that made Lou Chen tremble and reveal a painful expression.

However, just at this moment, a shocking change suddenly occurred. A large portion of the net appeared in the space where the Moongazer Serpent was and those two ghostly lights appeared once more!

Qing Shui had been watching all of this closely. At this moment, his eyes lit up and he stared at the net near the Moongazer Serpent. His face turned extremely gloomy.

Wang Lin also saw this, and his pupils shrank.

As for Lou Chen, he also noticed that something was wrong.

The Moongazer Serpent's large body suddenly trembled and it let out a roar. There was confusion and fear in its eyes, and it was about to rush out from this place.

The flashing net closest to the Moongazer Serpent sudden tore. The instant it tore, the opening widened and revealed a vast expanse!

It was as if the seal in this void was ripped open, and the two ghostly lights charged out.

The moment that ghostly lights charged out, Wang Lin, Qing Shui, and Lou Chen were all startled!

"Teacher!" Qing Shui's eyes was filled with disbelief.

"Tu Si!!" Wang Lin gasped. His scalp felt numb and he was about to flee.

"Ancestor!!" Lou Chen stared at the thing that charged out of the crack and was startled.

All three of them saw different things. Seven-colored gas came out from the crack. This gas was very dense and surrounded the Moongazer Serpent before mercilessly dragging it toward the crack.

The Moongazer Serpent struggled and let out angry roars. However, its large body seemed to have lost all power to resist and could only be dragged into the crack.

As the Moongazer Serpent was dragged in, the crack quickly expanded.

At this moment, not only did the Moongazer Serpent's angry roar lose its effect, even Yi Muzi and Wudo Chan, who were inside the Moongazer Serpent, were shocked. The two of them were moving quickly through the Moongazer Serpent when it was filled with the seven-colored gas. As the seven-colored gas filled the Moongazer Serpent's body, the two of them found that the rate at which they were losing origin energy had reached a horrifying degree.

Large amounts of seven-colored gas came out through the crack. The gas split into three and went straight for Wang Lin, Lou Chen, and Qing Shui!

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