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Chapter 939

Ji Xiantian let out a roar and flickered, creating a sonic boom. He was fast beyond imagination; not even teleportation can reach this speed.

As the explosion echoed, his body had already arrived next to the golden dragon. He then threw a punch, causing the golden dragon to tremble and cough out blood. The golden dragon's large body was mercilessly knocked back.

The moment the golden dragon was knocked back, Ji Xiantian suddenly disappeared and the bubble around Wudo Chan exploded. Wudo Chan's chest sank in and a hole appeared in it as if it was crushed by a fist. He coughed out blood and his ribs were broken. Shock filled his eyes as he was knocked back. 

This wasn't the end. The moment the golden dragon and Wudo Chan were knocked away, the three purple logs around Yi Muzi rotated rapidly. Roaring sounds came from them and they formed an almost airtight defense.

However, Ji Xiantian was too fast and was able to find a gap between the three rotating purple logs. His fist pierced through and landed on Yi Muzi.

Blood came out from the corner of Yi Muzi's mouth and he retreated.

Large amounts of ripples appeared before Qing Shui's body and his left eye shined brightly. An impact came toward him, causing him to retreat, and the more he retreated, the more intense the ripples before him became.

A moment later, the ripples suddenly intensified, and with a bang, Qing Shui's face turned pale. Then he retreated even faster.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. It was so fast that not the eye or divine sense could capture Ji Xiantian's unimaginable speed.

Due to the sealing power of the void, the origin energy in their bodies was suppressed. Along with Yi Xiantian's wave of attacks, their cultivation immediately fell.

Wang Lin wasn't able to see Ji Xiantian's shadow, he just felt a gust of wind come at him. Then an extremely powerful force charged straight at him.

However, Wang Lin was not alarmed at all. The moment the power closed in, Wang Lin's body turned and he threw a punch into the void with his left hand based on the mysterious feeling he had from his ancient god body.


After a heaven-shattering boom, Wang Lin was forced back. His face turned pale and blood came out from the corner of his mouth. However, before him, Ji Xiantian was forced out from the void for the first time. Ji Xiantian was forced back two steps, and he looked at Wang Lin with a mysterious light in his eyes.

As Wang Lin retreated, he quickly shouted, "He has no origin energy inside his body, so he is not limited by the seal here. He is good at physical attacks. Seniors' origin energy was all dissipated, so if you all don't work together to kill him, it will become dangerous!" 

"Junior, shut up!" The golden dragon's body moved and the five talismans around it gave off a strange glow. The aura of the five elements filled its body, and instead of charging toward Ji Xiantian, he charged toward Wang Lin.

The five element aura rotated, and as the golden dragon roared, it turned into five rays that shot at Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. He knew he couldn't escape the golden dragon's spell, so he simply stopped before the five element aura and took out Xuan Bao's origin soul without hesitation. He was about to crush it!

"If you take one more step, don't blame me for destroying this origin soul!"

The five element aura suddenly paused and the golden dragon's eyes filled anger. If it wasn't for the fact that its origin energy was dissipating too fast and that it had been injured by Ji Xiantian, he would not be threatened like this. However, right now he could only be angry.

In the distance, Ji Xiantian revealed a strange smile and suddenly disappeared. Yi Muzi's expression changed and he quickly retreated, but his speed was too slow. Popping sounds echoed around his body like crazy, as if he was being hit by a powerful impact. All his spells at this moment were too slow. Before he could even use them, they had already collapsed.

What made Yi Muzi even more oppressed was that when he used a spell, a majority of its strength would be weakened by the void. It was impossible to display the spells' full power, or else he wouldn't be in such a sorry state.

The origin energy in his body continued to dissipate, and it was dissipating faster and faster. His cultivation had already dropped from peak to late stage Nirvana Cleanser.

An instant later, Yi Muzi no longer cared about the loss of origin energy. He opened his arms and shouted, "One Wood, One Realm!"

One of the three purple logs immediately collapsed into specks of light, forming its own realm. I immediately sealed the surrounding 50 kilometer area.

However, Ji Xiantian was even faster. As the 50 kilometer area was being sealed, he took a step back and disappeared.

"Enough. Let's kill this Ji Xiantian puppet first before dealing with anything else!" Wudo Chan's expression was gloomy as his cultivation level had also fallen a lot. While letting out a roar, he took a step out and a large amount of bubbles appeared. Under his control, a bubble shot straight toward Yi Muzi.

"Void Annihilation!" Wudo Chan's hands formed a seal and pointed forward. The bubble turned from one to two, then two to four, until they surrounded the area.

Just at this moment, one of the bubbles suddenly collapsed. Wudo Chan's eyes lit up. His divine sense spread out and all the surrounding bubbles gathered.


As the explosion echoed, Yi Muzi waved his sleeves with a gloomy expression. A 1,000-foot-long log immediately appeared and flew toward where he waved.

A powerful impact spread in all directions. At the same time, the golden dragon groaned and was knocked back again. Ji Xiantian reappeared close to the golden dragon without any injuries. He then continued to bombard the golden dragon.

As the golden dragon retreated, it let out a roar. He coiled up and opened his mouth to devour Ji Xiantian. However, the moment he opened his mouth, all of his teeth were shattered.

Ji Xiantian laughed like crazy and retreated. Then his eyes lit up and he said something in a language that no one here but Wang Lin could understand.

"Today, none of you can leave!"

While retreating, Ji Xiantian's body disappeared. Wang Lin was calm, and at the moment Ji Xiantian disappeared, his right hand formed a fist and he punched to his side.

With a bang, Wang Lin's body was knocked back, but Ji Xiantian was also forced to reveal himself.

Qing Shui immediately closed in, and his right hand formed a seal and black wind appeared. The black wind turned into eight roaring black dragons that charged toward Ji Xiantian.

Ji Xiantian revealed a strange smile. When the black dragons arrived, he had already disappeared.

However, just as he was about to disappear, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a mysterious light. The ancient god furnace appeared around Wang Lin and he disappeared in the blink of an eye. When Wang Lin reappeared, it was right where Ji Xiantian was retreating to.

After he reappeared, the ancient god furnace hadn't disappeared yet, and Wang Lin threw a punch. Ji Xiantian immediately turned around and threw a punch that collided with Wang Lin's fist.

With a bang, Wang Lin coughed out blood and was forced back. At the same time, Ji Xiantian was also pushed back. At this moment, Qing Shui's hand formed a seal and large amounts of raindrops appeared and closed in.

Ji Xiantian sneered and used his speed to disappear once more. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and he shouted, "Senior Brother, help me with celestial origin energy!" At the same time, he pointed and shouted, "Stop!"

With one word, all of Wang Lin's remaining origin energy and celestial origin energy began to move. They went through his right hand and into the void. Qing Shui didn't hesitate; he waved his right hand and sent half of his remaining celestial origin energy into Wang Lin's body.

The celestial origin energy that entered Wang Lin's body was extremely powerful, and it came out through his right hand.

The Stop spell was used in a crazed manner for the first time by Wang Lin. This Stop spell was beyond anything that was used before!

With one word, "Stop," Ji Xiantian's body stopped in the void.

In the distance, Yi Muzi quickly moved forward. The seal here prevented teleportation, but his speed was not slow. Before he closed in, his hands formed a seal. Without hesitation, the illusory log before him rapidly rotated and shrank until it turned into a wooden sword.

This wooden sword moved like lightning and pierced through Ji Xiantian's head. Popping sounds were created as the entire sword pierced through Ji Xiantian's body.

Then the wooden sword suddenly exploded into countless pieces filled with power and collapsed inside his body.

At the same time, Wudo Chan waved his hand and spat out a mouthful of origin energy that turned into a large amount of bubbles. This was done the moment Wang Lin stopped Ji Xiantian. He closed in and the bubbles surrounded Ji Xiantian before exploding.

There was also that golden dragon. Currently, his hatred for Ji Xiantian was extremely strong. While letting out a roar, the five elements fused together and unexpectedly formed an illusory crown!

This crown instantly closed in on Ji Xiantian and mercilessly crushed down on his head.

The three old monsters all attacked at the same time. Ji Xiantian roared and wanted to struggle, but it was too late. There was a loud bang when  the wooden sword, bubbles, and the crown landed at the same time. Then Ji Xiantian's body suddenly collapsed!

Large quantities of flesh and blood scattered. Wang Lin's eyes revealed a trace of greed that rarely appeared in his 1,000 years of cultivation. The ancient god furnace appeared around him and he instantly closed in on Ji Xiantian's collapsed body.

In a flash, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of ancient god blood. He then opened his mouth and inhaled like crazy!

"Inheritance of power!"

A fist-sized star from Ji Xiantian's collapsed body gave off a gentle glow.  It emitted the power of the ancient god.

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