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Chapter 938 - Ancient God Puppet Spell

"Slaughter!!" Qing Shui let out a roar and he rushed out surrounded by red light. The Ji Realm revolved around him, and although his hands made no seal, spells appeared round him.

A thin line appeared before him. It was like a line of blood, and after it appeared, it seemed like it could tear space. As Qing Shui charged out, the line also shot out toward the retreating arm.


An earth-shattering sound echoed when Qing Shui closed in on the arm and attacked like crazy. Endless rumbles echoed, and every time the red line attacked, the arm would tremble.

When Wang Lin saw this, he gasped. His body, which was sitting next to the Moongazer Serpent's bone, suddenly got up and charged ahead.

"Although I, Wang Lin, was no gentleman as I travelled the world, I owe Qing Shui. Now that he is anxious and crazy, I can't sit back and ignore this!"

Qing Shui seemed to have gone mad and was attacking unceasingly. This scene made the golden dragon's pupils shrink. Even Yi Muzi gasped. He finally understood why the head elder of the family had told him to not casually provoke Qing Shui. 

Wudo Chan's expression also changed as he looked at Qing Shui. In particular, the red line before Qing Shui made his mind tremble.

As for Qing Shui, his right eye suddenly exploded into a pile of flesh and blood. All of his Ji Realm charged out and landed on the arm.

The arm trembled, and at this moment, it loosened its grip on Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul.

The golden dragon that had been observing this battle charged out and its eyes lit up. His large body went toward Esteemed Xuan Bao and his dragon tail whipped toward Qing Shui.

There was also the arm with the aura of the Moongazer Serpent. It opened its hand, and this time it reached toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui's right eye was a bloody mess and his left eye was completely red with a hint of madness. His right hand formed a seal and he pointed with this finger. In an instant, black wind raged by and eight roaring black dragons appeared around him!

The power of his eight black dragons was only second to Bai Fan's Call the Wind, which could summon nine black dragons. The power of eight dragons was several times more powerful than seven dragons!

As the eight Call the Wind dragons roared, they charged directly at Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul. They didn't destroy it, but swept by, causing Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin to almost collapse. As the eight dragons circled the origin soul, they constantly sealed it, causing Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul to enter a coma. Then they sent the origin soul toward the vortex at the entrance.

Right when Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul was blown toward the entrance, Wang Lin's body entered the vortex. He immediately grabbed Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul and rapidly retreated. In a flash, he rushed back out the vortex.

All of this happened so smoothly that there was no hesitation at all. Qing Shui's spell and Wang Lin's appearance were perfectly timed together.

Before leaving, Wang Lin saw a trace of trust inside the madness in Qing Shui's left eye.

"Senior Brother Qing Shui, I'll do my best!" Wang Lin drilled out from the vortex. After throwing Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul into his bag, he turned around and opened his third eye without hesitation. The red light fanned out and locked onto the vortex, causing that sliver of source origin energy to come out again.

The golden dragon let out roar and immediately changed directions. It was so fast that it arrived next to the vortex in an instant and went inside it.

The moment it entered, the golden light collided with the red light from the third eye. It was startled as there was a trace of power inside the red light that was even able shock itself. However, the red light was too weak to be of a threat to it, though the feeling in the depths of it heart was very obvious.

His large body involuntarily paused!

The moment Wang Lin saw the giant dragon's head, he was shaken. Being so close the pressure made him gasp. The other party also paused for a moment, and Wang Lin immediately drilled into the nearby flesh wall. He moved very quickly and not downward, but instead up.

While he escaped, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and he felt the backups he had planted. His face had gloomy yet ruthless expression.

The golden dragon's giant body was far faster than Wang Lin. In its view, Wang Lin was just an ant, and such an ant had dared to actually steal Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul before it.

This was inciting the wrath of heaven!

He wouldn't even need to waste the energy to blow away dust to kill this ant. As it chased, it let out a roar.


This roar contained origin energy that was simply too fast, and it charged ahead, causing the surrounding flesh walls to tremble. Wang Lin's body trembled and he coughed out blood, but he didn't stop. Instead, he borrowed this force to move even faster.

"Explode!" Wang Lin shouted. While he moved forward, his origin soul was shaken. If not for his ancient god body, he would have exploded and died. Even now he felt the intense pain.

However, he had no fear. As he shouted, the flying swords he had hidden at the Moongazer Serpent's sensitive spots suddenly exploded!

There were several extremely sensitive spots in the Moongazer Serpent. Although these explosions couldn't seriously injury it, once those places were damaged, it would bring unimaginable pain to the Moongazer Serpent.

The intense pain would cause the Moongazer Serpent's anger to to reach its peak.

However, it was almost impossible for people to find these places in the giant Moongazer Serpent. Even if they accidently hit them, it wouldn't affect the Moongazer Serpent too much.

But it was different for Wang Lin!

Right now, all of the Moongazer Serpent's sensitive spots were hit by the exploding flying swords at once. This kind of pain wasn't any weaker than when it was injured before!

The Moongazer Serpent's large body was aimlessly wandering through the void, but at this moment, its body trembled violently. Then a maddening roar came from inside its body.

There was a heaven-shaking change happening inside the Moongazer Serpent's body. The Moongazer Serpent's movement caused a powerful pressure to spread; it shook so violently that it felt like the world had turned upside down.

Roar! The Moongazer Serpent let out another angry roar. This time it extended its body and opened its mouth. It moved even faster, as if it wanted to spit out everything that was inside it. There was a powerful force pushing out from its mouth!

At this instant, Wang Lin, who was escaping, was about to be caught by the golden dragon when a force surrounded his body. He didn't stop at all and was pushed up at an extremely fast speed. The flesh wall above him opened, creating a direct passage to the Moongazer Serpent's mouth.

Not only Wang Lin, the golden dragon was the same. It lost control of its body and was directly pushed by a force.

Similarly, in the vortex, Qing Shui was fighting with the arm when his body was involuntarily pushed upward.

Yi Muzi and Wudo Chan couldn't escape either. They were affected by the impact and pushed out through the crack.

The Moongazer Serpent continued to roar in the darkness. Endless force pushed out from inside the Moongazer Serpent. There was a flash of gold, and the golden dragon's body was the first to be spat out.

Shortly after it was Wang Lin!

After that, Qing Shui, Yi Muzi, and Wudo Chan were all spat out into the void.

The moment Wang Lin was spat out, he sealed his own origin energy and celestial origin energy on his own in hopes of delaying their suppression. However, it had no effect; he felt his origin energy rapidly disappear, and layers of restriction landed on his body.

The celestial origin energy in his body suffered the same fate.

Only the ancient god strength in his ancient god body wasn't affected at all.

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral as he quickly retreated.

He wasn't the only one whose origin energy was being rapidly suppressed. The golden dragon, Yi Muzi, and everyone else suffered the same fate.

However, these people were very aware about this strange place. Yi Muzi had three pieces of purple wood surrounding him and his face was pale. Although he couldn't stop the dissipation completely, he could slow it down.

An invisible light flashed around the golden dragon, allowing it to barely resist the sealing force, but it was obviously inferior to Yi Muzi's method. Wudo Chan was the most relaxed. He had a huge bubble around him that seemed to isolate his surroundings.

However, that bubble was constantly dissipating, and it required him to constantly use origin energy to replenish it.

As for Qing Shui, he simply waved his hand and used Earth Prison to forcibly block the sealing force, but he couldn't maintain it for long.

By contrast, the most relaxed one was Wang Lin. He completely ignored the origin energy inside his body as he clenched his fist, stared at the golden dragon, and revealed a sneer.

However, he didn't move, he continued retreating and thought, "Right now is not the best chance, let's wait a bit more!"

Just as everyone was thrown out, the roar of the Moongazer Serpent echoed once more. Then a vortex appeared between its eyes and a figure came out.

This person was unexpectedly Ji Xiantian!

However, Ji Xiantian's eyes were dim and they would occasionally show a flash of struggle. A moment later, he let out a roar and flew out from the vortex between the Moongazer Serpent's eyes.

Wang Lin's pupils shrank but then immediately shined brightly. His heart began pounding faster and faster. With his ancient god body, he immediately detected the aura of an ancient god from Ji Xiantian's body!

From his view, this Ji Xiantian was formed by a star of an ancient god! Or to be more accurate, he was fused with the star of an ancient god to become an existence that wasn't a celestial, cultivator, or ancient god.

Ancient God Puppet Spell!

Wang Lin immediately recalled something from Tu Si's memory, a spell that only an adult ancient god could use!

"Ji Xiantian's body contains a star of an ancient god! By absorbing him, I can obtain a portion of the ancient god's strength inheritance!"

An ancient god puppet fused with one star was no different from a 1-star ancient god in strength! And Ji Xiantian's star came from an 8-star ancient god!

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